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The Best Soap Dispenser Trends of 2024

Bathroom counter with glass soap pump

There are a variety of soap pump products available to store and dispense liquid soap, gel soap, foam soap, or hand sanitizer in a hygienic manner. From automatic solutions to multi-compartment styles, learn about the soap dispenser trends dominating the market this year.

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The global soap dispenser market
Top 4 soap dispenser trends
The future of soap dispenser pumps

The global soap dispenser market

The global soap dispenser market gained revenues of USD 1.40 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.3% between 2023 and 2030.

A rapid expansion in the commercial construction sector is creating a market opportunity for soap dispensers, particularly in the hospitality sector, which includes hotels, resorts, and hospitals. According to a report released by Lodging Econometrics, the United States opened 886 new hotels with 108,332 rooms in 2021. This significant growth in the hospitality industry is driving the need for bathroom fittings, such as soap dispensers.

Based on revenue, manual soap dispensers owned 56.95% of the market share in 2022. This is due to a high adoption rate in the residential sector, restaurants, pubs, and public places. However, automatic soap dispensers are anticipated to experience a CAGR of 9.0% between 2023 and 2030 as demand for hands-free dispensers grows.

Top 4 soap dispenser trends

1. Automatic soap dispensers

Wall-mounted automatic soap dispenser

With a growing interest in touchless bathroom fixtures and personal hygiene, automatic soap dispensers have rapidly gained popularity in the market. A touchless soap dispenser is designed with motion sensors or infrared technology to dispense soap when it detects the presence of hands.

A key feature of an automatic hand soap dispenser is the ability to adjust the amount of soap that is dispensed based on personal preferences. Auto soap dispensers may also come with rechargeable batteries or energy-saving modes to promote eco-friendly practices.

Public bathroom with wall mount touchless soap dispensers

Many sensor soap dispensers will boast a sleek and modern design, which makes them an aesthetically pleasing addition to commercial bathrooms or residential kitchens.

According to Google Ads, the term “automatic soap dispenser” attracted a search volume of 22,200 in March 2024 and 18,100 in October 2023, which represents a nearly 23% increase over the past five months.

2. Wall-mounted soap dispensers

Nurse washing hands with soap dispenser on the wall

With small spaces like apartments and studios on the rise, a wall-mounted soap dispenser is the ideal space-saving solution. A wall-hung soap dispenser is designed to make the most of the limited counter space in the kitchen or bathroom.

Wall-hanging soap dispensers can be mounted to different surfaces, including tile, metal, or glass. Many wall-mounted soap pumps feature a refillable chamber and may come with a stainless steel or plastic body with a transparent window to allow users to monitor the soap levels.

Liquid hand soap in white plastic wall soap dispenser

A wall-mountable soap dispenser may also come with adjustable dispensing settings or sensors for touch-free operation.

The term “wall-mounted soap dispenser” experienced a 22% increase in search volume over the past five months, with 18,100 in March 2024 and 14,800 in October 2023.

3. Foaming soap dispensers

Hand with foam soap above dispenser pump

There has been a growing interest in foaming soap dispensers because of their unique foaming action. A soap dispenser for foaming soap uses a specialized mechanism to mix liquid soap with air, which results in a creamy foam that offers a luxurious lather.

The soap from a foaming hand soap dispenser can spread more easily across the hands for more effective cleansing. A dispenser for foam soap can dispense a pre-measured amount of soap to minimize waste. Many foam soap dispensers are also refillable, which allows users to reduce packaging waste.

Woman holding foaming soap pump

A foam hand soap dispenser is available in a variety of styles and designs, making it suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential settings.

The term “foaming hand soap dispenser” had a search volume of 5,400 in March 2024 and 4,400 in October 2023, which equates to a 22% increase over the past five months.

4. Double soap dispensers

Public washbasin with double soap dispenser

Double soap dispensers are designed to dispense multiple types of soap or sanitizer in a single unit. A dual soap dispenser generally comes with two separate chambers for keeping different types of soap, including liquid soap, foaming hand soap, or hand sanitizer. Some dual-pump soap dispensers may even feature a combination of soap and lotion.

A double soap dispenser is useful in shared or high-traffic spaces, like public bathrooms, commercial kitchens, or hospitals. Some dualpump soap and lotion dispensers will come with clearly labeled chambers and push-button or lever mechanisms for dispensing each type of soap separately.

The term “double soap dispenser” garnered a search volume of 480 in February 2024 and 320 in December 2023, which represents a 50% increase over two months.

The future of soap dispenser pumps

The latest trends in soap dispensers continue to make a big impact on the market. For smaller kitchen or bathroom sink areas, wall-mounted soap dispensers and double soap dispensers are designed as space-saving solutions. With an increased focus on personal hygiene, automatic soap dispensers and foaming soap pumps contribute to a more hygienic and effective handwashing experience.

Although manual soap dispensers are still leading in market share, smart soap dispensers are shaping the newest trends. The soap dispensers of the future are likely to feature sensors and other integrated technology for a more automated customer experience. Within this growing market, businesses are advised to stay on top of emerging trends.

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