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Winning New Business in 2022


With interest rates still low and banks holding an abundance of deposits, many are planning to put that cash to work through commercial and industrial loans in 2022. A focus on new business in this environment means bankers are having to find new clients, book more meetings, and close a high volume of deals.

Being curious about a prospect’s business and asking relevant questions will be key as competition for new business rises. Mark Trinkle, Chief Growth Officer at Anthony Cole Training, recently wrote that “great salespeople tend to be naturally and intellectually curious in their conversations with prospects… In their pre-call plan, they create questions that are tailored for resonance.”

Asking more questions allows the banker to both show they have a genuine interest in the challenges their customer’s business is facing, as well as uncover pain points that can help identify the need for certain banking product and services.

How can industry intelligence help bankers be more curious and resonate with clients?

  • Identify client industries that are concentrated in a particular market, are capital intensive, low risk, or have high levels of technology change
  • Book client meetings by crafting industry-specific pitches and marketing – what’s keeping an operator in a certain industry awake at night?
  • Have more meaningful conversations with clients by understanding their industry’s strengths and weaknesses

For more insights, read the full blog post from Anthony Cole Training here: The Four C’s of Great Salespeople: Part 1

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