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5 Top Trending Sun Hats for Women


Sun hats aren’t only a fashion choice for women; they also work to protect the skin from the sun and keep the wearer a little bit cooler in the summertime. There are many different types of sun hats for women on the market today, but some are proving to be a bigger hit than others among female consumers. 

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Women’s sun hats in today’s global market
Top trending sun hats for women
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Women’s sun hats in today’s global market

When it comes to sun hats, it’s no secret that they are a popular accessory for women to have in the summertime. There are a number of factors behind the popularity of sun hats, which includes an increase in awareness among consumers about skin cancer, the increase in the use of sun hats for fashion purposes, and the demand for clothing and accessories to offer more UV protection. 

Sun hats are growing in popularity so much that by 2030, the global market is expected to be valued at USD 1.5 billion, with a CAGR of 5.8% up until that date. Of that number, a significant amount of sales can be attributed to the women’s market, where they are seeing a very prominent growth with consumers of all ages.  

Woman in white shirt wearing a large sun hat

With sun hats growing in popularity, there are new designs, colors, and patterns hitting the market all the time. However, the top trends are seeing bucket hats, baseball caps, wide brim visors, roll up hats, and flat brim hats coming out on top in terms of consumer buying patterns and demand

Bucket hats

The bucket hat has never really gone out of fashion, but new styles keeping with modern designs are what’s making them a top trending sun hat for women. The bucket hat offers a clean and timeless look all year round and is predominantly being used in the summertime. There are many designs of bucket hats for women to choose from, with cotton hats being the most popular due to their lightweight material and breathability, which is perfect for the hot weather. 

Different materials are coming out though, such as the use of corduroy for bucket hats, which is slightly heavier and makes them a nice accessory to wear in the spring and summer too. There’s also the outdoor bucket hat with hooded protection that’s used for camping and hiking and is popular with consumers who spend a lot of time in nature.

Selection of bucket hats made of corduroy in different colors

Baseball caps

Baseball caps are another timeless fashion piece that is worn year-round and is adaptable to many different wardrobe styles. Baseball caps can be worn casually with athleisure wear or as part of a dressed-up ensemble. The more high-end baseball caps can be worn to compliment jeans or even tropical dresses. 

Baseball caps that are used by women for sports have also had an overhaul. The adjustable ponytail cap is proving to be a big success with consumers who struggle to wear a high ponytail with a regular baseball cap, as the dual holes allow for the ponytail to easily be worn at different heights. 

Woman standing against a wall with a white baseball cap

Wide brim visor

The wide brim visor is turning out to be a popular sun hat for women and a unique alternative to baseball caps. In the past, visors have been used mostly in the world of sports, with golf visors being a popular accessory choice for many female golfers, and other outdoor sports such as tennis also being tied to the visor.  

Today, however, the wide brim visor is making its mark in the world of sun hats for women. The straw visor is a popular choice for casualwear and is being used for gardening, sitting outside to eat or have a drink, and going for summer walks. There’s also been an increase in beach visors on the market for people who lounge on beach chairs as well as roll up visors that are ideal for transporting if there is limited space in a bag.

Red wide brim visor shown from a side angle

Roll up hat

For consumers on the hunt for a hat that will give them a casual yet smart look, the roll up hat is the perfect choice. It’s one of the top sun hats for women for a reason. This style of hat provides optimum sun protection while looking stylish, and the roll up hat works great for women heading to the beach or to wear relaxing by the pool. It can be fully utilized during other outdoor activities too. 

The lightweight material makes it ideal for traveling as well as folding away, so there won’t be any unwanted lines on the hat from when it’s folded and squished. Whatever the reason for wearing the roll up hat is, it’ll make the perfect accessory to any summer outfit.

Roll up summer hat with a black ribbon around it

Flat brim hat

The flat brim hat is similar to the roll up hat but has a few varying features that make it a top trending sun hat for women. This is the type of hat that will make a statement right away and is popular because of its multi-purpose uses. The flat brim hat can also easily match any outfit and will help the wearer to keep cool no matter what outdoor activity they’re doing, whether that be walking along the beach, relaxing with a cold glass of wine, or lounging around the poolside. The number of styles that are available with the flat brim hat also makes it a popular choice with consumers.

Women’s sun hats are one of the top-selling summertime accessories, and that doesn’t look to be changing in the near future thanks to the new styles and designs that are hitting the market. The current top trends in women’s sun hats cover baseball caps, flat brim hats, roll up hats, wide brim visors, and bucket hats, and all of these types are projected to retain their popularity.

While some styles of hats are timeless fashion accessories, others are just getting their footing and becoming an essential wardrobe item. As soon as the warmer weather approaches, there’s no doubt that female consumers will be looking for the next big thing when it comes to hats, but they’re also not going to be forgetting the timeless ones anytime soon. 

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