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TrinaTracker Launches New Trailblazer 1P 700W+ Tracking Solution & More From Huasun, Astronergy, GCL Group, Guizhou Province


TrinaTracker’s new Trailblazer 1P tracking solution; Huasun and QSD sign distribution agreement; Astronergy’s new bid win takes total wins from Huadian Corp to over 4 GW; GCL plans 2 GW perovskite cell fab in Kunshan; Guizhou plans GW-scale PV projects including rooftop solar.

TrinaTracker releases Trailblazer 1P 700 W+ tracking solution: Solar tracker manufacturer TrinaTracker has released the newly upgraded Trailblazer 1P tracking solution at the 2023 Photovoltaic Industry Annual Conference held in Suqian, Jiangsu. The Trina Solar Group company says that the Trailblazer 1P is a safer, more reliable and high-quality product that can meet customers’ needs for more composite tracking bracket scenarios. The Trailblazer 1P succeeds the company’s 1st generation Pioneer 1P product.

The company’s head of R&D Peng Quan said, “TrinaTracker released the first-generation Pioneer 1P product for the first time in 2021. After two years of polishing, the new generation of Trailblazer 1P has the core advantages of terrain adaptability, construction adaptability, climate adaptability and peripheral adaptability. Trailblazer 1P is perfectly adapted to 700 W+ modules, compared to 630 W modules, the combination of the two can reduce the BOS cost by RMB 0.038 /W under typical working conditions on flat terrain, and the IRR gain is as high as 0.4%.”

Huasun signs 150 MW distribution agreement with Thailand’s QSD: Solar panel manufacturer Huasun has announced that it has signed a 150 MW heterojunction (HJT) module distribution agreement with QSD (Quality Solar Distribution), a well-known photovoltaic distributor in Thailand. According to the agreement, Huasun will provide QSD with more than 150 MW of high-power, high-efficiency and high-reliability HJT products over the next 3 years. The supply would largely consist of the Everest series G12R modules, with QSD also assisting in local product distribution in the country. The 2 parties have also agreed to cooperate in the local application of floating power stations.

Huasun recently announced that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement to supply 3 GW of Everest G12R modules to a well-known European solar project investor in Belgrade (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

Astronergy’s cumulative 2023 bid wins from Huadian over 4 GW: Module manufacturer Astronergy has announced that it has won a bid for Section 2 of Huadian Corporation’s 3rd batch of centralized procurement for photovoltaic modules in 2023. As part of this round, Astronergy will supply a total capacity of 996 MW. The company has been part of all 3 batches of Huadian’s PV module centralized procurement tenders and has won bids for more than 4 GW in 2023. Astronergy won bids totaling 1,056 MW in the 1st batch, following it up with 2 GW in the 2nd batch. So far, the company says that it has been successful in winning 4,052 MW out of the 6,055 MW it had bid for in total. Astronergy has supplied its ASTRO modules for centralized projects in Jiangxi, among others, and distributed projects in Hebei, among other regions. The company says that it has supplied over 920 MW of modules to Huadian Corporation this year alone.

GCL plans 2 GW perovskite cell fab in Kunshan: Solar cell & module manufacturer GCL Group has revealed its plans to build a 2 GW perovskite production facility in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. The company, involving its subsidiary GCL Optoelectronics, has signed an agreement with Kunshan City to build what it calls the world’s 1st large-scale facility of its kind in 2 phases. The company adds that it aims to create an industrial base with a target output value reaching the RMB 100 billion ($14 billion) level.

Guizhou Province to establish GW-scale PV projects including rooftop: The Department of Ecology and Environment of Guizhou Province has issued a notice that outlines key initiatives aimed at promoting environmental sustainability. Among the notable actions, the province plans to establish GW-scale large PV bases in cities with abundant solar resources such as Bijie, Liupanshui, Anshun, and Qiannan. In the rocky desert areas, Guizhou will explore and implement wind & solar PV base. It will also promote rooftop distributed PV projects in 13 pilot counties including Kaiyang and Bozhou. The province seeks to integrate solar PV power generation with building construction, initiating pilot projects for integrated solar PV and energy storage systems. It will also focus its efforts on the safe disposal and recycling of new types of waste, including decommissioned power batteries, PV modules, and wind turbine blades.

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