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5 Full-spectrum Activewear Trends for Spring/Summer 2023


The full spectrum brings life to contrasting elements combined excitingly and spontaneously. This trend adopts an almost-anything-goes approach that heralds diversity and divergences into the fashion world.

Sporty designs provide more frivolous and joyful styles, while outdoor items combine fashion with high functionality. The full spectrum also accommodates transhuman and digital aesthetics favored in the physical world. Consumers will be hungry for pieces and experiences that provide extravagance, and it’s up to businesses to offer them in unfiltered and full-spectrum forms.

Explore five full-spectrum active trends consumers are demanding in Summer/Spring 2023.

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Summary of the global activewear clothing market
5 full-spectrum color activewear designs for S/S 2023
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Summary of the global activewear clothing market

Reports expect the global activewear market to grow from US $421.2 billion in 2022 to US $779.9 billion in 2032 while registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4% over the forecast period. Previous statistics show the industry expanded at a faster rate of 4.5% from 2017 to 2021, accumulating US $390 billion in 2021.

The increasing amount of consumers adopting active lifestyles and wearing activewear outside the gym positively influence this market’s growth. Cotton-based activewear receives the most demand, especially during summer, due to its quick-dry and irritation-prevention properties.

North America currently dominates the activewear market, and experts predict the region will maintain its position over the forecast period. They also expect Asia-Pacific to register the fastest CAGR from 2022 to 2032. The European industry won’t lag as the increased participation in interest in sports events will fuel demand for activewear clothing.

5 full-spectrum color activewear designs for S/S 2023

Sensorial metaverse

Woman striking a meditation pose while wearing trendy activewear

Take holistic wellness to a new level with the sensorial metaverse. This trend takes the forefront as sensory-based therapies and technology combine. For instance, the Biohacking Orb is an ergonomic chamber with designs that enhance brain performance and physical recovery. But that’s not all. 

This technological approach to sensory-based therapies also enhances immunity and sleep, with sessions lasting for minutes, hours, and even days.

Interestingly, consumers can control this innovation through an app, and the therapies involve aromatherapy, sound, and chemotherapy. The fashion world can borrow this “biohacking” philosophy by incorporating it into textiles via wellness-enhancing, lymph-massaging, and vitamin-infusing techniques.

Woman in all-black outfit while sitting on a yoga mat

Focus on engineered hybrids with targeted compression, breathability, and support. In addition, prints and graphics under this theme create abstract impressions by merging technologies and nature to make designs like aura photographs. Sensorial metaverse trends are ideal for yoga, training, wellness, and lounge activities.

Empowered expression

Woman on roller skates in a shirt and jeans

New sports are gaining more attention this season because they offer something different from the mainstream. Consumers want to feel different this season as they gravitate toward regional or personal heritage, allowing empowered expression trends to gain momentum.

In truth, the shifting focus toward influence and information decentralization helps to accelerate this trend. Empowered expression encourages businesses to stray away from the rules and embrace experimentation. For instance, Naomi Glasses’s skateboard outfit receives influence from her Navajo roots.

In addition, Japan’s Rizumu Kasai enjoys sumo wrestling in her high school and she rocks a zebra-print leotard for such events. These are perfect examples of fashionistas throwing away the rule book and trying more unconventional styles.

Woman wearing a colorful shirt and shorts

Retailers can consider investing in items with inspirational designs like positive slogans. Such styles encourage the average amateur and community to prioritize uplifting empowerment over personal favorites. Empowered expression garments are perfect for all-day activewear, training, and skating.

Maximalist outdoors

Woman smiling while wearing a black long-sleeved crop top

Functionality doesn’t have to be boring, and this trend proves it. The maximalist outdoors approach inserts a joyful, celebratory stance into functional outdoor clothing. Interestingly, this style inspires fun while outdoors and creates practical looks that double down as festival wear.

The “Maximalist outdoors” print and patterns actively merge individuality and flair into practical outdoor staples. Draw inspiration from creative collabs that offer new dimensions and perspectives—such as the Gucci and The North Face collaboration. In addition, sellers can enhance the theme’s impact by pairing collisional colors.

Woman looking sideways while rocking an orange outfit

Capitalize on outdoor pieces taking inspiration from streetwear and creating looser fits that consumers can layer effortlessly. These items should have readily available and easy-to-access pockets for more appeal. Also, these added details should have waterproof qualities capable of carrying provisions and tech without risk. Maximalist outdoors is relevant for streetwear, all-day activewear, and festival activities.

Soft futurism

Man running in a blue tank top and black shorts

Soft futurism imagines a sci-fi future with fluid and mercurial designs. This style influences the shapes, materials, and graphics that define the trend. Businesses can adopt this approach by avoiding items with high shine and embracing those with modern transformative sheens—like filament yarns or through weave techniques.

Achieve texture play and added colors by opting for products with translucent layers. Soft futurism empowers hues like invigorating pastels and seasonal hues to make perfect active outfits.

Woman running while wearing a pink tank top

Retailers interested in training gear must ensure they capitalize on form-fitting styles over loose-fitting designs. They should also have ergonomic seams and high necklines. In addition, outer layers and tracksuits offer asymmetric and fluid vibes perfect for soft futurism directional looks. These styles make fantastic training, cycling, running, all-day-active, and tennis outfits.


Lady wearing a graphic tee while holding a phone

Kidult abandons “grown-up” worries and encourages joyous, nostalgic styles through activewear for social summer sports. Retro silhouettes and details from the 80s and 70s play a prominent role in this theme.

Sellers can tap into this joyous aesthetic by experimenting with oversized proportions, like chunky baseball jackets and shell suit tops. Invest in Kidult shorts to provide consumers with carefree vibes. In addition, consider womenswear items with ruffles and layering.

Woman wearing a colorful plaid jacket over a white tee

Color is a significant aspect of Kidult themes as items must carry “happy vibes.” Interestingly, retailers can stock up on fashion pieces with asymmetric color-blocking and bold prints to incorporate collisional color pairings and dopamine brights.

Closing thoughts

Bold prints and colors make a surprising comeback, as anything goes with full-spectrum styles. Categories like trail running and outdoors accept this approach for an expressive, feel-good vibe. Sellers may utilize various colors to offer color-blocking aesthetics or layerable solid colors.

With trends moving towards decentralization, it is essential to encourage self-empowerment. Take inspiration from regional, niche sports stylists creating digital appeal and glamor to transform the ordinary into dressy.

Sellers can embrace the full-spectrum theme by focusing on sensorial metaverse, empowered expression, maximalist outdoors, soft futurism, and kidult trends in Spring/Summer 2023.

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