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Top Men’s Apparel Trends from Coachella 2024


Coachella is back and setting the stage for the hottest festival fashion trends. For online retailers looking to capture the youth market, the men’s apparel worn at the 2024 festival provides key insights into what styles will be flying off virtual shelves this season. From the resurgence of western Americana to 90s grunge nostalgia and a new take on masculinity, we break down the must-know trends to inform your festival fashion buys. 

Table of Contents
1. Rodeo renaissance
2. 90s grunge revival
3. Relaxed basics reign
4. Playful streetwear
5. Key items: resort shirt, cargo pants, graphic tees
6. Essential festival colors and prints
7. Crafted details add artisanal appeal

Rodeo renaissance

The western trend rode back into Coachella this year, but with a fresh and diverse approach. Young men paired classic denim-on-denim looks with statement belts and bold accessories. Waistcoats emerged as a key item, in leather, print, and fringed variations. The modern cowboy aesthetic taps into the “redefining masculinity” theme that was prevalent at the festival. To capitalize on the western redux, stock up on updated classics with an eye for styling details that allow for personal expression.


90s grunge revival

Nostalgia for 90s grunge brought out the rebels and misfits at Coachella. Festival-goers rocked oversized proportions, like extra wide-leg jeans and baggy shorts balanced with tight tops. Acid wash and dirty denim enhanced aged appeal. Pop punk influences came through with skirt-over-trouser styling. Online retailers should lean into 90s-inspired basics, from flannels to ripped denim. Merchandising grunge pieces back to youthful graphics will capture the subversive spirit.


Relaxed basics reign

On the other end of the spectrum, many young men opted for a pared-back, casual look rooted in easy dressing essentials. Simple tanks and relaxed trousers offered an effortless, comfort-first aesthetic. 90s minimalism was a touchpoint for basic silhouettes. The demand for elevated basics is an opportunity for online retailers. Look for easy, versatile pieces with a focus on fabrication, like soft jersey and breathable cotton, to justify a higher price point on everyday staples.


Playful streetwear

With hip hop artist Tyler, The Creator as one of the headliners, a playful approach to streetwear ran through the festival grounds. Men donned vibrant pops of color, from radiant red to electric kumquat, and mixed in bold animal prints. Kidult-inspired accessories injected youthful energy. To make streetwear feel fresh, online retailers should spotlight exuberant colors and cheeky, nostalgic motifs. The unexpected combo of streetwear separates with preppy elements like the sweater vest will also resonate with the youth market.

resort shirt

Key items – resort shirt, cargo pants, graphic tees 

A few key items emerged as festival must-haves for men. The resort shirt proved its versatility off the beach, with a focus on boxy silhouettes and handcrafted details over busy prints. Cargos continued their menswear domination – utilitypockets added style and storage. The graphic tee made a resounding comeback, emblazoned with retro band logos, cheeky slogans and festival merch. Wide leg trousers and baggy shorts were the silhouette of choice for bottoms. These trending items offer a solid foundation for online retailers building out their festival fashion assortment.


Essential festival colors and prints

Earth tones like rich browns and sepias were key colors at the festival, tapping into the gorpcore and western trends. Soft, dusted blues added a nostalgic feel, especially on thrifted-looking pieces, while still feeling fresh on modern silhouettes. Abstract camo was a print standout, in tonal variations and pixelated takes borrowed from gamer graphics. Placement prints like retro travel stamps and badges captured 90s grunge and pop punk themes. Offering essentials in these popular festival colors and patterns will ensure they fit seamlessly into men’s existing wardrobes.

festival outfit

Crafted details add artisanal appeal

Festival fashion went handmade this season,with an emphasis on artisanal embellishments. Rich embroidery, statement crochet, openwork knits, tapestry fabrics and hyper-textured fringe elevated basic silhouettes. Men sporting one-of-a-kind pieces spoke to the “craft as luxury” mindset popular with today’s youth. For online retailers, styles with special handcrafted details can command a higher price and create an emotional connection with customers. Nurturing relationships with skilled artisans will become a priority.


Coachella 2024 delivered a spectrum of men’s apparel trends for online retailers to inspire their festival fashion buys. From the rugged resurgence of western wear to grungy 90s throwbacks and craft-fueled statement pieces, young men are using fashion to explore new expressions of masculinity. Ultimately, easy dressing essentials provide a versatile foundation to build on the bolder trends. Online retailers who lean into these key themes while catering to Gen Z’s casual comfort mindset will win the summer festival style game. Use these Coachella insights to curate a fresh assortment that sparks joy in your youth market.

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