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2024 Sun Safety Without Borders: Celebrating Diversity in Sunscreen Protector

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Table of Contents
Awakening to Sun Safety: The Global Uptake of Suncare Awareness
Embracing Diversity: The Revolution in Sun Care for Every Skin Tone
Easy-to-Apply Sunscreens are Viral
Sun Safety with a Budget: Industry’s Inclusive Response


Welcome to the dazzling world of sun care, a realm where cutting-edge science meets everyday skincare, and where protecting your skin from the sun has become a glamorous affair! Gone are the days when sunscreen was just a sticky, white paste you begrudgingly smeared on at the beach. Today, it’s a star player in beauty routines worldwide, a testament to our growing wisdom about skin health and the joy of basking safely in the sun’s glow.

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In this blog, we embark on an exhilarating global journey to unearth the latest trends and cutting-edge innovations in sun care. As a retailer, you’re in the perfect spot to gain essential insights into the newest wave of the sun care industry. Join us on this enlightening expedition, where we’ll arm you with all the knowledge you need to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of sun protection. Let’s explore the sun-soaked innovations and the rays of change in the world of suncare!

Awakening to Sun Safety: The Global Uptake of Suncare Awareness

The world is embracing suncare like never before, making it a star player in skincare regimes across different regions. In this global tour of suncare, it’s clear that the world is not just soaking up the sun but also the best in sun protection innovation. It’s more than just applying sunscreen; it’s about carefully creating products that match different beauty standards and weather conditions, making them enjoyable to use and effective.

Global Sun Care Cosmetic Market

Let’s dive into the research, where suncare is soaring with an impressive 8.3% annual growth (CAGR 2022-2030, per Statista). K-Beauty is setting the pace here, with a spotlight on barrier-strengthening sunscreens. Think innovative formulas that not only shield you from the sun but also fortify your skin’s microbiome.

Take Malaysia’s Sky Resources, for example. Their Rebiome Sunscreen is pioneering with polylysine, a wonder ingredient enhancing skin-friendly bacteria. Meanwhile, South Korea’s Beauty of Joseon introduces The Relief Sun: Rice + Probiotics, a sunscreen enriched with grain-fermented extracts, a boon for your skin’s microbiome.

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Moving to India, there’s a sun cream revolution underway. Social media is the catalyst, fueling a surge in awareness and interest. “It’s becoming one of the most sought-after beauty products,” says Rohit Chawl, founder and CEO of Innovist, as reported by Cosmetic Design-Asia. Innovist’s Sunscoop range, launched in April 2022, is already making waves, contributing a significant 10% to the brand’s revenue. Africa is not far behind in this suncare renaissance, with indie brands leading the charge. One standout is Cape Town’s SKOON, a beacon of natural and sustainable beauty. Their SUNNYBONANI Day defense sun cream SPF 20 is a tribute to Africa, a mineral-based marvel drawing inspiration from the continent’s rich landscape.

#Embracing Diversity: The Revolution in Sun Care for Every Skin Tone

As globalisation, the sun care industry is increasingly recognizing the importance of catering to different skin tones. Historically, sunscreen products were often designed without considering how they would look and feel on diverse skin types, particularly for people with deep skin tones. Brands are increasingly formulating these products in a range of shades to cater to diverse skin tones, ensuring that everyone can find a match that complements their natural skin color.

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An example is the Brazilian brand Sallve, which offers a range of 10 shades in its tinted sunscreen line, catering to a diverse consumer base. This inclusivity is not just a nod to the broader trend of diversity in beauty products, but it also addresses practical concerns, such as avoiding the white cast often left by traditional sunscreens on darker skin tones.

The uniqueness of skin tones and their undertones are now key considerations in sunscreen formulation. For example, Rom&nd, a South Korean brand, carefully analyzed East Asian skin undertones in the creation of its White Rice Tone-up Sun Cushion. This product cleverly combines 15% peach and 85% white pigments to achieve skin-brightening effects without leaving any unwanted residue.

