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3 Remarkable Kid’s Holiday Trends to Jump on in Autumn/Winter 2022-23


The trends that will be discussed in this article focus on the holiday season and how to ensure kids are happy everywhere. From cozy dresses and matching sets to sweaters, kids are going to be kept busy with the things they love.

Businesses in the industry can take note of these trends to ensure they don’t miss out on one of the biggest kids’ sales. These trends practically sell themselves out and retailers would want to be on the receiving end of that traffic.

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How does the market size of kid’s wear look this season?
Three kid’s holiday trends with high ROI
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How does the market size of kid’s wear look this season?

In 2021, the size of the world market for children’s clothing was $260.6 billion. Looking ahead, IMARC Group projects that the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% from 2022 to 2027, reaching $352.4 billion.

One of the main factors fueling the market’s expansion is the world’s constantly growing population. A further factor driving the industry is the growing customer demand for branded, high-end clothing.

Parents prefer to buy high-end premium clothing due to changing lifestyles and rising spending power to provide their children with the best possible comfort and safety.

Three kid’s holiday trends with high ROI


Young girl wearing a light blue sweater

Kids’ sweaters in 2022 have taken a turn for the better and come with improved knitted iterations that have a certain ancestral heirloom appeal and deliver a nostalgic and eerie sense of calm and comfort in the home.

These sweaters embrace hand-knitted techniques, which add to the quality and emotions that these seasons bring. The sweaters incorporate bold and intricate shapes to create good color-blocking effects on the garment. For both boys and girls, these sweaters would go a long way to promote wearability and extended use.

They also incorporate bold and subtle color palettes to heighten the pieces. These solid color sweaters with embroideries of floral patterns and abstract designs are great for wearing either indoors or outside for visits and to sightly attractions.

A young girl in glasses rocking a light brown sweater

These sweaters have a calm aura and allure with diagrams of houses on them and are great for kids to wear. They can be paired with knitted pants, shorts, or trousers. They also go well with denim in case kids prefer it. For girls, skirts or tight leggings can go as well.

The color-blocked sweaters with diagrams or patterns can be paired with simple pants in solid neutral colors like white, beige, gray, and cream.

Plush plaid set

Young girl rocking a yellow and blue plush plaid dress

The plush plaid clothing comes in matching lounge sets that can be one-upped by using plush wears and fluffy fabric iterations.

For kids, an oversized silhouette can highly promote a happy mood and increase the chance of extended wear. An example is the half placket or half-zipped plush cardigan. As an oversized piece, this plush wear can be paired with tight denim trousers for boys and leggings for girls. Otherwise, shorts and skirts would suffice with knee-high socks.

The checkered jacket with patterns and designs fulfills the same purpose but with depth. These holiday checkered patterns are on display with bold color combinations attached.

Young boy rocking a plush plaid top

These plush plaid sets also come with matching designs and apparel, such as the trapper hat, cute hand muffins, and a plush waist pack. All these are for children to interact with and further create that homely sense of comfort and calm.

Cozy set

Two kids rocking a cozy set of pajamas near fireplace

These feature simple holiday season wears that can be adapted in the home as sleeping pajamas or as separates to wear outside. They are also soft and organic for the best comfort wear.

The incessant house graphics and embroideries are key icons of the holiday seasons to bring about a warm feeling of calm and safety. It has also been deemed necessary that the designs and patterns be non-specific and remain inclusive so as to appeal to a larger audience.

A toddler rocking a graphic-designed cozy set

Bold graphic prints are also great with this matching set. They’re great in blue, green, red and cream colors. Block shapes and diagrams on the fabrics can be used to elaborate a house to present a graphical take on the trend.

Final thoughts

The holiday season is rife with innovations and products aimed at bringing families together and making kids look good while at it. The cozy clothes sets are effective pajamas when needed and can be used within the home. The craft kits provide families with something to keep busy and bond at the same time.

Businesses can tap into this opportunity of taking these trends head-on and be one of the first to make sales this holiday season.

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