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Sofa Beds: The Kind That Homeowners Love

High-end sofa bed with storage and USB charging features

Like many other products, prices for sofa beds continue to rise and are anticipated to do so for the foreseeable future. Because of this positive growth trend, buyers need to know more about what factors drive consumers to purchase sleeper beds. Find the answer to this and questions about sofa bed attributes that homeowners love in the content below.

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Increasing global sleeper sofa sales
Factors influencing consumer purchases
Examples of sofa beds
Summing up the sofa sleeper market

Increasing global sleeper sofa sales

U-shaped sofa sleeper design with movable sections

Understanding the scale of consumer sofa bed purchases helps buyers plan their inventory. With that said, one study indicates that the value of this market in 2022 was USD 5,253.5 million, which it anticipates will reach USD 7,061.13 million in 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.05%. Other research forecasts the value of this market at USD 23,704.04 million by 2031.

Keyword search volumes also provide buyers with a strong indication of interest in the market. As such, Google Ads reflected an average of 1,000.000 forsofa bedsin July 2023, which rose to 1,220.000 in December 2023, an increase of 18.03%.

Similarly, average searches forsleeper sofaswere 201,000 in July and grew to 246,000 in December of the same year, an 18.29% improvement. This information tells buyers and retailers that sofa beds are a far more popular keyword than sleeper sofas, which is important when marketing these products.

Factors influencing consumer purchases

Modern foldout two-seater sofa bed with storage

Forces driving these sales include space-saving, minimalist lifestyles, comfort, and affordability. In turn, these elements determine the size of the sofa that customers buy, the durability and convenience of the mechanism, the sleeping surface, and the product’s price.

When looking for sleeper beds, customers should have the choice of buying any size, from a single to a king-size bed. In addition, manufacturers produce sofa beds with foam cushioning and others with springs.

Both of these options can be comfortable depending on the quality of the product, but the spring mattress will be folded twice or three times within the frame and only measures about 5 inches (12.7 cm) thick, which impacts its comfort. In contrast, foam sleeper bed surfaces are typically thicker than spring mattress sofa beds.

The mechanism of sofa sleepers is also a customer consideration. The basic options available are:

  • A simple futon-style pullout
  • Sofa bed with a collapsible backrest
  • The foldable foam sofa sleeper
  • Pull-out bed
  • Foldable sofa bed with storage
  • A trundle sofa sleeper

Examples of sofa beds

Futon sofa bed

Futon-style sofa sleeper with wooden frame

Futon-style sofa beds have come a long way since the basic style decades ago. For instance, the one in this image features a sturdy, pull-out wooden frame covered with dense foam cushions. Although this feature is not new, the design has been updated.

Likewise, the cushions have convenient features like durable, machine-washable, wrinkle-free, and pet-friendly upholstery. Customizable in most respects, this traditional piece of furniture meets many customers’ demands, such as space-saving, affordability, comfort, and ease of use.

Collapsible backrest sofa sleeper

Futon-style sofa sleeper with wooden frame1

Constructed from high-density foam, plastic legs, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF), this sofa bed with its collapsible backrest is manufactured in a contemporary European style, reflecting a desirable minimalist design.

Complementing these features is the cotton-covered upholstery, which has linear detail and is available in multiple colors. When customers aren’t using this furniture for seating, it is a simple action to collapse the adjustable backrests for sleep.

Foldable sofa sleeper

Elegant white foldable sofa sleeper design with wooden supports

A combination of metal, wood, foam, and fabric goes into producing this elegant two-seater foldable sofa sleeper. Its versatility is just as appealing as its clean design lines, allowing customers to use this piece as a sofa, recliner, or bed, which requires little effort to convert.

This item is ideal for small apartments, student accommodations, and children’s bedrooms. It is also perfect in guest rooms or commercial spaces such as B&Bs, motels, and hotels.

Pull-out L-shaped sofa bed

Charcoal gray, three-seater movable cushion sofa bed with storage

Elegance, comfort, and convenience all aptly describe this pull-out L-shaped sofa sleeper with comfortable arm pillows. Customers can use this furniture as a sophisticated multi-seater in the living room during the day and transform it into a double at night with a few swift moves.

Besides nighttime comfort, the luxurious arm pillows allow for comfortable daytime relaxation, ensuring this multifunctional furniture remains popular for homeowners and commercial destinations.

Folding sofa bed

Large gray folding sofa bed with storage facility

Small or large sectional folding sofa beds with hidden storage units are yet another option that customers appreciate. The one in this image has a simple pullout mechanism, quickly transforming this comfortable, luxurious four-seater sofa into a spacious queen- or king-sized bed for the night, depending on customization specs.

Trundle sofa sleeper

Sofa bed with metal frame and trundle mechanism

An antique metal or wood frame converts this daytime trundle sofa sleeper into a comfy nighttime bed by pulling the mattress-covered trundle out from beneath the couch. Besides providing elegant seating during the day and a comfortable night’s rest, the design includes foot plugs and wooden slats. This attention to detail protects floor surfaces from scratches and preserves the condition of the trundle bed, while wooden slats help protect and extend mattress life.

Summing up the sofa sleeper market

Sofa bed with fold-out metal frame

Due to customization, most sofa bed prices range from low to high, so buyers can choose options for a broad customer base. Bearing projected global sales and product features in mind, retailers are invited to explore the vast selection of sofa beds in the Alibaba.com showroom. By providing customers with options, this market has the potential to bring buyers and customers together on mutually beneficial terms.

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