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2 Piece Tracksuit Set Trends You Need To Know in 2024

A man wearing a black and yellow striped two piece tracksuit

A two piece tracksuit set is an everyday staple in many wardrobes. With the increase in innovation to blend athleisure and fashion, the demand for tracksuits is increasing.

Tracksuits have been part of the apparel industry, with the sport industry driving the sales. However, the fashion and luxury industry revolutionized the industry to create more fashion-forward tracksuit pieces. The move opened a new market for young people.

This article will delve into the top 2024 trends for tracksuit sets, the global market for tracksuits, and how retailers can leverage these trends for better profits this year.

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● The global market for tracksuit sets
● 2 piece tracksuit sets to know in 2024
● Conclusion

The global market for tracksuit sets

A woman wearing a two piece tracksuit

In 2023, the global tracksuit market was valued at USD 9378.1 million. According to Maximize market research, the tracksuit market is expected to grow to USD 15968.53 million by 2030, and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the forecast period of 2024 to 2030 will be 7.9%.

There are various reasons for the increase in the market share of tracksuit sets globally. The first is the increase in participation in sports activities. Tracksuits are primarily applicable in the sporting industry and are suitable for joggers, sports people, and runners.

A significant increase in participation in sports and fitness activities has changed consumers’ comprehensive approach to sport-related products and fitness. Many people prefer living a healthier lifestyle.

Another factor is the tracksuit culture trend shift towards fashion. Some trends include belly chains, upside-down bikinis, and sporty gym shorts. Tracksuits offer comfort and a fashion statement in any wardrobe. The fashion industry has created an innovative product that will drive market growth.

Moreover, there has been an increase in spending among the younger population. More people are spending on luxury goods, which influences the revenue of tracksuits. Athleisure wear is a famous trend that combines fashion-forward with athletic styles.

2 piece tracksuit sets to know in 2024

1.   Plush tracksuits

A woman wearing a pink plush tracksuit set

Plush is a common material used to manufacture tracksuits. It has a soft and fluffy texture, which imitates the fur surface. It has a pile height of 4 – 18mm. Manufacturers require synthetic fibers, such as polyester, to make plush fabric.

Plush fabric is a classic style for tracksuits. It is a fashionable, simple, and functional tracksuit set. Any plush tracksuit has a faux suede finish. That is, it is suitable for athleisure wear. In addition, people can move comfortably in the tracksuit without making the loud “swish swish” sound of nylon tracksuits.

Plush tracksuits may offer less in terms of performance, however, as they are not wind or water-resistant. The main features of the plush tracksuit are its slight stretch and loose fit, which makes it ideal for rest days, leisure morning walks, or light exercise.

2.   Tech fleece tracksuits

A man wearing a tracksuit

The tech fleece material is innovative, with two layers of cotton jersey and plush foam sandwiched in between. It can also be a blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex. The blended fabric provides a thermal, soft, streamlined, and lightweight fabric. Polyester makes up the most of the fabric compared to cotton and spandex.

Tech fleece tracksuits revolutionized streetwear as an all-season appropriate, comfortable, style essential boosting performance—which is why it has remained relevant for over a decade. Additionally, the tracksuit has a good stretch that accelerates the comfort and fit level, while fabric provides a soft and warm touch.

3.   Velour tracksuits

A woman in a purple velour tracksuit

Velour fabric is a plush or knitted material similar to velveteen or velvet. It comprises cotton fabric or synthetic material such as polyester. Additionally, it can contain a percentage of elastane that provides comfort and durability.

Velour is a cut-pile knit material with a signature soft texture on the surface called a ‘pile’. Many tracksuit velour sets have a combination of cotton, polyester, and elastane fabric in them.

Velour tracksuits have been on the market for a long time. They have a signature look of hot pink and a butt-bedazzled with juicy. However, recently, there has been a revolution with them. Many companies have made a velour tracksuit into fashionable, super baggy, and oversized streetwear.

Velour tracksuits have an oversized hoodie and loose-fit sweatpants. They are unisex. The tracksuits are minimalist and work well together or apart, making them a versatile wardrobe piece. The cotton blend makes the tracksuits breathable, allowing people to move comfortably and prevent overheating.

The velour tracksuit is applicable for warmups and a cozy rest day.

4.   French terry tracksuits

two people wearing a cream and light green French terry tracksuit

French terry is a knit fabric made by interconnecting loops of yarns. It produces soft piles and a looped texture. French terry is a stretchy active fabric and a popular material choice for loungewear and activewear. The fabric has a unique texture and reduces fraying.

The smooth outside surface and the sift loops on the inside create a warm texture that keeps people comfy while wearing their sweatshirts, athleisure joggers and loungewear. Most of these tracksuits usually have a simple crew-cut shape and oversized pants. Additionally, the pants have a thick elastic waistband that is a soft and comfortable waistband against the skin.

French terry fabric for tracksuits is super heavy and has a clean line with a relaxed cut that makes it suitable for running errands and resting days.

5.   Polyester tracksuits

A man in a blue and white polyester tracksuit holding a hula hoop

Polyester is a synthetic fabric manufactured from polyester fibers. When creating fabric, there must be a chemical reaction between petroleum, water, coal, and air. Polyester is a form of plastic produced in fiber or sheet form. Additionally, polyester fabric can blend with other synthetic or natural fibers to improve its properties.

A polyester tracksuit is suitable for high-movement sports. It is athletically inclined because of its breathability, durability, and moisture wicking. Polyester is a non-stretchable fabric, and it is more likely to hold its original shape even after full extension.

Many polyester fabrics are streamlined and tight enough. They have a drawstring along the waistline that helps snug the body.


For retailers to have a competitive advantage, they must always understand the key trends, and this is as true as ever when it comes to two piece tracksuit sets.

Some of the options they should look out for include velour, French terry, polyester, plush, and tech fleece tracksuits. Stocking up on every tracksuit trend set ensures retailers are on top of their game and are well placed to boost their revenue in the year ahead.

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