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Strong Colors and Tactile Fabrics Define Paris Men’s Spring/Summer 2024 Runway Trends


The biannual Paris Fashion Week shows offer an exciting glimpse into the future of men’s style. This past June, designers unveiled their latest creations for the Spring/Summer 2024 season. The runways highlighted key trends to watch, from smart casual workwear to modern updates of classic pieces. Soft hues and tactile fabrics stood out, blending practicality with a refined yet relaxed aesthetic. These collections provide inspiration for fashion-forward men everywhere to embrace effortless sophistication next spring and summer. Retailers can use these runway insights to inform upcoming buying decisions.

Table of Contents
1. Workwear meets lifestyle in Key trends
2. Must-have styles to stock up on
3. Luxe fabrics elevate wardrobe basics
4. Runway colors usher in Sunny days
5. Prints make a bold splash
6. Details add function and finesse
7. Final words

Workwear meets lifestyle in Key trends


The Paris runways revealed several dominant themes for men’s fashion in Spring/Summer 2024. One major trend was workleisure, with versatile pieces that seamlessly transition from desk to dinner. Think casual blazers, polished knits and relaxed suiting. Classic styles also got modern makeovers, like polos in bolder prints and colors. The not-so-classic trend reimagined traditional items with contemporary tweaks.

Soft utility was another key theme, blending practical details with softer fabrics and colors. For example, a shirt jacket could feature cargo pockets yet feel refined in a lightweight cotton. The muted palette helped create an elegant utility vibe.

Of course, resortwear continued as an inspiration. But designers remixed retro vacation motifs with new elements for a fresh take. The modern mariner trend referenced nautical stripes and themes, translated into coordinated separates beyond just t-shirts.

Androgyny and fluidity drove the redefining masculinity movement. Silhouettes got looser and layering more complex. Touches like lace and ruffles challenged traditional men’s fashion boundaries. Above all, versatility and effortless polish were essential across the board. These collections catered to men leading multi-faceted lives across work, home and play.

Must-have styles to stock up on

clean cotton styles

The Paris runways spotlighted several must-have items and styles for Spring/Summer 2024. Modernized polo shirts were a standout, appearing across many collections. Designers shook up the preppy staple with oversized, relaxed fits, bold prints and colors, and unique fabrication mixes. For example, a polo could pair traditional piqué with lightweight silk sleeves.

Tank tops also made a splash, signaling a back-to-basics mentality. Clean white cotton styles kept things simple and body positive. Meanwhile, mesh and striped iterations added flair.

Short suits and baggy shorts offered a playful take on tailoring for warm weather. Outfits like a boxy jacket with cuffed shorts or cropped wide-leg pants captured a nonchalant mood. Statement pockets and stripes elevated the look.

Luxe totes and chunky loafers continued the refined resort aesthetic seen last season. Understated leather bags and thick-soled slip-on shoes provided laidback luxury. Paired with a breezy camp shirt and linen trousers, the silhouette evoked sophisticated vacationing.

Finally, accessories like sunglasses and neckties reflected the relaxations of traditional dress codes. Sporty rectangular sunglasses with colored lenses topped off casual workwear looks. Slim neckties, left undone, granted polish to otherwise relaxed outfits.

Above all, versatility was essential across categories. Standout pieces easily transitioned from professional settings to social situations with stylish ease.

Luxe fabrics elevate wardrobe basics


Texture was a key focus across many Spring/Summer 2024 collections. Designers embraced tactile fabrics that add dimension and visual interest. One standout was bouclé, the nubby woven wool often used in womenswear. For menswear, bouclé jackets and pants brought sophisticated texture to tailored looks.

Openwork knits were another statement. Lightweight constructions with holes, mesh panels and lace details let skin show through. When layered over simple tanks and shirts, the sheer knits brought dimension. For more modest markets, discreet mesh accents or partially open patterns could provide subtle allure.

Denim was reinvigorated through updated washes and vintage effects. Acid-wash, overdye and bleach techniques made a comeback, offering that perfectly worn-in look. Mottled dye treatments also created a multi-tonal mottled effect across jeans and jackets. The imperfections added depth and authenticity.

Beyond denim, fabric manipulation was key. Dyestuffs and processes like crushing, wrinkling and sanding introduced distressed textures with natural nuance. The imperfect surfaces confronted the dominance of super-slick sporty looks in past seasons.

sporty look

Overall, the emphasis was on natural materials with a sense of depth and craftsmanship. Linen, cotton, silk and textured wools carried an implicit luxury while remaining grounded. These tactile fabrics ultimately bring a tranquil balance to men’s wardrobes for Spring/Summer 2024.

