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5 Hair Accessories Trends That Are Going to Go Viral in 2023


The hair accessories industry is going through a dramatic change as females gain more insight into trendy and innovative items. 

There’s also no limit to the hairstyles females can rock this season, and most businesses have to keep up with the changing consumer behavior. This blog explores five trends storming the hair accessory market in 2023.

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What is the market size of hair accessories?
5 must-have hair accessories for women in 2023
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What is the market size of hair accessories?

Things look promising for the hair accessories market as more women get interested in fashionable products. Although the lockdown periods severely injured the industry’s stats, experts still estimate hair accessories will reach new heights in the upcoming seasons.

Experts predict that the global hair accessories market will register a $31.6 billion value by 2028. They expect the industry to grow at a CAGR of 7.7% over the forecast period. The market also owes its revival to the increasing development of production technologies, hairstyles, and fashion trend innovations.

The intrusion of products like headbands, clips, and other accessories in various functional materials, shapes, and designs also drives this market. More females are moving towards well-groomed, glossy, and healthy hairdo routines for enhanced appearances. 

These consumers are willing to experiment with different hairstyles and embrace innovative and trendy accessories. Experts predict this rising preference for hair products will also boost this market.

5 must-have hair accessories for women in 2023

Varieties of headbands

Two headbands with flower decorations

Headbands dominate the list of polarizing hair accessories. Although they fell out of trend due to unwanted nostalgia, headbands are back with multiple styles to match consumer vibes. These items are incredibly versatile and can effortlessly elevate any outfit.

There’s no limit to the hairstyles compatible with headbands since they come in different styles. Ladies can rock headbands with an updo, ponytail, or braid, or wear their hair down.

Virtually any hair band will work for consumers wearing their hair down. They can opt for the classic horseshoe style or thinner variants for a delicate aesthetic. Wide versions also work with this hairstyle and will exude boldness and confidence. Ladies can upgrade their hairstyle by using headbands with embellishments, like large bows or flowers.

Woman rocking a silver headband

However, ladies with updos require more consideration to get the right look. Consumers wearing this hairstyle for casual events may consider a more delicate headband that won’t swallow the look. They can make things extra with embellished headbands for more formal events.

Baseball cap

Blonde lady wearing a baseball cap and holding a skateboard

Baseball caps are not just for trips to the game. Different styles can come from this hat, ranging from fashionable to cute and sporty. Ladies eventually get bored of their hairdo once in a while. What’s a faster and more effortless way for women to change their looks than rocking a baseball cap?

Marrying a white baseball cap with a white sweater, skinny jeans, and sunglasses is the perfect get-up for spring activities. The key to this outfit is matching a sweater with similar colors to the baseball hat. Gray, black, and cream are other refreshing colors consumers can add to this look.

Denim shorts, T-shirts, and sneakers are another classic summertime outfit perfect with baseball caps. The get-up oozes an energetic yet casual aura ideal for outdoor activities. It’s easy to swap the T-shirt for a hoodie and still look cute in this style.

Woman posing with a black baseball cap

Females who love dressing on the masculine side can rock baseball caps with leather jackets. Adding ripped skinny jeans would make the look feel edgy.

Mini claw clip

Beautiful smiling woman with multiple mini claw clips

Mini claw clips are back on trend and might be the cutest thing in any woman’s wardrobe. Although these accessories started as children’s and senior citizens’ staples, mini claw clips now have general appeal due to taking up novel forms. Attractive materials like resin, rhinestones, and pearls are now the mainstays of these accessories.

One eye-catching way women can style mini claw clips is with space bun hairdos. These clips are easy to pull off with this hairstyle and would look adorable. Mini clips also have some cute and basic hairstyles any woman with long hair can rock. They may not secure the hair like their larger cousins, but they’ll help ladies reduce the frizz appearance and look fashionable.

A dazzling pearl mini hair claw clip is all women need to transform their short hairdo into vintage-inspired and cute hairstyles. The style requires women to pull back their front hair and use a mini claw clip to secure it at the nape.

Close up shot of mini claw clip

Mini butterfly claw clips are also cute for women with short hair. They have a certain 90s nostalgia and look particularly well with pixie hairstyles.

Pearl hair clip

Multiple pearl hair clips on a white table

Pearl hair clips are ready to bring elegance to various hairstyles. The gems come in different varieties that can easily elevate any outfit and make it look classy. 

Pearl hair clips give messy buns the ultimate update, especially when wearers stack them on the side. This style is ideal for business casual attire. Consumers wearing their hair down can add a clip to both sides. In addition, ladies rocking curly hairdos will love more intricate pearl clips that stand out from their curls.

Women looking to make bold statements won’t go wrong with an extra-large clip. The accessory would look great on the sides or behind the head to secure some hair. Consumers interested in sleek ponytails or buns will fancy adding a cop around the hairdo for some drama.

Woman rocking a jumbo pearl headband

Braids and twists are also fantastic with jumbo pearl hair clips. It’s easy for ladies to mix and match accessories and go beyond the classic style rules. Scarf and pearl clips make natural pairs. The scarf can wrap around the head while the clip secures loose hair.

Goth cowboy hat

Woman sitting on a fence with a cowboy hat

Nothing feels more iconic than a cowboy hat. It’s an item steeped in history that makes an immense nostalgic appeal. The wide-brimmed hat has a design that protects ladies from the elements.

Cowboy hats come in various styles, and goth is one of the most attractive. Goth cowboy hats will appeal to ladies leaning closer to the dark side. They look natural with other western pieces like cowboy boots and button-up shirts.

These hats are downright mysterious, dark, and bruting. Goth cowboy hats will also complement attires in darker hues and grunge jeans.

Woman posing with straw cowboy hat

Wrapping up

Hair accessories are making huge waves this season as innovative and stylish hairdos run rampant. A majority of female consumers demand more accessories as a fashionable way to enhance their outfits and appearances.

Varieties of headbands offer peak personalization options, and there is a stylish one for every outfit. Baseball caps and goth cowboy hats are the go-to for trendy and protective items. Mini-claw and pearl hair clips add an elegant and playful twist to classic hairstyles.

These trends are the way to go if businesses want a solid presence in the hair accessory market.

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