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5 Women’s Prints and Graphics Trends for Spring/Summer 2023


With each new season comes new fashion trends, and it’s important to keep on top of these trends before the season starts to be fully prepared for consumer demand. These women’s prints and graphics trends for spring and summer 2023 are set to be highly sought after by consumers. 

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Market value of women’s fashion
5 prints and graphics trends to watch
Women’s fashion in the future

Market value of women’s fashion

Looking at women’s fashion as a whole, the global market value in 2022 was USD 790.90 billion. That number is expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.61% between 2022 and 2026. As new types of clothing come out that incorporate modern patterns and sustainable materials, women’s fashion will continue its market growth beyond 2026. 

Over the past couple of years, women’s fashion was leaning more toward solid colors rather than patterns. As consumers start to gain more confidence and attend public events again, the rise of women’s prints and graphics is back, and this will become more apparent in the spring/summer 2023 season. 

Woman sitting on white steps with straw hat and dress

5 prints and graphics trends to watch

The upcoming women’s prints and graphics trends for spring and summer 2023 are set to appeal to a wider selection of consumers than ever before. The top 5 trends to look out for include nautical and psychedelic patterns, recycled geometrics, clothing featuring educational prints, and moody tropical looks. 

Bold nautica

Many seasonal fashion trends often include at least one bold statement, and in the spring and summer 2023 seasons, this comes in the form of bold nautica. The nautical designs on summer dresses, light sweaters, and even trousers are designed to eliminate the blues that come with the winter weather and introduce a warmer and light atmosphere.

These bold prints can take on a number of patterns, from thick nautical stripes to large anchors printed on a shirt to rope knots and shells. This trend in women’s prints and graphics looks to add a sense of fun to clothing and play on patterns that women are already familiar with. 

Woman wearing a striped T-shirt at sunset on boat

Psychedelic patterns

Psychedelic patterned clothing makes consumers recall the carefree time of the 60s and 70s, but there are endless possibilities to the designs and graphics. Psychedelic prints can be bold and hippie-style, but they can also be more discrete and suit a summer dress exceptionally well without being too loud.

The spring/summer 2023 season is expecting the psychedelic trend to explode in a big way, much the same that men’s hippie clothing has done. This trend won’t be for streetwear only, as the fashion market prepares for women looking for one-off items of clothing to wear to events to make a statement. 

Woman wearing purple psychedelic flowy trousers with patterns

The learning trend

Varsity clothing has always been popular, and not just with students. This trend is expected to continue, but with nerdier styles of clothing that will promote learning through quotes from books, literature graphics, and stripped-back lettering. These minimalist looks are usually for the beginning of the school term in the autumn, but they’ll be seen more and more in the spring and summer of 2023 as well.

This trend in women’s prints and graphics is down to a rise in book clubs through social media that have gained a lot of views and followers in the past few years. This passion for education is now being seen in the types of clothing people are wearing, so it’s an important trend to keep an eye on as it continues to grow far beyond the spring/summer 2023 season.

Woman wearing white and pink letterman jacket sitting on ground

Recycled geometrics

The fashion market for women produces an enormous number of unique patterns every year, but for spring/summer 2023 it’s geometric patterns that are going to be widely sought after by consumers. Many of today’s consumers are looking to purchase sustainable clothing, so rather than printing new geometric patterns, the market is seeing a rise in clothing that has been put together using leftover prints from different fashion lines and seasons.

Spring and summer always see a splash of color when it comes to clothing, and these recycled geometric prints are no exception. By piecing together contrasting deadstock fabric, fashion labels are creating a completely different style of clothing that consumers can’t get enough of. 

Woman wearing a geometric dress with various patterns

Moody tropics

Floral and tropical patterns are always popular options for consumers during the warmer months of the year. These moody tropics-inspired items are perfect for daywear as they illuminate bright summer days. But they can also be used in the evening as some of the darker prints work flawlessly as partywear. Even the simple graphic tee with a tropical pattern on the front is a hot trend for spring/summer 2023 as it can be dressed up with flowy trousers or a nice summery skirt.

Woman wearing white and green tropical dress standing between plants

Women’s fashion in the future

Each new season brings along new trends, patterns, and designs to follow. The women’s prints and graphics trends for spring and summer 2023 play on both past designs and current lifestyle trends, with an added focus on sustainability and fun. The big trends to look out for cover moody tropical patterns, recycled geometrics, a new take on varsity clothing, hippy-style patterns, and nautical designs.

These trends may very well be recycled and reused like so many others have been in the past, but these patterns are proving to be synonymous with spring and summer and the warmer weather that these seasons bring. On top of that, they have an added modern touch to them that makes them stand out from past clothing lines.

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