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“New Prep” Items for Your Fashion Brand To Sell This Year


Inspired by unisex and school-friendly styles, new prep, or modern preppy style, is here to carry on the legacy of prep school and preppy fashion this 2022. Check out this article to learn everything you must know about new prep and how to incorporate it successfully into a fashion brand to boost sales this year.

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Why should you care about new prep?
These are the new prep trends for 2022
Summary of what you need to know

Why should you care about new prep?

The preppy look is a trend that will simply not die. In fact, it’s among fashion’s biggest trends of this year. Its strong inspiration on the quintessential ivy-league style and its presence in big-name designers such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger as well as in mainstream media make it impossible to take them off the 2022 fashion runways. On top of that, preppy-style blazers, sweaters, and pants allow teens to wear casual clothes while maintaining that 90s vintage look that has been gaining popularity in the last few years.

Therefore, businesses that want to keep sales up this year should definitely incorporate new prep clothing into their catalog.

These are the new prep trends for 2022

To help brands stay on top, this article gathers the top must-sell according to WGSN’s trend predictions. Also, it includes some great inspiration ideas to help businesses form a clear image of what’s trendy in new prep fashion. Keep on reading and don’t miss out on anything!

Capsule wardrobes stay on trend

Minimalist and capsule wardrobe concepts are blended together in the Pared-Back style: a combination of flexible, multi-seasonal essentials, high-quality knit-wear, and easy-to-wear colors.

The foundation of this timeless look stems from the simplicity of comfy items that can be worn anytime. Brands like Gant and Nohant have contributed to the spread of Pared-Back clothing. The Pared-Back style brings us laid-back, casual, sporty school vibes. With striped and squared patterns, these pieces can be worn either to school or to hang out with friends.

Key items

Plain and wide-striped designs are a key part of this trend. Include them on pieces like rugby shirts and sweaters as teenage girls will love them. Don’t stick just to wear knit-wear, but also cottons in neutral tones such as navy blue, dark reds, and white tones. The key here is simplicity, so avoid complex design patterns and items that combine more than two colors.

woman wearing a rugby top

Clubhouse will boost your sales

Classics are modernized in the Clubhouse Cool style. Collegiate items are remade with bold colors, clean cuts, and heritage prints aiming to appeal to young women. Brands like Pringle of Scotland, Antonio Marras, and Staud are revisiting the classics with rugby tops, college stripes, and preppy’s classic colors, now with a touch of brights (light blues, yellows, whites, and oranges. This style is a fusion of the vintage preppy look with a more modern street style look. Incorporate this trend in your clothing catalog for a cool and vintage look. You surely won’t regret it.

Key items

Include Clubhouse Cool touches to your sportswear women’s collection and in your street style clothing (dresses, pants, blazers, and skirts) as an easy way to attract the attention of your younger customers. Cotton pieces with simple cuts, combining black or white with another bold color to add contrast are at the core of the Clubhouse Cool style.

woman wearing color-blocking sportswear

Bold Rugby, a top male trend

The retro and casual look of Bold Rugby jackets and sweaters adds a youthful twist with combinations of dark tones and bright colors. Male’s knitwear this year will be full of seasonal colors like dark-hued burgundy and dark greens and impactful clashes like mustard yellow. Patterns and designs are quite similar to Pared-Back pieces, school-like patterns in polos and tops.

This trend is recommended to businesses that want to appeal to casual but trendy teenage boys looking for clothes that are colorful yet easy to combine.

Key items

Knitwear and sweaters with striped patterns are the key focus of this trend, so make sure to incorporate them into your collection! Both teenagers and young men will be interested in adding them to their preppy outfits. Basic and earthy colors such as dark reds and greens, mustard yellows and navy blues work perfectly in this type of collection. High-quality cottons will be amongst the most popular.

rugby top

Dark or light? The answer is Punk Academia 

Dark and light academia is stepping aside to let Punk Academia take all the spotlight. The revival of pop-punk fashion has reached the preppy style as young people’s need to express their most rebellious side is stronger than ever. This bizarre combination of the dark vintage look with the crazy and fun touches of the 90s’ punk incorporates bold cuts and saturated patterns in tops and loaded bottoms in wide pants and patterned leggings with lots of hardware like waist chains. 

TikTok stars Bella Poarch and Olivia Rodrigo are some of the biggest influencers bringing this trend to teen girl’s screens and, thus, to the streets. So don’t doubt about bringing it into your store too if you want to ensure good profit this year.

Key items

Include pleated skirts, crop tops, and wide-leg trousers with a dark touch and transparent touches. This will sell especially well among those teenagers and young women who want to join the Punk Academia wagon without having to give up on cute outfits. Choose color combinations that include black and designs with fun and cute touches like laces, metal details, and even chains.

woman wearing a crop-top

Summary of what you need to know

To sum up, if you want to make the most out of the new prep fashion, you should definitely include Pared-Back and Bold Rugby’s tops, Clubhouse Cool’s vintage collegiate remakes, and Punk Academia’s dark moods to your 2022 yearly collection. So don’t hesitate and let the new prep wave reach your shoes, shirts, jackets, dresses, and everything in your catalog. Teens, girls, and boys will fall in love with your brand!

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