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The Las Vegas Trade Show Roundup: Key Youth Fashion for Autumn/Winter 2024/25

top trends from MAGIC and PROJECT Las Vegas

The MAGIC and PROJECT trade shows in Las Vegas showcased the latest trends in young women’s and men’s apparel for the A/W 24/25 season. From the hyper-feminine Pretty Extravaganza aesthetic to the revival of ’90s grunge and utility-inspired denim, the events provided valuable insights into the key styles and details that will resonate with trend-conscious consumers. This article breaks down the essential takeaways from the trade shows, offering actionable guidance on how to incorporate these trends into apparel ranges to create excitement and drive sales in the coming season.

Table of Contents
1. Embrace the Pretty Extravaganza aesthetic
2. Crafted streets for an elevated streetwear vibe
3. ’90s grunge denim is back
4. Tap into the BadgedUp personalization trend
5. The statement corsage takes center stage
6. Invest in perennial favorites: the varsity jacket
7. Utility denim is an enduring trend
8. Core items to protect: the knitted vest and skater skirt
9. Final words

Embrace the Pretty Extravaganza aesthetic

the Pretty Extravaganza trend

The Pretty Extravaganza trend, which celebrates hyper-femininity through ethereal fabrics, voluminous silhouettes, and eye-catching details, is set to make a significant impact on young women’s fashion in A/W 24/25. Brands such as Dreamers by Debut, Bucketlist, and &Merci demonstrated how to effectively incorporate this aesthetic into collections, focusing on special occasion dresses and separates that feature statement elements like oversized bows, cascading ruffles, and delicate frills.

To capitalize on the Pretty Extravaganza trend, apparel ranges should prioritize styles crafted from lightweight, fluid materials such as tulle and organza, which lend themselves to creating dramatic, flowy silhouettes. These fabrics can be layered to add depth and dimension to dresses, skirts, and blouses, enhancing the dreamy, romantic vibe that defines this aesthetic.

In terms of design details, the Pretty Extravaganza trend calls for a “more is more” approach. Generously proportioned bows, artfully arranged ruffles, and intricate lace trims are key to elevating pieces and ensuring they make a memorable statement. These embellishments should be strategically placed to draw the eye and create a sense of movement, whether cascading down the front of a dress or adorning the sleeves of a top.

By incorporating the Pretty Extravaganza trend into their A/W 24/25 collections, apparel brands can offer their customers a touch of escapism and romance, providing them with fashionable options for special occasions and dressy events. Testing out styles that showcase distinctive details and fabrications is a smart way to gauge customer response and add excitement to the assortment.

Crafted streets for an elevated streetwear vibe

the Crafted Streets trend

The Crafted Streets trend, which was prominently featured at the Las Vegas trade shows, offers an elevated take on traditional streetwear silhouettes by incorporating softer, more artisanal elements. Brands such as Rebel Minds, MAJESTIK NY, and Sugarhill showcased how to infuse street-inspired styles with a sense of craftsmanship and tactility, using vintage-inspired floral prints, rich tapestry fabrics, and hand-finished details like fringing and embroidery.

To successfully integrate the Crafted Streets aesthetic into apparel collections, designers should focus on creating a harmonious blend of urban edge and bohemian sophistication. This can be achieved by pairing classic streetwear shapes, such as oversized hoodies, cargo pants, and bomber jackets, with fabrics that have an inherent sense of history and character. Tapestry prints, intricate jacquards, and textured weaves all work well to add depth and visual interest to these styles.

In addition to unique fabric choices, the Crafted Streets trend encourages the use of handcrafted details and embellishments to further elevate the overall look. Fringing, patchwork, and embroidery can be applied to seams, pockets, and hems, creating a bespoke, artisanal feel that sets these pieces apart from mass-produced streetwear. By investing in high-quality trims and finishes, brands can ensure that their Crafted Streets offerings have a premium, collectible appeal.

Experimenting with unexpected material combinations is another way to capture the essence of the Crafted Streets trend. Juxtaposing rugged denim with delicate lace, or combining sleek nylon with chunky knits, can create a visually arresting and highly covetable effect that resonates with fashion-forward consumers seeking to elevate their casual wardrobe.

