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Which Wholesale Home Accessories to Sell In 2024?

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The home accessories global market has been rapidly expanding, presenting an exciting opportunity for businesses in 2024. This is because people are becoming more interested in personalizing their living spaces, significantly increasing the demand for diverse and unique home accessories.

However, for businesses looking to tap into this thriving market successfully, it is imperative to stay knowledgeable. This means keeping an eye on the latest trends and consumer preferences to ensure their inventories are always relevant and appealing.

This guide will offer valuable insights into which wholesale home accessories will likely sell well based on the current trends in 2024.

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Home accessory market overview
7 wholesale home accessories sell in 2024

Home accessory market overview

Home accessories on sale in a store

The global home decor market is a thriving landscape for businesses to explore. In 2022, it was valued at approximately US$ 647.4 million. However, it is projected to get even better. Between 2023 and 2032, it is expected to hit an all-time high value of US$ 1.1 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9% within this period​​. This growth underscores the expanding prospects for businesses in this sector.

Several factors are responsible for the expansion of the home accessories market. They include the following:

Expansion of the real estate sector

One of the major factors fueling the growth of the home decor market is the significant expansion of the real estate industry. With more individuals owning homes, there is an increase in the demand for home decor products such as art, accessories, furniture, textiles, and floor coverings. Ideally, as residential and commercial spaces increase, so does the need to decorate and personalize them, which directly impacts the home accessory market​​​​.

Growing environmental consciousness

The rising popularity of eco-friendly home decor objects and materials is another major driver. Consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly options in their home decor choices. This shift in consumer preferences has led to a growing demand for products made from sustainable materials.

Increasing renovation and remodeling activities

The home accessories market has also benefited from the increasing renovations and remodeling in the real estate industry. These activities often involve the introduction of new decor items, upgrading furniture, and adding fresh accessories to reflect current trends. This consequently increases the demand for home accessories.

Rising influence of social media platforms

Social media has become a significant influence in the home decor market. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and home decor blogs are not only sources of inspiration for consumers but also serve as marketing channels for sellers. Additionally, the visual nature of social media platforms makes them ideal for showcasing home decor trends and products, thus driving sales.

Growing availability of home decor across various distribution channels

The widespread availability of home decor products across multiple channels, including online retail, specialty stores, and large format stores, has made it easier for consumers to access a wide range of products. This ease of access, combined with the variety of choices available, encourages consumers to spend on home decor products.

A brief overview of the current trends:

Trend numberTrend nameFeaturesDescription
1A Warm Color PaletteBeiges, browns, camels, creamsProvides a comforting and grounded feeling. Offers a warm and soothing presence, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of spaces.
2Organic Modern DecorNatural wood furniture, baskets, natural fiber rugs, cotton and linen textilesCombines a modern aesthetic with natural elements, characterized by a light, warm color palette, and a comfortable, relaxed attitude.
3Natural MaterialsWarm wood furniture, cabinetry, natural textiles, rugs made from wool, jute, silk, or textured cottonFocuses on the growing use of natural materials in home furnishings and decor.
4Warm MinimalismReduced visual clutter, calming earth tonesEmphasizes a calming aesthetic with a focus on the primary function of each room.
5Natural Stone FinishesMarble, travertine, granite, soapstoneAdds a timeless charm to interiors.
6Curved Furniture and Architectural ElementsRounded furniture, curved sofas, barrel chairs, arched doorwaysAdds  elegance and softness to spaces.

7 wholesale home accessories to sell in 2024

1. Sustainable and eco-friendly decor

A couple of eco-friendly home decor

Sustainable and eco-friendly decor signifies the growing consciousness towards environmental responsibility. It features decor made from recycled materials, organic fabrics, and sustainably sourced woods. Such products appeal to eco-conscious consumers and add a unique and ethical touch to any space.

With the rise of global sustainability campaigns, sustainable and eco-friendly decor has become quite popular. According to Google Ads, the global average monthly searches for eco-friendly décor in the last six months was 2593.33, a 164.63% increase from the previous six months, starting December 2022.

2. Minimalist furniture and decor

Minimalistic furniture alongside a plant decor

Minimalism appeals to consumers looking for simplicity with an emphasis on functionality. Minimalist furniture and decor are characterized by their clean lines, subdued color palettes, and uncluttered design. Items like streamlined sofas or modular storage units are in high demand. The interest in minimalist designs suggests a growing consumer preference for spacious, uncluttered living environments.

Google Ads stats recorded a 7.45% increase in global average monthly searches of minimalistic decor in the last six months, while minimalistic furniture maintained an average of 8100 searches in the past year. This represents an encouraging market potential.

Stocking these enables sellers to attract customers who value sophistication and practicality.

3. Vibrant colored decor

A vibrantly decorated room with plants

Vibrant colored decor brings energy and personality to any space. This trend includes items with bold colors and patterns, such as brightly colored cushions or statement wall art. Such pieces can transform a room, making it more lively and inviting. The increasing interest in vibrant decor reflects a consumer desire for more playful and expressive home environments.

According to Google Ads, popular vibrantly colored décor items such as orange sofas recorded 14,800 global average monthly searches in the last twelve months, while colored paintings recorded 40,500.

Stocking these items can help you appeal to customers looking for a touch of color and vibrancy in their spaces.

4. Smart home devices

A smart home heat control device

Smart home devices are revolutionizing the way people interact with living spaces. These accessories include smart lighting systems, voice-activated assistants, and automated home security devices. Their popularity is driven by the convenience and efficiency they offer, enhancing the functionality of homes. They appeal to tech-savvy customers and those looking for modern home solutions.

Smart home devices are becoming popular, as revealed by Google Ads. They recorded about 33,100 global average monthly searches in the past year.

5. Art Deco-inspired pieces

An art décor lamp next to a modern fireplace

Art Deco-inspired pieces offer a blend of classic elegance and modern design. These items feature geometric patterns, bold colors, and metallic finishes. Products like art deco lamps or mirrored furniture pieces are becoming increasingly popular.

For instance, according to Google Ads, Ads mirrored furniture recorded 18100 global average monthly searches, while Art Deco lamps recorded 33100  in the last twelve months. Sellers stocking these items can appeal to customers who appreciate vintage aesthetics with a modern twist.

6. Geometric decor

Geometric printed cushions on a sofa

Geometric decor is characterized by its use of bold shapes and patterns. This category includes wall art, rugs, and cushions with geometric prints. They appeal to individuals who enjoy a modern and dynamic aesthetic.

The rising interest in geometric decor indicates a consumer preference for contemporary, eye-catching designs. For example, geometric art recorded 40,500 global average monthly searches in the past year.

7. Natural material items

A person holding a basket planter

Natural material items, including those made from wood, stone, and natural fibers, bring an earthy and organic feel to any space. Products in this category include wooden furniture, stone sculptures, and woven baskets, among other natural décor items. The increasing interest in natural materials reflects a consumer desire for authenticity and connection to nature.

According to Google Ads, the global average monthly searches for wooden furniture, a significant part of this category in the past year, was 110,000, while woven baskets recorded 33100. This reflects a thriving market that sellers can tap into.


The home accessory market in 2024 presents lucrative business opportunities across various categories, from sustainable decor to smart home devices. However, staying ahead of market trends is crucial for businesses to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

By strategically diversifying their inventories to align with different trends, such as eco-friendly products, minimalist designs, vibrant colors, smart technology, Art Deco pieces, geometric patterns, and natural materials, sellers can position themselves for long-term success in this competitive market.

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