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The Latest Diamond Painting Trends For Sellers

Person applying acrylic rhinestones to an embroidery craft

Sellers looking to expand their arts and crafts supplies may want to consider stocking up on diamond painting materials. Diamond painting, also known as crystal art, is a form of artistic expression that is gaining momentum for its reported ability to relieve stress.

Demand for this art form has increased in recent years and market estimates show that interest continues to build. Learn more about this hobby, why it’s gaining popularity, and which diamond painting materials to stock for an increased chance of business success.

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FAQs about diamond painting
Why is diamond painting trending?
The future of diamond painting

FAQs about diamond painting

Closeup of a multicolored diamond art embroidery pattern

Diamond painting gets its name from the “diamond” appearance of the rhinestone gems used to create these colorful and textured 2D images. These small, resin rhinestones have a flat bottom and are color-coded to match the design beneath, for an art form that is part paint-by-numbers and part cross-stitch.

This art trend is versatile in that it can be completed alone or as a social activity for groups. No prior experience is needed, but a steady hand and hand-eye coordination are preferable. Diamond art kit designs come in a variety of styles, such as landscapes, portraits, animals, characters, and abstract patterns.

However, with its popularity, custom diamond painting is also taking off, whereby a customer simply uploads their own image to a company, who then creates the design, prints it off, and delivers it alongside the necessary beads. The cost of these custom kits begin at around USD 25, which is significantly more than standard kits.

Application process

Diamond painting is best when you have enough space and all of the tools you need ready at hand. Then, simply follow these steps to start “painting”:

  1. Lay the rolled canvas on a leveled, hard surface
  2. With the pre-printed design, start by peeling a corner of the canvas where you’d like to begin applying the rhinestones. Don’t peel the entire protective film from the whole design.
  3. Many consumers start with one color at a time, pouring it into a tray for easier handling.
  4. Use the provided applicator to adhere the colored rhinestones to the corresponding color codes. The code is typically labeled on the board or baggie holding the gems. Dip the applicator tip in the wax, then stick the diamond in place.
  5. Tweezers can be used to pick up numerous gems or move them around
  6. Once your gem is in place, slightly press down to make sure it’s firmly attached
  7. Sealing your finished painting is optional, but acrylic diamond painting sealers are available

Depending on the level of complexity, it can take a few hours or several days to complete one painting. However, an untouched painting can last up to five years in a dry environment.

Why is diamond painting trending?

Closeup of an assortment of round resin diamond beads

A 2023 report from Cognitive Market Research shows that the popularity of diamond painting has skyrocketed in the gifts and home decor categories. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of diamond painting is projected to be 5.3% from 2023 to 2030. North America and Europe are estimated to have continuous growth through to 2030.

This popularity is partly due to the various styles available, the levels of ease and difficulty, and the therapeutic aspect of this craft. Despite it being time-consuming, it hasn’t deterred consumers from making purchases.

3D and 5D diamond painting products, as opposed to the usual 2D options, are also growing in popularity. 3D and 5D diamond painting kits allow for more intricate, detailed designs, allowing consumers to create a more textured, unique artwork.

It pays for retailers to be mindful of which trending designs to keep in stock. The market shows that kits with landscape, animal, character, or abstract patterns are the most popular among consumers. In addition, kits are oftened designed with either kids or adults in mindt, and also come in holiday-themed varieties (e.g., Christmas and Halloween).

Kits can start at as little as USD 3, and go as high as USD 50. A typical diamond painting kit contains a canvas, organizing tray, wax, diamond gems, tweezers, applicators (diamond pen tool), and instructions.


Person applying a rhinestone to a butterfly diamond painting

With so many styles available, diamond painting makes for a great way for consumers to express themselves without the added stress of acquiring a whole range of individual supplies. No matter whether you’re looking for designs for kids or adults, there’s a huge range of diamond painting kits and accessories – including everything from storage boxes and tools – on Alibaba.com.  

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