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Top 5 Couch Pillow Trends To Expect in 2024

Couch with green and cactus print accent pillows

The decorative pillow market offers a wide variety of designs regardless of whether the pillow is made from cotton, down, foam, or feather. These are the latest couch pillow trends that will attract new customers this year.

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Overview of the decorative pillow market
Top 5 couch pillow trends for 2024
Future of the decorative pillow industry

Overview of the decorative pillow market

The global decorative pillow market achieved a value of USD 3.4 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 5.3 billion by 2030 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7% between 2023 and 2030.

Growth in the market can be attributed to an increasing demand for interior design products. Couch pillows are decorative accessories that are typically smaller in size than regular pillows. They are often used to add color and texture to a sofa but can also be used as additional support for the back or neck.

Accent pillows that combine good design with comfort and functionality will be popular among customers. Unique styles, custom fabrics, and hardware detailing are features that represent creativity in the market. 

Top 5 couch pillow trends for 2024

Round couch pillows

Brown leather sectional with white circle cushion
Living room couch with light gray knot pillow

Round and curved shapes are having a big moment in interior décor. A small, round couch pillow is great for softening the straight lines of a sectional sofa and adding a pop of color to the space. 

Long bolster pillows can also be placed across the backrest of a sofa or along the armrest. For an ultra modern look, a decorative ball cushion or knot pillow adds whimsy and dimension. Sphere sofa pillows of different sizes can even be mixed to create a truly distinct appeal.

According to Google Ads, the term “round pillows” attracts a significant average monthly search volume of 14,800, which indicates its popularity over other types of decorative cushions. 

Oversized throw pillows

Gray sectional couch with dark gray oversized cushions
Solid color large couch pillows

Sofa pillows are generally smaller in size compared to standard cushions because they are designed to be decorative accessories. However, oversized throw pillows that are 24” or above make couch seating extra comfortable and are gaining popularity in the market.

When paired with smaller cushions, large sofa pillows also help enhance the styling of a couch. They can even be repurposed as head pillows for napping, floor cushions around the coffee table, or bed pillows in the bedroom. 

The term “large couch pillow” saw an 83% increase in search volume over the past five months, with 6,600 in December 2023 and 3,600 in July 2023.

Solid color sofa pillows

Gray living room sofa with orange and gray pillows
Orange decorative pillows for orange sectional

A solid color sofa pillow is a good method of adding contrast to a plain or neutral couch. Alternatively, solid tone toss pillows that match the color of the couch help create a cohesive look.

Solid color decorative cushions can be trimmed with a flange edge for extra flair. They can also be constructed from rich fabrics like silk or velvet for a luxe appearance. Calm and relaxing colors dominate the year, with dark blue and green accent pillows leading the way.

The term “green couch pillow” attracted a search volume of 12,100 in December 2023 and 9,900 in July 2023, which represents a 22% jump over the past five months.

Patterned accent pillows

Gray couch with striped and owl print cushions
Gray loveseat with patterned accent cushions

Patterns and colors are a big trend, with a wide variety of patterned accent pillows being used to decorate the sofa. As customers continue to personalize their spaces, a wide selection of patterns will be key to offering customers many product types to choose from.

Floral couch covers are a timeless interpretation of this trend. Alternatively, botanical print couch cushions embrace an outdoor aesthetic that is ideal for boho or tropical living rooms. A motif print sofa pillow is another option for themed living spaces or customers interested in showcasing their unique personality. 

The Google search volume for the term “patterned cushion covers” saw a 47% increase over the past five months, with 1,300 in December 2023 and 880 in July 2023.

Textured decorative pillows

White and gray textured boho couch cushion covers
White and black accent pillow with fringe

A sofa with textured decorative pillows boasts interesting and stylish tactility. Textural sofa cushions with embroidery or a 3D construction add dimension to any interior space. 

Velvet throw pillows remain a classic item for incorporating a sense of luxury into a home, while woven textures like crochet or knit decorative cushions boost the look of a simple living room. Some customers may even be excited by the quality of hand-woven, fringe, or embroidered couch pillows.

The term “knit throw pillow” accumulated a search volume of 880 in December 2023 and 480 in July 2023, which equates to a healthy 83% increase over the past five months. 

Future of the decorative pillow industry

Staying up to date on the latest trends in couch pillows will help businesses maximize their earning potential over the next year. There is a wide selection of trendy couch cushions to suit any customer’s needs and personal style. Oversized sofa throw pillows put comfort first, while patterned accent pillows and solid color cushions offer endless mix and match potential. For those with contemporary home décor, round couch pillows and textured decorative pillows tout modern style. 

As an increasing number of customers opt to pursue DIY home remodelling projects, the market for decorative items continues to grow. This market trend is expected to fuel the expansion of couch pillows over the next few years. Businesses are advised to consider the advantages of including sofa cushion covers and pillows in their product mixes. 

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