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5 Amazing Women’s Pared-back Bohemia Trends of Spring/Summer 2023


Women’s fashion continues to evolve, providing consumers with fresh updates and trends. Pared-back bohemia offers a new perspective to handcraft and folklore trends with warm, natural color palettes and practical updates.

This article explores several trends making appearances and quickly becoming consumer favorites. Knitted wear also makes its way to the spotlight once more as it steals the show with homely and breathable designs.

But first, check out the value of the women’s apparel market.

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What is the market value of the women’s apparel market?
Five top-notch women’s pared-back bohemia apparel for 2023
Capitalize on these trends

What is the market value of the women’s apparel market?

The size of the world market for women’s apparel, which experts estimated at $915 billion in 2021, is expected to reach $1165 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 3.84% over the forecast period.

The need for stylish clothing is rising as social media influence continues to increase. Women are now looking towards apparel with raw beauty and natural irregularities, helping to drive this market’s growth.

With a share of 30%, the tops and dresses segment led the market in 2021. However, more styles and trends are gracing the market, and businesses can expect more outfits prioritizing comfort to hit the stores in S/S 2023.

Five top-notch women’s pared-back bohemia apparel for 2023

Adjustable blouson

Woman posing on stairs with a white adjustable blouson

This practical trend is incredibly stylish, and it won’t be going away anytime soon. The blouson is a combo done right—the piece is a mixture of a blouse and an anorak. Women can style one for casual outfits and even as business attire.

That’s not all that makes this piece stand out. A classic blouson provides a cinched waist with a loose body, allowing the apparel to look slightly oversized and cover the elastic waist. Women can effortlessly rock a tucked-in look with this feature.

However, the adjustable blouson updates the piece with toggles or drawstrings for consumers to get the right fit. The update also provides waterproof coatings so women can stay protected in the changing spring weather.

For those new to the blouson, a hooded piece is an amazing starting point. Women can dress up a hooded blouson with sweatpants for casual day-to-night wear. A relaxed way to rock a hooded blouson is with denim. The outfit works particularly well for casual or activewear outfits. 

Women can opt for blousons with bell sleeves for more formal looks. Full bell sleeves add a chic aesthetic to the piece that works well with body-con skirts or dress pants. Female consumers can rock the look to office events or for more casual outings with friends.

Anonymous woman sitting with a grey hoodie blouson

Ladies can feel confident with the kimono-sleeved blouson. The piece oozes elegance and adds a flow effect to any outfit. Kimono-sleeved blousons can accentuate the feminine figure while keeping the attention away from other parts of the ensemble. 

Female consumers can dress up a kimono-sleeved blouson with form-fitting pants or a skirt to complete the ensemble. Consumers with top-heavy bodies can add a form-fitting jacket or blazer to the outfit. Jackets can effortlessly trim the blouson look and further define the waistline.

Knitted set

Backshot of a woman rocking a knitted set

There’s a lot to be said about the knitted set, but nothing creates an impressive matching set like knitwear. This item is incredibly comfortable and transitional. A knitted set is the go-to for colder spring days or chilly summer evenings.

In addition to warmth, knit sets are also breathable enough that consumers would want to keep them on all day. They can make any outfit look glamorous and are perfect for styling relaxing outfits. Female consumers can relish multiple knitted set outfit ideas for different occasions.

A matching knit set with a belt is the style for consumers looking for comfortable and stylish office wear. Women can add a belt for added elegance and complete the look. The knit matching set comprises a long sweater and a skirt. The sash in this set adds an incredible detail that highlights the waist, making the outfit look fashionable.

Going out for brunch on a chilly summer day needs something dapper but cozy. The matching knit set with a cropped cardigan is here to satisfy such demands. Consumers can opt for bold colors like pink to make a brilliant statement. This three-piece set will also look dashing as individual items.

Woman looking up with a white knitted top

Consumers can opt for a more versatile option with the button-up knit set. The styling possibilities are endless with this two-piece item. Ladies can dress it up with a belt or rock it without one. They can also fly the buttons and match the set with a trendy shirt.

Who said knit sets have to be plain? Women can go wild with an animal print knitted set. Alternatively, they can opt for a matching knit set with a vest. Ladies can wear a long sleeve shirt underneath to style this outfit.

Female consumers can add a leather jacket to their ensemble for instant edginess. This baddie look is timeless and works well with monochromatic styles. Ladies can also indulge in some color play for even more stylish options.

Relaxed carpenter jeans

Closeup shot of woman crossing legs in relaxed carpenter jeans

This trend might not be the sexiest, but it’s one women can’t pass if they want comfort. Carpenter jeans are one of the several returning trends from the 90s. The piece looks great on almost any wardrobe staple, and it makes a bold statement for day-to-night outings.

Relaxed carpenter jeans open up the doors to endless styling possibilities. A laid-back way to wear this piece is with a white long-sleeve shirt. This outfit is an impressive everyday mix that ladies can wear all day long.

Frayed hems are a popular way to style pants, and it works well with carpenter jeans. Ladies can dress up a pair of repair-like carpenter jeans with a black pelerine top. It’s a chic look for business meetings, office days, and dinner parties.

Woman sitting on the floor with carpenter jeans & red top

Female consumers can also pull off a sporty look with carpenter jeans. Consider pairing the piece with a white crop top and a sporty belt. The ensemble combines several staples into one outstanding look.

Alternatively, ladies can swap the crop top for a long-sleeved variant. The outfit combination is perfect for a night out with friends or casual evenings.

Ladies can enjoy a Parisian-like outfit with this item. They can style flared hem carpenter pants with a printed T-shirt and a leather jacket

Adjustable dress

Hijab woman rocking a purple adjustable dress

Dresses are a classic staple in any woman’s wardrobe. And this trend updates the piece by making it adjustable.

Ladies won’t have to worry about their dresses being oversized. Adjustable dresses come with functional details that make it easy to modify the fit. Women can use fuss-free drawstrings on the dress to find a style that suits their needs.

Woman posing near a tree with a transparent adjustable dress

Adjustable dresses can go from oversized to form-fitting. Some variants feature buttons and toggles, enhancing the natural and crafted aesthetic. Buttons also give adjustable dresses an elevated aesthetic.

Modular poncho-trench

Woman standing with a grey poncho-trench

Ponchos and trench coats are classic outerwear that seems to work for almost any event. But what happens when these staples combine? The modular poncho-trench!

This piece offers the best of both worlds, creating a timeless piece that caters to the wearer’s changing needs. The poncho-trench coat’s modular feature presents a removable peplum, allowing women to shorten the coat for an alternative look.

Woman posing with a brown trench coat

This feature makes the item transitional as wearers can shorten and increase the coat’s length according to season. Metal buttons add to the poncho-trench coat’s aesthetic, while belt ties make the piece adjustable.

Capitalize on these trends

Women’s apparel continues to receive fresh updates making the market more stylish than ever. From toggled drawstrings to multipurpose pockets, these functional details will provide a new perspective on classic staples like dresses and blouses.

These knitwear sets are the perfect fuss-free items for effortless dapper looks, and the modular poncho-trench is timeless outerwear that can pull off an easy casual or formal look. Relaxed carpenter jeans also take the win for oversized and relaxed outfits.

Businesses should capitalize on these trends as they’ll hit the market soon and sell out fast.

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