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Window Screen Sales Are on the Rise—Get Involved

Motorized, water- and wind-proof, UV-blocking PVC roller screens

Window screens are not just for keeping insects outdoors where they belong. Although a major driver in this market, other interests are at play. For example, innovations mean insect or bug screens have become aesthetically pleasing. Consequently, these changes have successfully transformed a practical product into something that increases its value dramatically.

Now, indoor residential living has become elevated, as have commercial locations. Join us in discovering the evolution of the humble window screen and how positive international market growth makes these products worthy of closer examination from a retail perspective.

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Bug screen market value
What to consider to buying window screens
Embracing the window screen market

Bug screen market value

Pleated fiberglass mesh fabric in sliding screen door

Research showed the window screen market’s value was USD 1.06 billion in 2023. Additionally, the projected value indicates that this value will be USD 3.0 billion by 2032, should a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.5% be in place as anticipated.

Keyword selection value

Aluminum and fiberglass roll-up window screen

Retailers should consider the keywords they use to promote these products because consumers search for specific products based on these words. Although many keywords describe the same or similar products, those with higher search volumes tend to be more successful in directing consumers to the site that uses them.

For instance, “window screens” peaked at 135,000 searches in June. Searches then decreased to 110,000 in July, staying there until October before declining to 74,000 in December 2023.

In contrast, “mosquito nets for windows” peaked at 90,500 searches in June, settling on an average of 60,500 between July and December 2023. Similar searches for “insect screens,” “bug screens,” and “fly screens” elicited the same or worse volumes.

What this data indicates is that “window screens” searches generate the highest volumes for the same products. This data also shows that consumers look for these products more frequently between June and October, indicating a largely seasonal demand.

Factors behind consumer demand

New polyester mosquito door curtain

Both residential and commercial sectors are behind the increasing sales of insect screens due to health and aesthetics. Consequently, both groups are buying insect screens due to the continuing threat of mosquito-borne diseases in many developed and developing economies.

The World Mosquito Program indicates countries where malaria and other mosquito diseases are a concern, pointing retailers to potential markets for mosquito screens. Besides popular DIY options for bug screens, consumers are driving professional installations in this market, offering retailers multiple sales channel possibilities.

However, health concerns are not the only ones behind market growth. Expanding urbanization and construction are encouraging large-scale purchases, with the hospitality sector enhancing the quality of their services with these screens. Further, residential consumers are discovering the practical and aesthetic advantages of insect screens and using this knowledge to upscale their lifestyles.

What to consider when buying window screens

PVC frame with magnetic feature and mosquito mesh

Before exploring the Alibaba.com website, it is important to appreciate how the insect screen industry has evolved. The following features offer exceptional insights into these products, their types, materials, and applications, providing retailers with further information to fuel their purchase decisions.

Insect screen types

Magnetic insect screens

Magnetic bug screens require a DIY or professional installation of magnetic tape on the wooden frame to which the mesh is attached. Customers can buy ready-cut magnetic screens for standard windows or ask suppliers for custom window screens. Magnetic screens and curtains are the most popular, as they are cost-effective and straightforward to install.

Roll-up and retractable screens

Motorized wind and sun-proof retractable patio screen

Pull-down or roll-up screens store the mesh inside a housing or cassette. This hardware is fitted inside the top of the window or door frame and has a pull-down cord, a weighted bar, or another grip to pull up or down against the tension spring mechanism. Alternatively, a manual or automated retractable patio screen roll installation with a vertical opening and closing mechanism is possible. Designs even include sliding screen doors on rails with corner locks. Whichever types are purchased, light and air still enter the mesh.

Pleated insect screens

Instead of a rolling mesh function, the fly mesh is a pleated fabric, so it easily folds back on itself when not in use. Because there is no spring-loaded mechanism, pleated fly screens are simple for older adults or children to manage.

Hard screens

Hard security stainless steel mesh on a sliding door

Hard screens are extra frames installed over windows or door frames. They are typically attached to the window or door frame. Alternatively, they may be hinged or retractable products.

Mesh weaves and colors

Fiberglass mesh in white, black, and gray colors

Different mesh weaves are manufactured, giving customers multiple choices to merge window screens with their existing décor environments. These mesh weave styles cater to standard, midge, pollen, and pet demands, each designed to prevent the entry of small and large things and tough enough to resist pet damage.

Besides mesh weaves, hole sizes, and materials, the product colors are produced to blend with multiple environments. Therefore, customers can order screen mesh in black, gray, green, and other colors.

Screen material

Stainless steel window and door screens increase security

Window screen materials are diverse and include polyester, stainless steel, aluminum, and PVC-coated fiberglass.

Polyester insect screens often have water and dust-repellent treatments, ensuring convenient maintenance and durability.

Stainless steel window screens are the go-to material in areas where extra security is needed or bushfires are a hazard because they are strong and durable. But this metal is more expensive than other window screens.

Aluminum bug screens are an excellent option in areas where the weather is harsh. However, because this metal dents easily, suppliers overcome this problem by using high-quality, heavy-duty aluminum.

PVC-coated fiberglass looks like a nylon mesh and is the most popular product when making screens. Coated fiberglass is easy to maintain as it doesn’t stain or rust but can stretch and tear easier than other materials over the years.


Besides waterproofing and dust-proofing materials, solar window screen treatments are another option. Solar screens are UV-resistant, protecting home contents while offering cooling effects. Other features are fire resistance, recyclability, antibacterial, and lead-free products.


Window screens are popular in many markets, including households and the commercial sector, such as hospitality, agriculture, and industry. Homeowners and hospitality use window screens on entry doors and open windows for protection against insects, the weather, and aesthetic reasons. Popular applications include porches, pergolas, and verandahs. Agricultural and industrial companies use screens wherever they need shade and protection from harsh weather, insects, and anything else that can damage their assets.

Embracing the window screen market

Roll-up mesh in aluminum window frames

Not only do window and door screens look good, but they also include an essential practical component of protecting assets like property and possessions. Because these products are so valuable, manufacturers have invested in creating window screens suited for multiple markets and applications.

The results are innovative and attractive, encouraging existing and aspiring retailers to enter this market. Due to the inherent value of this sector, we urge global retailers to explore product options in the Alibaba.com showroom. After doing so, they may realize how they can deliver new value to their customers at competitive prices.

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