’90s grunge denim is back

'90s grunge denim

The resurgence of ’90s grunge denim at the Las Vegas trade shows confirms that this nostalgic trend is set to make a major comeback in A/W 24/25. Denim brands such as Flying Tomato and Risen Jeans fully embraced the grunge aesthetic, showcasing a range of styles featuring distressed washes, acid treatments, raw hems, and authentic vintage-inspired finishes. These design elements work together to create an effortlessly cool, lived-in look that appeals to young fashion enthusiasts drawn to the rebellious spirit of the ’90s.

To effectively tap into the grunge denim trend, apparel collections should incorporate a variety of silhouettes, including baggy jeans, oversized jackets, and distressed mini skirts. These shapes can be updated with modern details such as asymmetric hemlines, utility pockets, and deconstructed elements to give them a fresh, contemporary feel. By offering a mix of classic and reimagined grunge styles, brands can cater to a wide range of consumer preferences and styling needs.

When it comes to wash treatments, the key to nailing the ’90s grunge look is to prioritize techniques that create an authentically aged and worn-in appearance. Heavy distressing, fading, and bleaching can be applied strategically to high-stress areas such as knees, thighs, and hems to mimic natural wear patterns. For a more eco-conscious approach, brands can explore laser treatments and jacquard designs that achieve a similar aesthetic without the environmental impact of traditional distressing methods.

Styling plays a crucial role in bringing the ’90s grunge denim trend to life. Layering distressed jeans with vintage-inspired flannel shirts, graphic tees, and chunky knitwear can help to create a cohesive, era-appropriate look. Encouraging consumers to mix and match their grunge denim pieces with other ’90s-inspired separates, such as slip dresses and cropped cardigans, can help to drive sales across multiple categories and inspire creative outfit combinations.

Tap into the BadgedUp personalization trend

the BadgedUp trend

The BadgedUp trend, which taps into Gen Z’s affinity for personalization and self-expression, was widely represented at the Las Vegas trade shows. Brands such as Freeze Max, POL Clothing, Cookies, and Sprayground incorporated customizable elements like patches, badges, and interchangeable components into a variety of apparel and accessory categories, allowing consumers to tailor their purchases to reflect their unique interests and aesthetics. This trend aligns closely with the growing popularity of the DIY movement and the desire for one-of-a-kind, bespoke items.

To successfully integrate the BadgedUp trend into apparel collections, designers should focus on creating versatile base pieces that can serve as a canvas for personalization. Classic silhouettes such as denim jackets, cargo pants, and backpacks are ideal for this purpose, as they provide ample space for the application of patches, badges, and other decorative elements. By offering a curated selection of customizable components that consumers can mix and match to their liking, brands can foster a sense of creative collaboration and encourage a deeper emotional connection with their products.

When designing patches and badges for the BadgedUp trend, it’s essential to consider the interests and values of the target audience. Incorporating elements that resonate with their hobbies, passions, and cultural touchstones can help to create a more meaningful and authentic personalization experience. This could include anything from music and sports-related motifs to social and political statements, allowing consumers to express their individuality and align themselves with the causes and communities they care about.

In addition to offering pre-designed patches and badges, brands can also explore customization options that enable consumers to create their own unique designs. This could involve partnering with local artists or providing online design tools that allow users to upload their own artwork or text. By empowering consumers to take an active role in the personalization process, brands can foster a sense of ownership and loyalty that extends beyond the initial purchase.

The statement corsage takes center stage

the corsage

The corsage, a delicate floral accessory traditionally associated with formal occasions, has been reimagined as a statement design element for A/W 24/25. At the Las Vegas trade shows, brands such as Flying Tomato, Hyfve, and &Merci showcased the corsage’s versatility by incorporating it as a focal point on a range of feminine tops and dresses. This romantic embellishment adds a touch of vintage-inspired elegance to contemporary silhouettes, making it a perfect fit for the season’s overall mood of refined nostalgia.

To make the most of the corsage trend, apparel collections should feature this eye-catching detail in a variety of scales and placements. For occasionwear, designers can create high-impact looks by using the corsage as the central design element, such as crafting an entire bodice from structured organza petals. This bold approach is sure to appeal to fashion-forward consumers seeking a dramatic, head-turning ensemble for special events and celebrations.

For more casual styles, the corsage can be used as a subtle accent to elevate everyday pieces. A dainty floral arrangement pinned to the shoulder of a blouse or the waistband of a skirt can add a charming, feminine touch without overwhelming the overall design. By offering a range of corsage-adorned styles in different degrees of intensity, brands can cater to a wide spectrum of consumer preferences and occasion needs.

