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5 Fantastic and Trendy Men’s Trousers and Shorts Trends 2023


Shorts are fast becoming the new trademark for sexiness as men’s fashion enters a new level of style. While bottoms have witnessed a few more baggy iterations, there’s also a shift to shorts as small as boxer shorts.

It’s an era where comfort drives men’s aesthetics with various proportions and silhouettes. Each trend is the opposite of minimalist trends as more men head toward maximalist aesthetics.

Here are five fantastic men’s trousers and shorts trends businesses can expect to profit from in 2023. But first, here’s the market overview.

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An overview of men’s trousers and shorts market
Men’s trousers and shorts consumers are loving in 2023
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An overview of men’s trousers and shorts market

According to marketing experts, the revenue generated from the global men’s apparel market hit $499.80 billion in 2022. Research also shows that the men’s trousers and shorts segment generated $110.20 billion of the overall revenue.

The men’s trousers and shorts market is no joke as more men demand different varieties for unique fashion statements. These marketing experts also predict the market will expand with a CAGR of 5.4% from 2022 to 2026.

That’s not all. Research also shows that the segment generated $14.48 per consumer in 2022. And experts expect the volume to cross over 5.1 billion pieces with a 10.6% volume growth over the forecast period.

With the men’s trousers and shorts market looking better than ever, businesses can ride the waves of the segment’s potential for profits and sales.

Men’s trousers and shorts consumers are loving in 2023

Short boxer shorts

Man posing with denim short boxer shorts

How short is a short? There’s no limit to how short it can go in 2023. With the entrance of the boxer shorts, men can show more skin while exuding confidence and masculinity.

Although shorter shorts have been a thing for some time, this trend takes things further by introducing underwear-like designs. Some variants of this trend are similar to regular boxers, while others feature pockets.

Man on knees with black boxer shorts

Various styles, colors, and patterns also make boxers very appealing. There are versions with labels on the waistbands and external buttons on the fly. Consumers can also enjoy plain, striped, or checked designs.

Consumers can pull off many styles ranging from casual to hi-tech. They can pair red silk boxer shorts with a long coat. To achieve more sexiness, they can open the bottom buttons and show the short’s aesthetic.

Male consumers can opt for boxer shorts as layering pieces. They can use long or short tights as a base before wearing the shorts as an outer layer. Consumers can also rock color contrasts by mixing different colors with the inner and outer layers.

Checked boxer shorts and a patterned long sleeve would make the perfect casual outfit. Alternatively, consumers can use a hi-tech double-ended zipper vest for a posh look.

Super wide smart trousers

Man wearing neutral-colored wide leg pants

Tailoring went viral in the 90s, and it doesn’t seem to be dying out in contemporary fashion. No, this trend isn’t about the tight office styles. It’s about breathable intelligent pants.

These pants aren’t afraid to flex oversized silhouettes as they come baggier than ever. The bagginess ensures that men rock a relaxed aesthetic for different events and occasions.

Super wide smart trousers come in various patterns and colors and create matching sets. Not all men have to go beyond their comfortable size. They can leave that to more daring consumers and rock more trimmed versions.

Brown striped wide pants are the perfect pieces for a casual day out. Consumers can pair them with a matching dress shirt and pink vest for a metallic finish.

Men that want a more trimmed look can opt for slightly less wide variants. These work well with a tucked-in tee and an extra large unbuttoned grey shirt.

Man wearing a white shirt and wide pants

For a more casual context, men can pair a slightly oversized white shirt with black wide pants. It’ll give the most comfortable and relaxed look for everyday activities.

The more daring consumers will love extreme volume variants. These pants are super wide and offer the ultimate baggy experience for willing men.

Baggy shorts

Man walking with baggy shorts

Who said shorts must have tight fits? Men can enjoy an oversized aesthetic with their favorite casual piece. Nothing makes a fashion statement more than a pair of nice shorts.

Consumers can enjoy elegant styles from the tailoring or more casual versions that nod towards a youth-centric oversized silhouette.

Baggy shorts also feature other styles, including directional, striped, and pleated variants. Some even come with extra details for an added aesthetic. 

These shorts also offer various colors that allow for some eye-catching contrasts and experiments.

Knitted baggy shorts offer the ultimate combo of casual and comfortable. Men that love such outfits won’t go wrong with pairing brown knitted baggy shorts with a light purple dress shirt.

Baggy shorts with extra details offer a hyper-texture aesthetic that makes a bold statement. Consumers can choose blue hyper-texture baggy shorts and mix them with a white knitted sweater.

Man posing in baggy cargo shorts

Consumers can also achieve a spruce pleating aesthetic with regular baggy shorts. They can pair the piece with a brown pleated long-sleeve sweater for a sassy drip.

There’s no limit to the color combinations men can rock with striped baggy shorts. Men can offset this colorful piece with a black jacket. Alternatively, they can opt for white or grey long-sleeved tees.

Sport panel trousers

Man playing ball in black and white sports paneled pants

Athleisure continues to dig into contemporary fashion, with the latest iterations being the sports panel trouser. This trend features bold, patterned track pants that come in a full tracksuit or make neater styles with other pieces.

These patterns vary according to designs, with some featuring beautiful color blocks. Consumers can also enjoy the more traditional side-striped and multi-colored panel variants.

Consumers can rock yellow and blue sports panel trousers for a color-blocking effect. The yellow would contrast beautifully with the blue without making men look lame.

Man posing with paneled track pants

Men can also enjoy more tailored proportions with their sports panels. Such designs can come in multiple large white stripes over yellow track pants.

The oversized silhouette is not left out as men can opt for a baggy full tracksuit with sports panels. It’ll combine a sporty look and comfortability into one piece.

Consumers with a thing for western aesthetics will love this design. It features red track pants with golden side panels that give a western flair and embellishment.

Cargo pants

Man standing in grey cargo pants

Cargo pants are supreme timeless pieces that have remained a staple since the 90s. They’re incredibly trans-seasonal and don’t seem to be dying out as they edge their way into 2023.

Although cargo pants have received many adjustments and trims, the oversized variants are grabbing the spotlight again. These pieces offer fantastic comfort and functionality combo.

Cargo pants also feature multiple designs and colors to fit every man’s tastes. Men that love adjustable designs will love cargo pants with numerous modular pockets. Men can remove or add these pockets to create new styles for different occasions.

Man rocking black cargo pants

Consumers can rock a unique look in cargo pants with hand pockets. Though these pieces don’t offer multiple pockets, they have two big ones near the waistline for an easy smug look. Men can rock these cargo pants with blue silk long-sleeve shirts.

Consumers can opt for an extremely modular design if the removable pockets aren’t enough. These cargo pants feature multiple removable pieces that can create different aesthetics.

Men can wear some extra wide-legged cargo pants for relaxed looks. They can sport the piece shirtless or go wild with graphic tees.

Bottom line

Oversized proportions, bold colors, modular pockets, and extra short lengths are the new normal in 2023. 

While simple and minimalist trends will always make raves in the market, consumers demand more maximalist styles with functionality and comfort.

Businesses must use boxer shorts, super wide smart trousers, baggy shorts, sport panel trousers, and cargo pants as an opportunity to explore new styles and cuts coming to the market in 2023.

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