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Top 5 Wholesale Kitchen Egg Cooking Tools in 2024

A frying pan handling four eggs

Eggs are a breakfast staple, but are consumers’ tools keeping up? While making eggs may be as easy as using a bowl and whisk, consumers can have a better experience with some simple upgrades. This means it’s time to help consumers say hello to perfectly cooked eggs with five amazing tools. Read on for our overview of five egg-cellent items to elevate one’s kitchen game in 2024.

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A summary of the egg-making tools market
5 trendy tools for cooking delicious eggs in 2024
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A summary of the egg-making tools market

Egg-making tools are part of the kitchen hand tools market, which grew to US$ 786 million in 2023. Now, experts think this market will keep growing steadily, reaching around US$ 1.265 billion by 2033, with a moderate growth rate of 4.9% each year. Regarding sales within this market, spatulas are the leading market. They’re flying off the shelves faster than any other tool, with a 5.3% growth rate.

North America is the big player in the game right now, and it does not look like that’s changing anytime soon—with a potential of hitting US$ 316.25 million by the end of 2033. Specifically, the US is holding down a hefty chunk of the market, and things are looking up for them in the coming years. According to the above report, the UK is also making waves, with a whopping US$ 127.61 million market valuation in 2023.

5 trendy tools for cooking delicious eggs in 2024


A woman heating a saucepan

Consumers may need saucepans to cook eggs to perfection, depending on the recipe. Saucepans have tall, narrow designs that retain heat well, making them key for poaching, where consumers need a gentle simmer for the eggs to cook evenly without breaking apart. These pans also have the depth to allow eggs to float while boiling.

Since saucepans have consistent heat management, they will allow consumers to get the accurate timing for soft-boiled eggs—though hard-boiled eggs are also possible with these pans. But that’s not all. Saucepans are also perfect for making creamy egg-based sauces like hollandaise, as their design allows for gentle heating and whisking to achieve smooth textures.

Scrambled eggs are a fan favorite with smaller saucepans, especially when consumers are whipping up simple, fluffy scrambles for one or two people. However, they aren’t great for sunny-side-up eggs or omelets that require spreading. So, how are saucepans fairing in the modern world? The good news is they have a lot of updates!

Consumers can now find saucepans specifically for egg poaching. These often include individual silicone cups or pods that rest inside the pan, making it easier to control the shape of poached eggs and retrieve them when done. Some models even come with these poachers built-in.

Although still relatively rare, some concept saucepans have features like built-in timers and temperature sensors for more precise cooking control, including eggs. Saucepans remain in high demand in 2024. So far, they have accumulated 246,000 searches in March 2024!

Egg timer

A wooden egg timer on a pink background

Cooking eggs is a time-sensitive task that often leads to undercooked or overcooked disasters if consumers don’t time their cooking properly. Thankfully, consumers can eliminate all that guesswork from achieving their desired level of doneness in boiled eggs with egg timers. These tools ensure consistency, whether consumers like them soft-boiled with a runny yolk or hard-boiled for slicing.

While perfect for boiled eggs, egg timers are handy for other techniques where timing is critical, like poaching. Plus, they can help consumers nail delicate egg-based sauces like hollandaise. The best part is that consumers also have various options to choose from. They go for the classic mechanical variants for ease of use and affordability or opt for digital timers for extra precision and simultaneous timing.

Novelty timers are also available, with options like color-changing timers that go in with the eggs to provide a visual cue. Regardless of type, egg timers are usually inexpensive, making them great kitchen gadgets for anyone who enjoys eggs regularly. But here’s something even better: egg timers have also gone the smart route, offering excellent hands-free control through smart speakers like Alexa or Google Home.

And that’s not all. Some appliances, like ovens and microwaves, have built-in egg timers boasting advanced features. If consumers want even more convenience, they can go for app-controlled timers. These offer precise control, multiple timers for complex cooking, and even egg-specific recipes. Egg timers have gained serious momentum! Google data shows they averaged 49,500 searches monthly 2024 (from January to March).

