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The Essential Oils That Have Global Potential

Lady dabbing an essential oil onto her wrist

People have been using essential oils for centuries, but it is only in the last few decades that their use across industries has exploded. Besides their healing and relaxation properties at home or health-focused businesses, many other industries are utilizing pure essential oils to enhance their products.

Understanding the use of essential oils in various industries can help suppliers appreciate which varieties are in high demand in which regions of the world.

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Expected growth of the pure essential oils market
The who, where, and what of essential oils around the world
How suppliers can benefit from the essential oils market

Expected growth of the pure essential oils market

Lady dabbing an essential oil onto her wrist

Research shows that the value of the global essential oil market is forecast to rise from US $10.47 billion in 2022 to US $22.41 billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 10.13%.

The best-selling aromatherapy oils

The same study shows the strongest growth will occur among the most popular oil varieties, including:

  • Citrus (orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime)
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Tea tree
  • Peppermint
Close up image of eucalyptus leaves on a tree

Google Ads shows the following results for keyword searches for the same products in November 2023:

  • Citrus: 42,200 (orange and lemon, 18,100; grapefruit, 4,400; lime, 1,600)
  • Eucalyptus: 135,000
  • Lavender: 74,000
  • Rosemary: 450,000
  • Tea tree: 368,000
  • Peppermint: 165,000

Below we’ll discuss more about these oils and what products they are used in specifically.

The who, where, and what of essential oils around the world

The world map created from plants

Who are the biggest importers of essential oils?

According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC), popular essential oils ranked 486 of the most traded products in 2021. The biggest importers of pure essential oils or therapeutic grade essential oils were as follows:

  • United States – US $1.16 billion
  • France – US $466 million
  • China – US $407 million
  • Germany – US $398 million
  • Netherlands – US $326 million

Other significant importers of essential oils are South America, Australia, the UK, and countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Which industries use the most essential oils?

Lady applying moisturizer on her chest

Due to the drive among consumers for natural ingredients, industries are becoming more conscious about what they add to their health, antimicrobial, or scent-related products. Therefore, businesses that use pure essential oils, therapeutic, or food-grade oils are becoming more mindful of the health benefits of such products.

Some of the most prolific users of essential oils are the food and beverage (F&B) industry, healthcare and relaxation businesses, cosmetics companies, and the personal care industry.

The cleaning and household industry as well as the animal feed industry use essential oils.

What are the benefits of essential oils?

Below we’ll discuss some of the health benefits of the best-selling essential oils around the world.

Citrus (orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime)

Lady washing her hair in the shower

Essential oils from citrus fruits are fragrant and refreshing. Besides their lovely aromas, these oils are useful in treating digestive disorders and improving mood, mental clarity, and reducing headaches.

The beauty and self-care industries use these oils in their shampoos and skin care creams. Producers of cleaning products also add them to create refreshing scents.


Aromatherapy experts suggest using eucalyptus oil to relieve muscle and bone pain. Other applications include treating blocked noses, respiratory relief, and oral hygiene. Additionally, eucalyptus oil is notable for its ability to help boost the immune system, disinfect wounds, reduce stress, and manage blood sugar levels.


A close-up of lavender growing in a field

Besides its pleasant scent, lavender essential oil can be used to help treat stress and pain. It is also an antioxidant, is anti-inflammatory, and has antimicrobial properties. Studies are being undertaken to determine whether this oil will be a viable replacement for mainstream medications such as antibiotics and post-surgery pain relief.


Rosemary is believed to assist in managing memory and concentration issues. Experts also recommend this oil for reducing pain and stress and increasing circulation. As well as being used to repel bugs, it is often added to beauty products by knowing manufacturers and individual consumers alike.

Tea tree oil

Because of its antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial characteristics, tea tree oil has many benefits. Some of these benefits include treating skin problems and preventing skin cancer. Others involve treating nail fungus, dandruff, and respiratory complaints.


Peppermint leaves around a bottle of essential oil

Industries and therapists use peppermint oil to enhance mental abilities, treat stress and respiratory issues, and alleviate pain. Additionally, this aromatherapeutic oil can be used to treat muscle and joint pain, headaches, and itchy skin.

Aromatherapy oil warnings

Despite these oils being natural, they can be harmful to the human body. For example, it is recommended that pregnant women do not use these oils. Those with sensitive skin should first check with their doctor if an oil is suitable for use as they can cause irritation, allergic reactions, or unwanted respiratory problems in people and animals. Spas and treatment centers often use carrier oils to dilute these oils, reducing the chance of customers having a negative reaction.

How suppliers can benefit from the essential oils market

Three women talking in a shop

Suppliers can benefit from the essential oil market by studying specific growth and popularity trends. Keyword search volumes also provide excellent indications of consumer interest in certain products.

Additionally, analyzing which countries import the most oils can offer vital market clues about demand. A basic understanding of the benefits of the most popular essential oils is another way to identify specific markets. When combined, these indicators can provide a strong baseline about where you might want to build your business and target market.

Once you know which essential oils your target market wants and what quantities, browse the thousands of varieties available in our Alibaba.com essential oil showroom.

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