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Top 5 Home Office Decor Trends Sellers Should Know in 2024

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According to Buffer’s State of Remote Work Report 2023, a whopping 82% of remote workers are currently working from home. Surprisingly, about one-third of these remote workers have a dedicated office space at home.

Contrary to speculations about employees returning to the office soon, this report suggests that remote work is here to stay. Workers are actively seeking ways to enhance productivity from the comfort of their home offices.

CNBC  reported that global companies like Shopify,  Twitter, and Indeed have provided work-from-home allowances to their employees to create a better and more comfortable working environment at home. Such support provided by the companies is also indirectly contributing to the growth of the home office setups.

So as we step into the new year, fresh trends emerge, especially in home office setups.

Retailers should be aware of these trends to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

This article takes a closer look at the key trends in home office decoration for 2024, offering valuable insights for retailers aiming to stay ahead in the interior design industry.

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Top 5 home office decor trends for 2024
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Top 5 home office decor trends for 2024

1. Adjustable and ergonomic home office furniture

Adjustable and ergonomic home office furniture

Furniture is booming as a home office trend for 2024. It is set to generate a revenue of US$ 50.16 billion in 2024. Furniture stands at the core of every home office, with nearly every work-from-home employee investing in essentials like chairs and desks.

Remote workers are leaning towards multifunctional and slim furnishing. They are integrating adjustable chairs, movable workstations, floating desks, collapsible storage units, and standing desks into their workspaces. Their main focus is to build functional and clutter-free office spaces.

Health takes center stage in these workspaces, with a growing trend towards incorporating health-conscious elements. Ergonomic furniture, including lumbar support chairs, ergonomic kneeling chairs, desk walking pads, and accessories like footrests, are becoming staples, contributing to a healthier and more comfortable work environment.

Standing desks with walking pads are gaining popularity, with a 154% increase in interest over the past year, amounting to 8.4K searches per month.

desk walking pad

The emphasis on physical activity not only enhances health but also boosts productivity.

2. Multifunctional spaces

Interior designer Reynard Lowell highlights the rise of multifunctional spaces in home offices as a major trend for 2024. With more people working from home, especially in households with multiple remote workers, creating separate spaces for calls and virtual meetings becomes essential.

To achieve multifunctionality, work-from-home (WFH) employees are repurposing dining rooms or guest rooms to using under-stair areas, shelves, nooks like alcoves, attic eaves, and landing spaces.

Moreover, they are looking for practical storage items like cabinet organizers or desktop organizers, which help in optimizing space and keeping the home office organized.

These products offer convenient solutions for creating a versatile and efficient workspace, ensuring that the home office meets the demands of a remote work routine.

3. Smart office technologies

Smart office technologies

SIEPR shared their seven economic trends for 2024, emphasizing WFH as a key trend. In the report, Professor Nicholas Bloom expressed his views about tech advancement for WFH, stating that: “Every hardware and software firm I talk to is targeting this massive new market of WFH employees and firms. What the future will bring is not clear, but it clearly will be better and more efficient than 2023 tech.”

Remote workers are using smart tools to improve their home offices. Devices like voice assistants make tasks hands-free. Security measures like firewalls keep the workspace safe.

Tools for teamwork, like screen-sharing, help collaborate better. Smart devices fit into daily routines for added convenience. Environmental systems are popular for better air quality.

They are also looking for cable organizers to tackle clutter.

But through all the examples above one thing remains clear: technology is enhancing work from home experience.

4. Stylish focal points

In an interview with House Beautiful, Helen Shaw, the director of marketing (international) at Benjamin Moore, shared another big trend of home office decoration.

According to her, “Creating a stylish focal point in the home office is going to be key in 20204.” And this is supported by the fact that 62% of remote workers prefer to be on camera during video calls, meaning they should have a camera-friendly office. A stylish focal point trend incorporates this need.

Remote workers are applying this trend in multiple ways:

  • Adding punch to a simple office with Wallpaper.
  • Investing in vibrant art to create striking backgrounds.
  • Transforming their workspace with captivating paint colors. Colors add style and substance to the office.

And peaking of colors, here are the trending color options for 2024:

Creating a beautiful and uplifting atmosphere can boost creativity

5. Biophlic themed home offices

Business Insider announced that the biophilic trend will be a huge trend in interior design in 2024. Remote workers will also be likely to incorporate this in their home offices.

It is a proven fact that nature reduces stress and anxiety. And this design is all about bringing outdoor things like nature and plants indoors to feel refreshed. Biophilic design focuses on reconnecting people with nature by using natural elements like light, greenery, and wood to improve productivity and health.

There are a number of trending ways to build a biophilic home office:

  • Decorating office walls with beautiful artwork that features landscape scenes and floral paintings.
  • Setting a table near sunny corners of the room or next to the window, or opening your curtains and blinds to allow sunlight into the room. Also move any furniture that blocks sunlight.
  • Bringing some indoor plants such as pothos, calatheas, snake plants, or peace lilies. Buy plants of different sizes and growth patterns as variety gives a nice look to the room.
  • Using sustainable materials like wood, bamboo, and wool for furniture and accessories.
  • Adding a rustic wooden desk, chair, and bookshelves to create a biophilic look.
  • Scents also create a natural ambiance inside indoors. Place essential scented candles with natural fragrances like vanilla, lavender, citrus, or eucalyptus in the home office.

Final words

Home office decoration is progressing and getting better over time. This year, buyers are seeking flexible, sustainable, eco-friendly, and smart items for their home offices. Ergonomic chairs, standing desks, desk pads, wall art, and advanced technology items are expected to be the top choices for decorating home offices in 2024.

These trends are not just about aesthetics; they aim to enhance work productivity for individuals working from home. Sellers need to make sure they offer these items to keep their customers happy. Staying ahead of these home office decoration trends is crucial for achieving success in retail.

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