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important consideration for fashion brands, the corsage trend presents an opportunity to minimize waste and optimize resources. Designers can repurpose excess fabric from the production process to create accent corsages, giving new life to materials that might otherwise be discarded. This eco-conscious approach not only reduces environmental impact but also adds a unique, handcrafted element to each piece, making the corsage feel even more special and precious.

Invest in perennial favorites: the varsity jacket

the varsity jacket

The varsity jacket, a timeless staple that effortlessly blends sportswear and preppy influences, remains a key item for the youth market in A/W 24/25. At the Las Vegas trade shows, brands such as LRG, Freeze Max, Sugarhill, Pelle Pelle, and Cookies presented updated takes on this classic silhouette, incorporating fresh logo placements, rich embroideries, and contrast tipping to give the jacket a modern edge.

To keep the varsity jacket feeling relevant and exciting for A/W 24/25, apparel collections should offer a range of interpretations that play with color, texture, and detailing. Bold, unexpected hues and unique fabric combinations can be used to create eye-catching contrast and contemporary appeal. Experimenting with oversized or cropped proportions can also help to update the jacket’s silhouette and cater to different styling preferences.

The varsity jacket provides a perfect canvas for showcasing intricate embroideries, chenille patches, and dimensional appliqués. These decorative elements can be used to create custom logos, graphic motifs, or abstract patterns that reflect the brand’s unique identity and aesthetic. Additionally, designers can explore reversible or convertible designs that offer multiple styling options in one garment, encouraging consumers to view the varsity jacket as a smart, long-term investment piece.

Utility denim is an enduring trend

utility-inspired denim

Utility-inspired denim continues to dominate the fashion landscape for A/W 24/25, as evidenced by the strong showing of this trend at the Las Vegas trade shows. Brands such as POL Clothing and Hidden Jeans showcased a range of functional yet stylish denim pieces, with wide-leg carpenter pants and cargo skirts emerging as must-have silhouettes for the season.

To capitalize on the enduring appeal of utility denim, apparel collections should incorporate a variety of silhouettes that balance practicality and fashion-forward design. Wide-leg carpenter pants, cargo skirts, and denim jumpsuits are key pieces to consider, as they offer versatility and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

When it comes to wash treatments and finishes, the focus should be on creating a well-worn, authentic aesthetic. Vintage-inspired fades, subtle distressing, and mended details can all help to give utility denim styles a lived-in, rugged appearance. The denim-on-denim trend also shows no signs of slowing down for A/W 24/25, so brands should offer a range of coordinating utility denim pieces that can be easily mixed and matched to create bold, monochromatic looks.

Core items to protect: the knitted vest and skater skirt

knitted vest and skater skirt

The knitted vest and skater skirt have emerged as core items that are essential to any well-rounded apparel collection for the youth market in A/W 24/25. At the Las Vegas trade shows, brands such as HYFVE and Dreamers by Debut highlighted the versatility and staying power of these key pieces, presenting them in a range of updated fabrics, colors, and patterns.

To ensure that the knitted vest remains a relevant and desirable item in A/W 24/25 collections, designers should experiment with novel yarn blends, textures, and fits. Attention to detail is key, with thoughtful touches like contrast tipping, logo embroidery, or decorative buttons helping to elevate the vest from a basic to a must-have statement piece. For the skater skirt, the focus should be on updating this classic silhouette with fresh fabrications and eye-catching prints. Plaids and checks remain a perennial favorite, but unexpected color combinations and scale variations can help to make this schoolgirl favorite feel modern and trend-right.

To maximize the impact of the knitted vest and skater skirt in A/W 24/25 collections, brands should consider styling them together as part of cohesive, mix-and-match outfits. By presenting these core items as part of holistic, easy-to-wear looks, brands can encourage multiple purchases and demonstrate the value of investing in essential pieces that form the foundation of a stylish wardrobe.

Final words

The key trends and core items highlighted at the Las Vegas trade shows, such as ’90s grunge denim, the BadgedUp personalization trend, statement corsages, varsity jackets, utility denim, knitted vests, and skater skirts, offer a wealth of opportunities for apparel brands to create compelling and commercially successful collections for the youth market in A/W 24/25. By embracing these trends while adding their own unique spin, and focusing on versatility, wearability, and emotional appeal, brands can develop collections that resonate with their target audience and drive sales across multiple categories. As the fashion industry continues to evolve and adapt to changing consumer preferences and market dynamics, staying attuned to these key trends and core items will be essential for brands looking to remain relevant and competitive in the coming seasons.

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