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Washable Rugs: Everything You Need To Know in 2024

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Rugs set the foundation of home décor. They work as a base for furniture and enhance the overall outlook of the house. But when it comes to cleaning them, they can sometimes be a hassle. The process requires pulling out multiple tools and spending a good amount of time—which may leave people wondering, are the aesthetics worth the trouble?

This is where washable rugs come in. As the name suggests, washable rugs are easy to clean with a machine or even manually. These rugs are a perfect solution for busy homeowners and for workplaces where people have little to no time to clean the rugs

Read on to discover everything you need to know to stock the best washable rugs available on the market in 2024! 

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The market for washable rugs
Benefits of washable rugs
Most popular washable rugs for 2024
The bottom line

The market for washable rugs

A living room with open space and rugs

In 2022, the worldwide carpet and rug market was worth US$ 50.29 billion. It’s expected to reach US$ 55.28 billion in 2023 and US$ 106.01 billion by 2030. That means it is set to grow at a rate of 10.03% each year until 2030

There are several reasons why people prefer to cover their floors with carpets and rugs. For starters, they add an extra layer of padding to protect the floor. They bring color and a decorative effect to the interiors, which elevates the look of furniture and walls. And let’s not forget that people living in cold areas need an extra layer beneath their feet.

Washable rugs are highly preferred because there is little worry about cleaning the stains. They are low maintenance and easy to clean, making them an instant priority across millions of homes/workplaces. North America dominated the carpet market in 2022 with a value of US$ 18.08 billion. Expanding construction and housing in the US is increasing the market growth in this region.

Manufacturers are also concerned about fulfilling customers’ demand for washable rugs. This means that the scope of investing in washable rugs in 2024 seems pretty positive.

Benefits of washable rugs

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In this fast-paced era, most people are looking for low-maintenance home items. They don’t want to spend hours cleaning and need easy solutions to keep their homes/offices neat. Besides this, the following are some reasons why people love washable rugs:

Suit homes with pets and children

Kids and pets can make quite a mess. Instead of fretting over a dog carrying mud inside or kids spilling over carpets, it is better to use a washable rug. Tumble rugs aren’t only washable but also spill-proof. The liquid stays on the surface, and users can wipe it away easily.

Impressive durability

Washable rugs boast excellent durability. Since resilient materials are used to make these rugs, they can handle frequent washing without compromising their shape or color. This durability factor makes washable rugs an excellent choice for individuals seeking long-lasting decor solutions.

Improves a home’s air quality

Carpets and rugs can become breeding grounds for bacteria and other allergens if they aren’t cleaned regularly. And doing that isn’t easy unless they are washable. Cleaning a washable rug takes a simple toss in the washing machine.


Even though it is easy to find a regular rug at a pocket-friendly price, cleaning the spills and dirt may impact the budget health later. In contrast, a washable rug doesn’t require a professional or prolonged cleaning process. It can be done at home like normal clothes.

A washable rug is perfect for any space or household and offers the same aesthetics and perks. Adding it into stocks can turn out to be a favorable decision indeed!

Most popular washable rugs for 2024

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There is a wide market for washable rugs in 2024. Average monthly searches for washable rugs amounted to 135000 in the past year. This number indicates high market competition and demand for these particular rugs.

Businesses planning to explore this domain must maintain relevant stocks to ensure they can get returns on their investments soon. Investing in the following types of washable rugs can help achieve targets this year:

Patterned rugs

Patterned rugs hanging on a building wall

Patterned rugs are a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. These rugs have become integral to contemporary home décor, featuring multiple colors and styles.

Their versatile designs make them an instant hit across many cultures. For instance, a diamond or a coral rug can catch the sight of potential buyers in different market segments. These patterns can range from classic and subtle designs to more intricate and bold ones. There are plenty of options for homeowners to choose rugs according to their interiors.

The availability of patterned rugs in different sizes is another factor driving their growth. From small accent rugs to large-area rugs, these versatile carpets can seamlessly fit into any room’s design scheme.

Eco-friendly rugs

Wooden carved bed with white canopy and rugs

More people are concerned about the ecological impact of their purchases. They are driven by an ambition to reduce their carbon footprint, and eco-friendly, washable rugs are their immediate choice.

Eco-friendly washable rugs are made with natural fibers like organic cotton, hemp, and jute or recycled materials like PET fibers derived from recycled bottles. Using this material reduces the demand for more resources and reduces waste. Also, manufacturers use eco-conscious methods like water conservation, adding non-toxic dyes, and using energy-efficient machines. All of these steps are taken to minimize the environmental impact of the rugs at all steps.

A washable, eco-friendly rug doesn’t need harsh cleaning agents. Instead, they are easy to clean at home with mild detergents. This cuts the need for harmful cleaning agents, creating a healthy indoor environment.

Low-pile rugs

A working carpet maker

Low-pile rugs are another practical option in homes with pets and children. The term “pile” refers to the density of fibers on a rug’s surface. Its low-pile height means that the fibers are short and tightly woven. Such rugs are even easier to clean when available in washable varieties.

The short fibers make it difficult for dirt or debris to settle on the surface, and vacuuming or spot-cleaning can happen within minutes. This is particularly beneficial in high-traffic home segments, such as the entryway, hallway, or living room.

In homes with pets, low-pile washable rugs are prioritized because pet hair and dander are less likely to get trapped in the shorter fibers. Plus, the rugs resist damage caused by pet claws, reducing the risk of snags or pulls.

All in all, low-pile rugs with easy-to-wash features aren’t likely to last long in the stocks. Their practicality, coupled with their durability, has made them quite popular in the market.

Customizable rugs

A living room with a rustic theme

Customized rugs are the new OG in the rugs world. A custom rug is made to order according to certain standards and market requirements. Unlike regular rugs, these are crafted to fit the precise shape, size, and design the consumer prefers.

Washable rugs offering custom options are ideal for those looking to tailor their living spaces to their liking. Sometimes, regular rug sizes don’t fit well in a room, so people choose to make rugs that are just the right size. Customizable washable rugs have cool features like picking the trending colors. It’s not just about the looks – there is also an option to choose what the rug is made of. The market might want a rug made from natural things or maybe something recycled, depending on what you like and how you live.

The rise of online platforms and technology has facilitated customization, making it more accessible for businesses and retailers. Many rug manufacturers now offer online tools that allow customers to visualize their customizations before making a purchase.

The bottom line

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In 2024, businesses should seize the opportunity to invest in washable rugs. Consumers seem to prefer these for their aesthetic appeal, sustainable features, and practicality. The ease of maintenance and cleaning ensures a hygienic environment for consumers and cuts operational downtime. Join the ranks of successful retailers who have harnessed the power of Alibaba.com to expand their product offerings and establish lasting partnerships with suppliers from around the world.

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