On social media, color-changing sunscreen formulations are becoming increasingly popular. A notable example is the #Colorescience’s Sunforgettable SPF from the United States.


This product transitions from white to a medium-coverage foundation, suitable for various skin tones. Its impressive popularity is evident from its more than 108.7 million views on TikTok.

#Easy-to-Apply Sunscreens are Viral

The primary challenge with traditional sunscreen is its sticky texture, which can be particularly inconvenient for those in a hurry. This often unpleasant feel can lead to people skipping sunscreen application, even though it’s essential for skin protection. Recognizing this, manufacturers are innovating to create formulas that are more user-friendly, absorbing quickly without leaving a tacky residue, thereby encouraging regular and comfortable use.

Easy-to-Apply Sunscreens

Take Habit, a brand from New York, for example, which has become a hit on TikTok with its SPF mists. Their No38 sunscreen, with a unique cucumber scent, veers away from the typical fruity aromas of traditional sunscreens. “We’re redefining what sunscreen can be by bringing in elements usually found in regular skincare products. This is changing how consumers view sunscreen,” Tai Adaya, Habit’s founder, shared with Beauty Independent.


As lifestyles become more flexible, there’s an increasing demand for sun protection products that are portable and easy to apply, such as sticks, powders, and mists, catering to the needs of consumers who are always on the move. Another innovative approach comes from Supergoop!, a leading U.S. suncare brand, with its (Re)setting 100% Mineral Powder SPF 35. This product is a two-in-one solution, serving as both a setting powder and a transparent SPF. Its compact, brush-equipped design makes it perfect for easy and frequent application throughout the day.

#Sun Safety with a Budget: Industry’s Inclusive Response

Amidst the widespread economic downturn and increasing cost of living, another pressing trend has emerged: the rise in ‘sun poverty’. Tighter budgets are compelling families to prioritize daily essentials over sun protection, inadvertently increasing the risk of serious future health issues.

Summer essentials

The beauty industry is acutely aware of this issue, especially as concerns grow among parents and educators that suncare might be overlooked due to financial constraints. In the UK, where temperatures soared to record highs in the summer of 2022, the British e-retailer Escentual, in collaboration with brands like Clarins and Shiseido, and various beauty experts, has proactively addressed this concern. Their #SunPoverty campaign, initiated in 2021, aimed to distribute 20,000 sunscreens to children and set a goal to donate 30,000 high-protection sunscreens to lower-income families across the UK. They aspire to ensure that by 2025, all primary school children have access to free sunscreen.

In this climate of reduced disposable incomes, affordable suncare options have become increasingly appealing. Consumers are now looking for budget-friendly products, with a shift towards family-oriented formulations that are suitable for everyone in the household.


Prioritizing both affordability and accessibility, Australian suncare brand BEAUTI-FLTR is responding to this trend by offering quality suncare at budget-friendly prices. Their products, including the Lustre Mineral SPF 50+ and Feather Light SPF 50+, are priced competitively at $25 (£13) for a standard 75g, which works out to approximately $0.33 (18p) per gram.


Our journey through the vibrant and innovative world of sun care has revealed a dynamic industry at the forefront of beauty and skincare. From the diverse shades of tinted sunscreens catering to every skin tone to the cutting-edge formulations making sun protection a delightful part of our daily routine, it’s clear that sun care is no longer a mere afterthought but a central player in our health and beauty regimes. This evolution mirrors a deeper societal shift towards inclusivity, practicality, and awareness, reflecting our collective commitment to not just enjoying the sun, but doing so responsibly and stylishly. As retailers we stand at the cusp of a sun care revolution, one that promises to keep us safe under the sun while celebrating the unique beauty of every individual. Let’s continue to embrace these changes, championing sun safety and skin health for all, as we look forward to even more exciting innovations on the horizon.”

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