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SOLARCYCLE Picks Georgia for $344 Million Solar Glass Fab With up to 6 GW Annual Capacity

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  • SOLARCYCLE will invest $344 million in a new solar glass production facility in Georgia 
  • With up to 5 or 6 GW of annual capacity, it will produce specialized glass to be sold to domestic manufacturers 
  • This will be its 3rd manufacturing facility in the US and its 1st to produce solar glass 

US-based solar PV technology startup SOLARCYCLE has zeroed in on the state of Georgia to host its 3rd manufacturing facility and its 1st solar glass fab in the country. The module recycler’s new solar glass production factory is planned to host up to 5 or 6 GW annual capacity. 

At the facility, SOLARCYCLE will use recycled materials from retired solar panels to make new solar glass. This glass will be sold directly back to domestic solar manufacturers. It will fill a critical gap in the country’s supply chain to build more solar panels in America, it explains. 

The recycler believes it will become one of the 1st manufacturers of specialized glass for crystalline-silicon (c-Si) PV in the US with this glass fab. 

It already operates a recycling facility in Texas’ Odessa and Arizona’s Mesa regions where it claims to extract 95% of the value of a panel using its proprietary technology for reuse.  

Construction for this Polk County plant at the Cedartown North Business Park is scheduled to begin in 2024, with completion planned for 2026. 

“There is no question that solar panel manufacturing is booming in the State of Georgia,” said CEO and Co-Founder of SOLARCYCLE, Suvi Sharma. “We are thrilled to join the team and build our recycled solar glass plant in Cedartown, which will bring hundreds of good-paying jobs to Georgia and help the industry in its goals to build fully American-made clean energy solutions.”  

SOLARCYCLE is already in agreement with several module companies as their recycling partner, including with Georgia-based Qcells (see Qcells Enters Solar Panel Recycling Partnership In US). 

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