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Women’s Swimwear: Upcoming Color Trends To Follow


In S/S 22, the color will be an effective tool for upgrading reliable designs, with must-have trends including natural neutrals, revived blues, and energizing brights.

This article will assist you in determining the ideal colors for women’s swimwear to present to the market to grow your business. Let’s get started.

Table of Contents
Swimwear essentials to incorporate
Colors trending in spring/summer 22
Utilizing spring/summer colors 

Swimwear essentials to incorporate

The color palette for S/S 22 swimwear is heavily influenced by health. Colors that are grounded in nature but have a contemporary edge will lift spirits and stimulate joy, while calmer colors will provide a grounded and soothing feeling. As the need for timeless and versatile swim garments rises, colors are trans-seasonal and comfy.

Women's swimwear colors
  1. Stick to what you know and design for the long haul: 30% of the colors from the previous season have been carried over, with a focus on durability. This will become more crucial than ever as the goal of building a circular economy is being approached. Use hero palettes to update classic silhouettes for the new season.
  2. Look for warm tones: choose colors that flatter a wide range of skin tones and complement different seasonal phases, giving you peace of mind when investing for the long haul.
  3. Resurrect classic techniques: choose timeless favorites like blue, pink, and earth tones that are versatile and comfortable for customers. Slight changes to these colors will refresh palettes for S/S 22.
  4. Use natural dyeing techniques: these will be essential for protection and looking beyond the beach. Mineral, vegetable, and botanical dyes work well to generate pastel and earthy colors. DyeCoo, for example, uses 100% water-free dyeing procedures, which are being investigated further for more sustainable innovations.

Colors trending in spring/summer 22

Shades for swimwear

With a two-part palette, S/S 22 will place more emphasis on fitness.

Enhanced nature

Enhanced nature palette

Enhanced nature is a collection of mood-lifting brights inspired by nature but with a modern twist to attract internet consumers.

Everyday pleasure

Everyday pleasure palette

Everyday pleasure is characterized by calmer, more nourishing, and earthy colors that are adaptable enough to function through the years and into womenswear collections.

Swimwear color essentials

Following the increased demand for trans-seasonal swimwear, the core color edit emphasizes rich, warming tones that will function over the summer, making it excellent for moving into A/W.

Natural and undyed textiles are on-trend for cover-ups, with black and French Navy remaining classics and unbleached replacing dazzling white.

Utilizing spring/summer colors 

Floral shades that evoke the freshness of spring

Floral tones evoke the fragrance of spring and new beginnings. With purple haze widespread in the previous season, purple became the new Millennial Pink for A/W. Floral purples characterized by simple joy, rebirth, and gentler colors that seem more anchored and signify recent seasons are the focus of S/S 22.

Woman on purple swimwear

To boost your customer’s collections, utilize creative combinations. These colors will look great in flowery garden designs or sophisticated color-blocking on both swimwear and airy summer cover-ups, and they’ll fit right in with womenswear collections.

Fresh blue with a contrast of yellow and pink

Blue gets a fresh lease on life by absorbing new-season hues. Blues are a swimwear classic, and for S/S 22, they’ve been refreshed with new season colors with a digital edge, evoking solid and fascinating worlds. Blues contrast with bubbly pinks and yellows for a cheerful palette.

Woman on blue swimwear laying on the beach

These colors will work well with elevated textiles and vibrant color selections that radiate a carefree and fan-like attitude, making them suitable for young and active markets. Blues are timeless; therefore, these improvements will be widespread for a long time.

Aqua and subtle tones for a calm look

Aqua tones and subtle contrast elements breathe new life into traditional designs. Soothing colors correspond to an increasing consumer focus on health and well-being. 

Woman on swimwear of calming therapeutic colors

The calming aquatic tones of clear water and deep ocean feel restful, while the orange highlights are renewing and energizing. 

To elevate products and provide something new, focus on traditional shapes in all-over aqua, adding interest with little bursts of orange via pinstripes, trim accents, or mini logo popups.

Primary colors are a must

The limitations of a trend palette don’t apply to classic main brights. These tones, underpinned by black, off-white, and blue, are striking yet ageless and will last through the seasons.

Woman on swimwear of classic primary bright color

Summer essentials, as well as sports swimwear, are influenced by bright nautical hues. Trending geometric art-inspired expressive designs elevate fun colors to make a statement that goes beyond the beach.

Brighter tones for a brighter look

For S/S 22, juicy brights re-energize both the senses and the look. Colors are based on nature, but having a digital edge will be important in 2022, creating an online and in-store effect. Energize the senses with a juicy pink palette combined with greens for a fresh twist on colorful tropical themes, especially since hyper-pink is popular.

Intense brights or color clashing can be used to refresh dynamic and young designs. Across marketplaces, wild tropical or jungle flowers enliven swimsuits and cover-ups; the bolder, the better for this summer’s narrative.

Shades of warmth

Earth tones and historical crafts inspire warm tones. Warm earth tones offer a timeless appeal and can be used for various purposes outside of the beach, which is something that customers are looking for. These colors will provide a nutritious, warm, and uplifting vitality to collections inspired by antique crafts and desert landscapes.

Woman on swimwear of warm color

Use warm colors for cross-over items that may be included in a more extensive women’s wear line. Try ribs, waffles, or silks in these colors for hero pieces.

Pastels are always trendy

Pastel tones are revitalized with chalky tints for feminine ensembles and separates. This narrative delivers a nostalgic sensation of escape and a contemporary adaptation of a pastel palette. 

Woman on pastel pink swimwear

Soft filtered tones like pink clay and pink amethyst offer a nostalgic appeal that transports you to another era.

These colors will look great on social media, making them suitable for young people’s collections. Use chalky tones for floating cover-ups across all markets and ground off-kilter shapes with these colors.


You should know the colors of swimwear that most women are attracted to improve and build your business even if every woman has a different color preference. You may be confident that your business will thrive if you remember all of the colors presented in this article.

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