Egg spatula

Person using spatula to remove eggs from a pan

All the tools listed above can handle boiled eggs or creamy egg sauces, but what about fried goodness? One tool that makes frying eggs exceptionally easy is an egg spatula. Its thin, angled blades can easily slide under fried or over-easy eggs without ruining the meal.

But there’s more! Egg spatulas are great for gently lifting and folding omelets without tearing them apart. Consumers can also use these tools to flip pancakes, crepes, or other delicate items in a pan. Egg spatulas also come with slots to drain all that excess oil or grease away from fried eggs, helping consumers keep them crispy instead of soggy.

Here’s what’s new with these awesome egg-making tools. Some newer models feature flexible silicone heads for even gentler handling of delicate eggs—they are also ideal for protecting nonstick cookware. Newer egg spatulas may also come with extra-wide blades to support larger eggs or delicate omelets more easily.

A few egg spatulas may incorporate dedicated drainage channels along the blade to help remove excess oil from the eggs. Even more interesting, egg spatulas have registered explosive growth this year. Interest in these tools has boosted by 160%, from 2,400 to 6,600, from February to March 2024.

Slotted spoon

Woman removing food with a slotted spoon

While egg spatulas are great, they can’t handle scrambled eggs that well. That’s the job of slotted spoons. Their designs are not as loose as a spatula’s design, making them ideal for draining away excess liquid when cooking scrambled eggs. Slotted spoons are also great for lifting poached eggs from simmering water, helping to drain water quickly without breaking the yolk or allowing waterlogged whites.

Beyond poaching and scrambled eggs, slotted spoons are also handy for lifting boiled eggs from hot water—so there’s no need to risk one’s fingers! But their versatility doesn’t stop there. Slotted spoons can also handle various other kitchen tasks, like retrieving vegetables from boiling water, scoping items out of soup, and more.

Some slotted spoons have stylish designs, making them suitable for serving poached eggs or other dishes directly from the pot. Consumers may want slotted spoons with wider slots for lifting larger whole eggs but finer slots for removing egg solids from sauces. Slotted spoons are doing well search-wise. Their keywords attracted 22,200 searches in March 2024.

Non-stick pan

A non-stick pan with food cooking in it

The main attraction of non-stick pans is how they prevent eggs from sticking, allowing them to slide out flawlessly after cooking. It may not seem like much, but nonstick pans are lifesavers for delicate dishes like omelets and fried eggs. As a bonus, consumers can worry less about overcooked or ruined eggs struggling to escape the pan.

Eggs naturally have some fat, so nonstick pans let consumers cook with minimal added oil or butter, reducing the overall fat content of their dish—and who doesn’t like a healthier meal? More importantly, nonstick pans are forgiving, making perfect eggs a more attainable goal, especially for those new to cooking. Since eggs are less likely to stick, cleaning nonstick pans requires a quick rinse instead of serious scrubbing.

Do non-stick pans have egg-specific updates? Yes! Pans designed specifically for eggs are becoming more common, featuring smaller sizes for single servings or divots for perfect fried eggs. Some pans now have wider, gently sloped sides, making it easier to slide omelets and other foods out of the pan. Non-stick pans are incredibly popular, with up to 110,000 consumers searching for them in March 2024.

Rounding up

While versatility remains dominant, 2024 sees a growing demand for specialized egg-centric tools. So, businesses must consider including items like egg poaching inserts, egg-shaped pans, innovative egg timers, or spatulas and spoons in their product offers. These cater to restaurants, cafes, and home chefs seeking to perfect their egg dishes and stand out with a unique presentation. Don’t forget to embrace tech, as smart technology is quickly infiltrating all kitchen areas, and egg prep is no exception. Subscribe to Alibaba Read’s home and garden category for more topics like this!

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