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Why Mattress Toppers Stand to Be Profitable in 2024

Memory foam topper on double bed

All around the world, consumers are gradually becoming more aware of the importance of sleep and are spending more on technologies that can benefit them and their health. Despite this growing interest in self-care, the range of sleep products can be daunting to your average user and retailer. In this article, we look to provide retailers with a deeper understanding of mattress toppers so that they introduce their advantages to prospective customers and can stock up accordingly.

Table of Contents
Overview of the mattress topper global markets
Choosing the right mattress toppers for your customers
Finalizing mattress topper purchases

The global market for mattress toppers

Natural white latex mattress topper on double bed

Transparency Market Research valued the mattress topper market at USD 918,6 million in 2022 and projected that it will achieve a compound annual growth rate of 7.2% to reach USD 1.7 billion by 2031.

In addition, Google Ads keyword searches for mattress toppers averaged 368,000 in December 2022, climbing to 450,000 in November 2023 – a 22.28% rise.

Factors driving sales in this market include:

  • A growing interest in sleep quality
  • Market demand for eco-friendly sleep products
  • Increasingly sophisticated mattress cooling technologies
  • Improved customization
  • Increased access to e-commerce

The biggest driver of mattress topper sales is the search for better sleep among consumers. As well as offering additional comfort, customization of fabric, softness, support, cooling, and moisture-wicking properties means that buyers can get exactly what they want from their mattress topper.

Most customers want a mattress topper that adds comfort, support, or both. It’s important to note that toppers vary from protectors and pads in that they are primarily designed to add support to a bed for an improved sleep experience.

When choosing mattress toppers to source, it is essential to understand their features and benefits. For example, some toppers provide more cooling properties, while others, like feather toppers, may aggravate allergies in sensitive customers.

Memory foam mattress toppers

Lilac-colored cooling gel memory foam mattress topper

Customers search for memory foam toppers more than any other. This product provides sturdy support and a cooling effect when combined with gel and aerating technologies.

Memory foam toppers give users an excellent sleep experience by conforming to their body shape and evenly distributing their weight. By doing so, toppers offer pressure relief, increasing comfort for side and back sleepers alike.

Google Ads keyword searches for memory foam toppers are far higher than any varieties of mattress topper. For example, keyword searches in November 2023 stood at 90,500 per month, demonstrating high interest in this product.

Latex mattress toppers

Blue quilted pressure release latex mattress topper

Customers with allergies or similar sensitivities may want to choose latex mattress toppers for improved sleep, unless of course they are allergic to latex.

Keyword searches for this product averaged 12,100 in November 2023. Retailers may want to inform their customers about the benefits of latex to increase interest in this product.

Wool mattress toppers

Thick luxurious polyester wool blend mattress topper

Although less common than the aforementioned toppers on this list, wool toppers are sought out for ttheir temperature-regulating benefits, blending the natural warmth and cooling properties of sheep’s wool with breathability and support.

Perhaps because they are difficult to find or more expensive than their counterparts, keyword searches for this product averaged only 6,600 monthly in November 2023. Still, they provide niche market opportunities for retailers interested in expanding their customer reach.

Feather mattress toppers

Goose feather and down mattress topper

Feather mattress toppers, like other feather and down sleep products, are exceptionally soft and comfortable. This product type also has temperature-regulating properties, promoting a cooler or warmer sleep experience, depending on the season.

However, feather toppers require regular plumping to maintain support and comfort levels.

Feather toppers received 810 searches in November 2023, but 6,600 in October 2023, which may reflect heightened seasonal interest.

Cotton mattress toppers

Breathable quilted cotton blend mattress topper

Cotton toppers are often blended with polyester to make affordable mattress toppers. And while affordable, these toppers offer less support and comfort over time, potentially leading to additional purchases or upgrades over time.

Average searches for cotton mattresses stood at 1,600 in November 2023, while searches for polyester toppers were fewer than 200 in the same month.

In contrast, the average search rate for organic mattress toppers for the same month was 2,400. These figures present alternative stocking and marketing possibilities for retailers.

Additional value

Blue and white gel memory foam mattress topper on bed

Retailers should also look to provide warranties and guarantees with their mattress toppers. Additionally, retailers should choose products that have third-party certifications.

Finally, in terms of quality testing, the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology (OEKO-Tex) offers chemical testing, while CertiPUR-US provides accreditation for foam products. Both organizations are trusted for their quality and safety standards, ensuring products with these certificates deliver extra value.

Finalizing mattress topper purchases

Thick solid blue gel-infused memory foam mattress topper

Mattress toppers fit on top of the customer’s preexisting mattress, helping to give them an added boost of life. This can save customers from buying new mattresses, and also increase comfort and support on softer or older mattresses.

Researching topper materials, as well as market trends at any given time, and their benefits will help consumers make an informed decision as to which topper is right for them.

Moreover, customers want sustainable, comfortable sleep products to increase boost their feeling of self-care. When choosing a new product, consumers are likely to weigh up convenience, different cooling technologies, customization, and price.

If you’re in the market for the latest mattress topper technology, head to the dedicated Alibaba.com showroom, with thousands of products that can help enhance your inventory and improve your offerings.

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