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Swedish Court Turns Down 128 MW Solar Project, Prompting Developer to Demand Legislative Changes

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  • European Energy’s plans for a 128.5 MW solar power plant in Sweden has been struck down by the local court 
  • The Land and Environment Court of Appeal voted in favor of conventional farming on agricultural land 
  • The developer is now demanding the country make legislative changes to support large-scale solar farms 
  • Svensk Solenergi is also backing the demand to make the most of the opportunity that solar power offers 

What was touted to become the largest solar power plant in Sweden, European Energy’s Svedberga Solar Project has been rejected by the country’s Land and Environment Court of Appeal. The Danish developer is now calling for legislative changes to accommodate large-scale solar projects in Sweden. 

European Energy was getting ready to construct its 128.5 MW Svedberga Solar Project in Skane County as the single fossil-free power generation plant post the decommissioning of the Bärseback Nuclear Power Plant. However, it was rejected by the Skane County Board. 

The developer’s application found favor in the Land and Environment Court in late-2022, before it was turned down by the Land and Environment Court of Appeal (see No Legal Hurdle For Sweden’s ‘Largest’ Solar Park Now). 

European Energy says its submission to the court contained measures to show the solar park can coexist with agriculture and does not threaten food security since it is designed to ensure combined use of land with agricultural activities. It would have generated a large amount of electricity in a region that suffers from power shortage. 

It was still rejected as the court took a ‘clear position in favor of the importance of protecting conventional farming on agricultural land.’ The court rules that the company has not demonstrated that the installation provides a sufficient social benefit.  

“The decision pulls back the carpet not only for our project but for many other planned solar parks in Sweden,” warns European Energy’s Country Manager in Sweden, Peter Braun. “The court has with this decision not only rejected new green electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of 35.000 homes but are also risking a complete stop to large scale solar farms in Sweden.” 

Its demand has found support in the Swedish solar energy association Svensk Solenergi that echoes the demand to change legislation saying solar power can lead to a supplementary source of income for farmers who can continue their agricultural activities on site. The latter disagrees with the court’s reasoning that domestic electricity production is not important since the country exports 20% of its electricity.  

The association demands the country must define how much of the full potential for food production that a piece of land must supply in order to simultaneously produce electricity on the land.  

It adds, “It is time for the government and parliament to act. With rapidly increasing electricity demand, the expansion of solar power is an opportunity that must not be stopped by political and legal paralysis.” 

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