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Ongoing Makeup Trends That You Must Know


According to statistics, the world market value of cosmetics increased from $483 billion in 2020 to $511 billion in 2021. This value is predicted to exceed $716 billion by 2025.

Recent years have witnessed great changes due to the economic crisis. Under the impact of the economy, the daily routines of consumers were greatly altered, including their make-up habits.

This article will share four of the main makeup trends of 2022. Before unveiling the details, here is the basic information about the overall beauty trend.

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The overall trend in makeup
Details about makeup trends

The overall trend in makeup

The lockdowns and social restrictions have brought great changes in the lives of consumers in terms of makeup.

Not only did these restrictions alter the purpose of wearing makeup, but they also changed the buying habits and preferences in selecting beauty products.

Less makeup and simplification

Given that many employees choose to work from home, they have fewer opportunities for socializing and hanging out. As a result, the chance to wear makeup decreases. This further results in the simplification of makeup styles.

4 main trends of makeup are ongoing in the beauty market. Beautiful Y2K women are pursuing clean skin with bright and glossy colors.
4 main trends of makeup are ongoing in the beauty market. Beautiful Y2K women are pursuing clean skin with bright and glossy colors.

The main trends of makeup nowadays are to show the natural skin texture and elaborate details to embellish the overall makeup.

Online buying habits and increased sales

Despite the use of fewer makeup products, statistics revealed that the beauty market continues to grow steadily.

Thanks to e-commerce, buyers can order any makeup product anytime, anywhere. The habit of selling cosmetics on the website began two years ago and is still expanding. As L’Oreal Annual Report 2020 noted, the shift to digital accelerated and increased the global online sales of cosmetics to 40%.

In the United States, although e-commerce penetration has only increased slightly in recent years, the online share is predicted to surge to 48% by 2023. Shopping for cosmetics on the web is foreseen to become a staple trend in America.

Details of makeup trends

Clean skin as a base

One of the popular makeup trends is to maintain a clean face. Back in 2021, Pinterest predicted the trend of “Skinimalism,” which was defined as the “new effortlessly chic routine that is simple and sustainable.” This trend continued until 2022.

Chart in Google Trends showing searches for clean makeup
Chart in Google Trends showing searches for clean makeup

In addition, buyers place more emphasis on sustainability, caring about both body and face. Google Trend reported that this year searches for “clean makeup” demonstrate a steady increase. More customers are seeking green, natural, and organic products.

Clean makeup and sustainable cosmetics
Clean makeup and sustainable cosmetics

Many consumers consider the ingredients—whether they are 100% extracted from a natural material, whether there is no harm to sensitive skin, and, most importantly, whether they are environmentally friendly.

Bright details to embellish the face

Another fun 2022 makeup trend is bold decorations. After applying a transparent foundation to show the natural skin, beauty-chasers use bright colors as embellishments.

If there is one trend to represent 2022 in catwalks, it is the return of the 2000s. Yes, someone may even find that the glittery, glossy, bold, and metallic Y2K makeup is back!

Glossy lips

Speaking of the Y2K resurgence, the era of glossy lips is back on the trend. Customers now prefer to use a moisturizing lip gloss instead of matte lipsticks.

Attractive lip colors are another makeup trend that many women are pursuing. In addition to trying unusual styles, women go for that wet mouth Y2K effect. They like to use long-lasting liquid lipsticks with different vibrant colors.

A lady with glossy lips
A lady with glossy lips

Glittery eyes

Y2K makeup involves putting glitter everywhere, such as silver and metallic lips. They echo old favorites and millennium nostalgia.

Speaking of nostalgia, bold eye makeup is a clear trend. A beautiful woman would color her eyelids with neon shades and stylish colors, such as power pink, ultra blue, and bright yellow. They also apply colors to match their hair and nails.

a Y2K girl with neon eyelids
a Y2K girl with neon eyelids

Customers are now looking for an eyeshadow palette that offers as many colors as possible. In such a way, they can create and design unique makeup to fit their personalities.

Attractive cheek blusher

In 2022, many customers are jumping out of their comfort zones and trying new styles. As Mali said, this year will see a lot of blush draping. It will be commonplace to apply warm blush shades on the temples and upper cheek.

Considerate practicality to avoid trouble

Practicality is always on the top of the list when customers select the products that they want to order. For example, buyers who need to wear makeup for a long time consider prudently whether the item is water-resistant and long-lasting. Moreover, they take portability into account.

Water prevention

Makeup lovers have said goodbye to cat-eye. This year, they opted for punk eyeliner along with the Y2K trend and graphic liner. Guests may find models in Spring and Summer 22 runways wearing the “dagger liner” as a real beauty. It is sharper and longer than the traditional cat-eye.

Apply water proof eyeliner for dagger liner
Apply water proof eyeliner for dagger liner

The liner appearance relies heavily on the quality of the eyeliner. Hence, customers want a waterproof eyeliner pencil as an answer to deliver an accurate and pleasing effect.

Easy to use

American ladies like voluminous lashes that can highlight their makeup. However, some of them feel a sense of disappointment by the complex procedures of makeup application and removal.

Voluminous lashes to highlight the makeup
Voluminous lashes to highlight the makeup

Now, a solution has been developed. Magic eyeliner can function as the glue for fake lashes. In addition to being dual-purpose, this product is easy to clean in minutes with pleasure.

Well-designed customization to add more joy

Personalized selection

Beauty products that allow buyers to incorporate their personal preferences are more appealing. For instance, a customizable lip kit with one lipstick and one lip liner allows customers to choose colors and create a unique and personalized kit based on their own needs and demands.

Fun format

Gen Zers are the main customers in the market, accounting for 61 million in the US. Globally speaking, they represent 40% of the buying power. This generation cares about the product itself and the format in which the product is presented.

Fun makeup formats can be a key to leading the cosmetics industry. Recently, more brands take the initiative of innovating creative designs. For example, a heart-shaped blush palette with a design of loveliness can capture the attractiveness of the Gen-Z population.


The four beauty trends presented above are leveraged by cosmetic sellers to attract buyers and expand their businesses. Clean skin, bright and glossy colors, practicality, and customized formats are leading the 2022 makeup trend. Catch up with the trend to enjoy the success of your store and site.

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