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How Men’s Wear Will Look Like in Autumn/Winter of 2023


The weather is cooling down, and it’s time for businesses to get ready for autumn and winter! Take a look at these five menswear trends to get a leg up on competitors.

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Men’s clothing: a new era of self-expression
Cut-and-sew styles
Resort shirts
Glam design shirts
Design detail jackets
Patterned single-breast suits
Embrace men’s individuality

Men’s clothing: a new era of self-expression

According to a report from Grand View Research, the global men’s wear market size was valued at USD 483 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.3% through 2024. The growth of this market can be attributed to the increasing fashion consciousness among millennial men. Nowadays, men are not just looking for functional clothes—they want clothes that make them feel good about themselves and express their personalities. Autumn/winter 2023 will be the seasons of transition, a time when men’s wardrobes are challenged to move beyond the rigid boundaries of traditional masculinity. Here are the top five wardrobe trends set to hit the menswear market in A/W 2023.

Cut-and-sew styles

Cut-and-sew tops will hit the shelves this A/W 23 season as men are looking to return to a more relaxed and comfortable style of dressing. The cut-and-sew top is a simple garment with no seams or darts, just one piece of fabric that has been cut and sewn together at the armholes and neckline. This creates a smooth, streamlined look that flatters the wearer’s physique. The fabric used in this style can vary widely—from sumptuous knits to light, gauzy materials like voile or chiffon.

Floral prints and home furnishings-inspired patterns are a common motif seen on these tops as well as photographic prints, which feature a variety of scenes from nature to lifestyle photography. A great embodiment of this style is the quick dry tank top, which features mesh fabric that has excellent breathability, quick-dry, and anti-wrinkle properties. With its flowered print, it can be either tucked in or worn loose over leggings—the options are endless!

Breathable tank top for men with floral prints
V-neck T-shirt with mesh fabric and short sleeves

Resort shirts

This season, resort shirts will be sported in unexpected prints and color combinations. They’re ideal for transitioning into the 2023 autumn/winter seasons, adding a bit of whimsy to men’s everyday looks. Highlighted by full, long sleeves, resort shirts make a statement with their drape, which confirms a slinkier and more eveningwear feel. This type of shirt can be worn by itself or layered under blazers and jackets.

From the ‘70s-inspired florals to nostalgia mash-ups, there’s no limit to the colors and prints available for resort shirts in 23 A/W seasons. For example, the casual print shirt is inspired by vintage floral prints. This relaxed fit, long sleeve shirt gives off a classic vibe and stand-out contrasting collar and cuff detailing. Another iconic selection is the business casual shirt; this loose style features an ‘80s print, making it ideal for tropical getaways, poolside day parties, and anytime adventures.

Casual resort shirt with classic floral prints
Loose resort short with full long sleeves and open neck

Glam detail shirts

Demand for occasionwear with a feminine feel will continue to rise during the autumn and winter seasons of 2023, as men seek out clothing that reflects their soft masculinity. This means that we’ll be seeing more textual detailing on shirts with lighter and sheer materials such as pleats, frills, and lace. Such glam detail shirts can be paired with pants and shoes in more psychedelic or soft colors of the ’60s and ’70s.

The mesh lace shirt is a perfect example of this trend. It’s a modern take on classic men’s suiting with an updated twist—a subtle glimmer of femininity. It features a see-through mesh upper and lace lapel collar, allowing men to feel their indescribable masculinity. The pullover casual T-shirt is another evening wear that helps create a more feminine look without being too over-the-top or gaudy in nature.

Mesh shirt for men with lace lapel collar
Pullover casual shirt with V-neck and 5-point sleeves

Design detail jackets

As men’s wardrobe fashion continues to evolve, we see more and more designers experimenting with classic blazers. And this A/W 2023 season is no exception. One great way to add some flair is by adding a belt to accentuate the waistline or even to create a belt loop effect. Another design detail that adds an extra layer of style is straps or ties. For example, one strap can be used to hold up the lapels of the jacket while another strap can be used to close the jacket around the waist.

Blazers aren’t just about black anymore; pink, olive, and other unexpected colors are becoming must-haves as well. For example, the skinny wrap blazer is a pink double-breasted jacket with a belt detail around its waistline. The belt adds extra flair to this otherwise classic piece while also giving it a masculine edge. It can be worn casually over jeans or dressed up with formal trousers for dressier occasions.

Olive double-breasted blazer with belts
Man wearing a black wrap blazer

Patterned single-breast suits

There’s no one denying it: black 2SB suits are a classic. They’re the go-to for any occasion, from weddings and funerals to job interviews and formal events. But now, we’re seeing consumers move beyond plain designs and look for something more exciting. The answer lies in patterned double-breast suits; they offer the traditional formality of a plain 1SB suit but with a more casual feel.

The patterns themselves can range from subtle stripes or checks to bolder houndsteeth and plaids. The use of covered buttons, 1SB styling, and a contrast-fabric revere collar also create an even dressier feel to these 2SB suits. And that’s where the printed slim 2SB suit comes into play. Designed with a crisp fit, dark blue color, and double-breasted buttons, it’s perfect to be worn at weddings and formal events.

Printed casual double-breasted suit for men
Printed double-breasted dress for men

Embrace men’s individuality

The men’s fashion industry is in a state of flux as it moves toward a more relaxed style. Menswear designers and brands should promote patterned pieces that reflect men’s individuality and embrace their soft masculinity. Businesses can visit Alibaba.com’s online fashion showroom to find many of today’s hottest menswear styles!

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