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Swansea Council’s Land Agreements Move Green Energy Hub Plans, Including a Large Solar Farm, Forward

  • Swansea Council has signed land agreements for £4 billion renewable energy hub 
  • It will pave the way for a solar farm at a landfill site that can generate more than 11,000 MWh/year 
  • The green energy hub will also host a floating solar farm, hydrogen production station, a battery storage facility, among other plans 

Swansea, a city in the Wales, UK, has announced plans to develop a £4 billion ($5 billion) renewable energy hub that it says will lead to the creation of one of the UK’s largest solar energy generating facilities. It will contribute to the city to go net zero by 2050. 

The local Swansea Council has secured land agreements for the project with consumer electronics manufacturer DST Innovations that has proposed the project, and energy storage firm Batri, moving the project forward. The other project partners are engineering and construction firm HDR and infrastructure specialist Enable. 

DST aims to expand a 3 MW proposed solar farm with 5,500 solar panels at the former Tir John landfill site to undisclosed capacity, with plans to develop a floating solar power plant as well. The proposed expansion will lead the solar farm to generate more than 11,000 MWh/year, making it a development of national significance. The power generated is planned to be fed into the grid and sold to other organizations as well, according to a previous announcement by the council. 

DST also wants to build a tidal lagoon, an oceanic and climate change research center, eco-homes anchored in water and a hyper-scale data center.   

According to the council, the hub will expand the Fabian Way park and ride site to create a green energy transport hub that will include a hydrogen manufacturing station for hydrogen-powered transport. The renewable energy hub will also host electric vehicle (EV) charging points, restaurants and a manufacturing facility to make high-tech batteries to store renewable energy generation for distribution globally. 

“The land agreements are a big step forward for the project and we look forward to working with DST Innovations and their partners on next steps for a scheme that’s potentially a game-changer for Swansea as we look to create a more prosperous and sustainable city for our children and generations to come,” said Swansea Council Leader Rob Stewart. 

The council sees the project as a major contributor to cut its carbon footprint for which it has now bid for funding with the UK government to further explore the concept of a district heating network. 

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