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Signal: Brands, Consumers in Step on Digitalisation, Not Personalisation

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E-commerce and digitalisation continue to be increasingly important issues to packaging companies, GlobalData research shows, but growing consumer interest in personalisation is not necessarily being reflected from within the industry.

Mentions of “e-commerce” and “digitalisation” in filings from companies within the packaging industry grew steadily from 2016 to 2022, with a spike across 2020 and 2021 as the coronavirus pandemic necessitated increased focus in these areas.

In addition to the increased mentions reflecting the growing maturity of the e-commerce sector, an upcoming report will highlight the growing importance of packaging from a communications perspective.

Logistics and final mile trade title DeliveryX has said its Packaging 2023 report will highlight “that packaging for e-commerce purchases has in many ways become the new store-front for brands, a critical part of their overall image and a key touch point in the customer experience journey.”

This too will drive mentions of “e-commerce” and “digitalisation” within filings among those companies that recognize the shift toward this as a customer touchpoint.

The report will also note a shift toward personalisation and that “more than ever, [consumers] are looking for an enhanced customer experience. This includes any marketing material, real-time delivery notifications and also packaging.”

In this respect, GlobalData’s figures suggest there has been less response from packaging companies, with references to individualism and expression trending largely flat since 2016.

DeliveryX notes the significance of this, quoting a study that found 52% of online shoppers who receive orders in bespoke packaging are more likely to return to that same company in the future.

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