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2022 Global Energy CEO Outlook


In a year of upheaval caused by geopolitical tensions, the ongoing pandemic and an uncertain economic climate, energy CEOs face challenges and opportunities amidst the sector’s ongoing transformation.

As part of our 2022 CEO Outlook, we surveyed 138 energy CEOs in the oil & gas, power & utilities and renewable energy spaces, gathering their insights and perspectives into the business and economic landscapes over the next 3 years.

This report offers a lens into what today’s energy CEOs are doing to plan for economic disruption as the sector continues transitioning to a low carbon economy.

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Some data summary

The past year has seen core energy technology movements, especially in green hydrogen and its derivatives, but also in aspects like CCS/CCUS. The focus on energy transition is also set to make changes to the long-term business portfolios of traditional energy players. Many are new and unproven technologies, but the world still relies on them to deliver decarbonization.

Anish De
Global Head of Energy, Natural Resources and Chemicals
KPMG in India

Source from KPMG

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