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Textile Sourcing for Women: A Detailed Guide on Adding the Right Pieces


The root of every clothing one carries does not lie in just its layout, cuts, and designs only; in fact, the role played by textile sourcing is an essential one. When someone buys from you, they ensure that they are paying a price that is worth it.

Textiles of significant variety flow in and out of the markets, and every season of every year has a specific trend to follow. This detailed guide will focus on the trends that are most likely to be followed in spring/summer 22.

So, if you want to hit your clothing collection amongst your clients, you should follow this guide and bring some seamless pieces to your shelves.

Table of contents:
Key points for textile sourcing
Everyday wear textile sourcing
Formal textile sourcing

Key points for textile sourcing

Textile sourcing is not done right away; you need to draft a plan according to your way of working, what kind of clientele you serve and what is easily available in the market for you. Moreover, you must keep the current trends aligned, so focus on the points suggested below.

  • Make sustainable choices

Most people these days look forward to making the right choices, which are not only in their favor but also in favor of the environment. Hence, choosing sustainable clothing options may be one of the key considerations for your clients.

You must look forward to investing in recyclable materials that are naturally available and don’t lead to environmental damage.

Certain forms of polyester, cotton, and nylon tend to offer many ways in which you can achieve your goal and gain customers.

  • Work with textures

It is observed that the upcoming trend of textile sourcing among people would consider a focus on texture as something crucial. Rather than opting for prints and patterns, people would prefer opting for intricate and delicate textures of the fabrics. 

These choices ensure comfort and, at the same time, offer such a neutral look that one may easily wear on formal as well as casual instances. Hence, due to the diversified layout of such textile choices, these options become your client’s favorites.

  • Eliminate clothing distinctiveness

Try to incorporate clothing options featured with such textile sources that are good for indoors and outdoors. These versatile choices allow people to shop on a limited budget and yet look good with the right piece of clothing. 

People must be capable of wearing the loungewear to a nearby park or a grocery run, so bringing such fabrics into consideration would up your game.

  • Introduce a formal line

Always keep a space for a formal collection based on fabric choices like satin and jacquard so that when your client needs something to grab a dressier look, they will not turn you off.

  • Do not forget about aesthetic prints

Floral patterns, natural themes, and animal prints never leave the trend; some of the other ways make their way to the current trends. So, introducing textiles based on such prints and patterns must also be on your checklist.

Everyday wear textile sourcing

Many clients that would come up to you to purchase clothing choices may ask for an option for everyday wear. Something that they could wear indoors and outdoors for their daily requirements and featuring the right fabric, in this case, is very important. 

Soft and comfortable textiles

Soft to feel and comfortable to wear, these textile choices are always in demand by most clients. So adding this to your aisle with the option of cotton, wool, and linen would always be a great idea. 

You can choose the minimalistic colors for these natural tones and make a lot of choices out of these fabrics. Matching separates, dresses, sweatshirts, loungewear, and jackets could fall under the head of this textile sourcing.

Soft and comfortable textile

Solid poplins

Everyday wear clothing choices would for sure account for poplin. This fabric is one of the finest choices to consider due to its amazing properties. Your client would love it because stains may easily be removed from it, and it is a very light and wrinkle-free fabric choice.

Solid colors like orange, gray, mustard, and rust would always make the look mesmerizing. Choosing this material to create choices that include tops, office wear, and dresses may be a great choice.

Solid poplin

Striped surface

Stripes never go out of trend; when you work on textile sourcing with stripes, you create a choice that will last much longer. The most suitable material for stripes would be linen or cotton, which may be taken either in pure or blended form. 

In the case of the blended form, it is good to mix it up with FSC lyocell, which will add a silky finish to the fabric. These clothing choices include embossed stripes in the trends with lighter tones of blues and whites with a blend of gray.

This look goes well with almost all forms of clothing be it shirts, dresses, suits, or trousers. In fact, stripes on shorts also give a unique look.

Striped surface

Checks on linen

The check provides a look that is always suitable for the workplace environment. So, your customers would always look forward to having this choice. Playing with variations of dark and light blue, brown, and beige tones in creating these checked patterns is always acceptable.

Linen material goes well for workplace wear, and when checks are drafted on it, the look enhances in no time.

Checks on linen

Formal textile sourcing

Equal attention is required to be poured into the formal choices. Hanging out at parties and attending weddings is one of the most important aspects for many individuals. Your client would require a collection in their closet that sorts their formal wear needs.

Do not forget silk and satin

Silk and satin are essential textile resources that are never eliminated. They could be plain in solid bright and dark shades or have some patterns and prints. 

Long dresses, short coats, and jackets may be sourced out of these materials, and the shine and glossy look they possess complete that needed formal look.

Silk and satin

Embroidered sheers

Formal clothing is enriched with the touch of little embroidery as well. People prefer a comfortable, yet sophisticated embroidery look as sheers in different textile sources. 

Choosing the embroidery to be done on recycled polyester, voiles, and silky yarn could bring about a nicer life for them. It is commonly used for creating perfect tops, dresses, and even lighter coats to give a finished overall look for formal wear.

Embroidered sheers

Patterned jacquard

Formal clothing choices are incomplete until and unless jacquard comes in. So, you will also be getting numerous requests on stocking jacquard textile, a popular formal option to dress up in.

The current trends will feature jacquards having embossed patterns and lines that enhance these materials’ soft, silky, and shiny look. They go well with creating dresses, matching separates, and formal tops.

Patterned jacquard

Hammering to crinkles

Crepe yarn and cotton fabrics may give a touch of hammered crinkles to make the best-looking outfits of the year. This amounts to bringing a look and style that is sufficient. Introducing these textile sources would eliminate the need to get any cuts or patterns to the clothing.

These may be created with pastel hues as the crinkled patterns would outshine the look in a commendable way. Long dresses, jackets, and separates may be drafted out of it.

Hammering to crinkles


This guide features all the keen details that teach the basics of textile sourcing for spring/summer 22. Every fabric and style has its significance, so they will strike and attract clients too.

Adding these to your consideration to create your collection for this season could bring many customers to your business year.

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