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Youth Fashion Essentials That Will Boost Your Sales in 2022


This article will show the top youth essentials that brands should offer this 2022 to maximize sales. Keep reading to learn everything about the latest trends gaining popularity among teenage girls and teenage boys, and what items will make customers fall in love with a brand’s product catalog.

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1 What are young people looking for this 2022
2 Youth essentials you should be offering this year
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What are young people looking for this 2022 

An easy way to ensure profit as a youth fashion brand for teens is to offer a wide range of essential clothes to customers to choose from. Essential items and wardrobe staples are an easy and secure way to boost sales as these constitute the basic clothing any customer will need to buy.

However, these essentials are strongly influenced by social media, as that’s where young people get their inspiration from. Therefore, businesses must stay up to date with what’s trending on the Internet, especially on TikTok, which has become one of the largest factors that drive sales and customer behavior.

Youth essentials you should be offering this year 

The trends driving TikTok, and hence, youth fashion this 2022 can be grouped in four main categories: pop-punk, laid-back utility, noughties nostalgia, and prints and graphics. Here, you’ll get a full insight into all these styles, key items, and influences. According to WGSN, here are the youth fashion trends’ predictions for 2022.

Pop-punk is back!

Pop-punk has come back to life thanks to the influence of popular TikTok content creators and K-pop bands such as BTS. Statement hardware and jewelry, black layering, boots and chunky shoes, denim, graphic items, and grunge touches are common elements of this trend. This style is built around daring tops and saturated bottoms with eye-catching color combinations. Just like in the 90s, patterns can range from small and cropped to oversize. The key is to keep a good balance with adding contrast between pieces (although anything is allowed in Pop-Punk!).

Key items

Statement hardware such as chunky chains and rings is a pop-punk essential. However, the staple item of this trend is, with no doubt, denim. Ripped denim jackets and pairs of jeans with patched embroidery can be considered the most representative clothing in the pop-punk trend. So place it at the top of your must-sell list. Don’t doubt to include black and combine it with neo and bright colors, bold cuts, and cottons.

Pop-punk denim jacket over a white T-shirt

Laid-back utility, comfy and casual 

This minimalist trend has been strongly inspired by the capsule wardrobe concept: timeless and high-quality casual clothing that can be easily combined and worn on any occasion while providing comfort. Nautic and natural tones, cotton and wool, and minimal designs with no unnecessary accessories define this trend. Japanese clothing store Zabou has also helped to popularize this style thanks to its strong presence on Instagram. Laid-back utility outfits focus on simple cuts and basic patterns with colors that could easily melt with the scenery. This trend is characterized by no prints and no extra additions. 

Key items

Basic T-shirts and shorts, mock-neck, and turtle-neck sweaters in solid and neutral colors are some of the most popular laid-back utility clothing as the key is to wear comfy items that can be combined and mixed to create the right outfit for every occasion with little thinking. If you want to include this trend in your catalog, avoid complex patterns such as graphics and prints and flashy and strong tones like neon colors. Stick to plain designs, squared, and striped patterns with neutral  and earthy tones (whites, browns, grays, and blues). Regarding fabrics, cotton and high-quality wool will be highly appreciated among your customers.

Laid-back utility turtle-neck sweater


Under the hashtag #Noughtiesnostalgia, this trend has brought the 2000s style back to the streets and the Internet thanks to the interest of women and young people in the 1990s and early 2000s pop music. Bright colors and jazzy patterns, loungewear, and lowrise denim are some of the most characteristic items of this trend. Followers of this trend look for patterns that prime comfort over aesthetic but still play mixing colors and prints (cheetah and zebra prints, fuchsia and yellow) and the combination of wide and tight tops and bottoms.

Key items

Businesses that want to make some good profit out of this trend should consider investing in tops in different sizes as well as tank tops, and other pieces with patterned designs in different colors. Animal, psychedelic and big flower prints are the way to go. Also, forget about skinny jeans and start investing in different types of wide pants and jeans, just like in the 1990s! Denims and cottons are a safe fabric combination for an outfit catalog.

#Noughtiesnostalgia zebra-striped blouse

Prints and graphics will never really go off 

Teens are finally leaving their homes and with that comes joy and color. Prints and graphics are here to help young people express all their feelings. Floral, graphic, and bright patterns with different influences such as plants and nature, vintage interiors, and even pop-punk build the foundations of this trend. Including tropical tops that remind us of summer days

by the sea in both oversize and tight, sexy pieces in the spring/summer catalog is a sure way to attract young customers!

Key items

Shirts, blouses, and skirts are quite popular in this style. However, floral dresses are its most representative item. So don’t be afraid to add different floral and bright-colored dresses and other options to your collection. Go for bright pinks, yellows and greens as well as tropical tones in cotton pieces with different cuts (from clean and simple to bold and wild). 

Woman wearing a prints and graphics dress

To Sum Up

To sum up, 2022’s youth essentials will mainly focus on bright and nostalgic styles as well as nature-inspired designs and minimalistic clothing. Focus your offer on those directions and keep track of what’s going on on social media to stay at the top of youth fashion this year.

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