Runway colors usher in Sunny days

The Spring/Summer 2024 palettes embraced vibrant, energetic hues that reflect the positive mood bubbling up for the warmer months. One standout color theme was sunset shades. Think luscious tangerine, peach, pineapple and melon tones that conjure that late afternoon glow. These bold brights paired with easy-to-wear neutrals and denim for a kick of flavor.

key colors

Of course, black also made a strong showing. Designers embraced head-to-toe black looks, often in rich textured fabrics like bouclé, silk and linen. Monochromatic all-black outfits project refinement and sophistication. Charcoal and inky shades of grey offered a similar tonal elegance.

Soft pastels lent a sun-bleached feel, like clothes left to fade in the salty seaside air. Hazy apricot, fig, mint and sky blue evoked pleasant nostalgia. Touches of buttermilk and blush pink complemented the understated palette.

Aquatic and oceanic blues reflected the modern mariner trend. Denim in every shade of blue made a splash, from faded vintage washes to brilliant royal cobalt. When combined with wave prints and nautical references, the watery tones took center stage.

Vivid citrus brights boosted the optimistic energy of the season. Electric lime, tangerine and cherry electrified runways from Milan to Paris. While bold, these mouthwatering brights helped capture the carefree yet stylish vibe that men will crave.

Prints make a bold splash

prints and patterns

Prints and patterns added vibrancy to Spring/Summer 2024 collections. Abstract camo prints continued their reign, evolving into blurred placements that vaguely resemble tie-dye or animal markings. These digitized prints have mass appeal for their edgy yet wearable vibe.

Bold leopard spots added flair as an accent. Designers used leopard panels or print mixing to incorporate touches of exotic animal energy. This print remains a timeless way to incorporate glam punk attitude into an outfit.

Ombré patterns also drove excitement, appearing across knits, wovens and more. The dip-dyed gradients create a dynamic blur, reminiscent of ocean waves and surf style. From faded black to sunset shades, ombré immediately catches the eye.


Nautical stripes kept the relaxed resort mood going. Wide bands and varying scale dressed up coordinated separates beyond just the basic tee. Paired with camp collar shirts or double-breasted blazers, stripes dove into more refined waters.

Overall, prints felt more organic and naturally inspired versus the largely digital looks of past seasons. Tie-dye, brushstroke and watercolor styles revealed craftsmanship and originality. Yet graphic number and letter embellishments still drove sporty flair. The complementary mix ensured broad commercial appeal.

Details add function and finesse

Technical embellishments and finishes brought function and flair this season. Utilitarian details like cargo pockets, straps and bungee cords added go-anywhere versatility. Oversized scoop pockets on jackets and pants amplified storage capabilities. Belts with metal hardware referenced active outdoor gear.

Statement pockets became an easy value-add, placing contrast panels on shoulders, sleeves and chests. On denim and casual blazers, bellows pockets nodded to heritage workwear. The eye-catching details grant practicality.

Open-knit fabrics and other skin-revealing touches provided alluring peeks of skin. Sheer insets, lace panels and mesh construction blended modesty with discreet allure. The sheer accents broadened definitions of masculinity in refreshing ways.

sheer accents, chunky frames and bold footwear

Chunky frames and footwear leaned into bold proportions. Thick-soled loafers and lace-up boots brought a heavy retro edge. Similarly, flat-top sunglasses and eyeglasses with chunky acetate frames magnified the effect. The substantial accessories provide shapely counterpoints.

Novelty denim was washed, treated and embellished for originality. Laser printing, crushed effects, geometric patterns and distressed textures reinvented the perennial fabric. By innovating denim, designers kept its relevance strong for the season.

Final words

Paris Fashion Week provided invaluable insights into men’s style priorities for Spring/Summer 2024. From smartly fused workwear to brightly colored prints, the runways revealed both perennial classics and of-the-moment trends. Yet versatility reigned supreme across all categories. Standout pieces easily transition from professional settings to social situations with stylish flexibility. By keeping the Paris runways top of mind, retailers can make more informed product choices to satisfy the multidimensional lifestyles of today’s male consumers. The collections provide ample inspiration to assemble fashion-forward selections while ensuring commercial viability. With another round of Paris shows now complete, the industry looks ahead to seeing these exciting new collections come to life next season.

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