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5 Hot And Sizzling Hair Claw Clips Ladies Would Love In 2023

5 Hot And Sizzling Hair Claw Clips Ladies Would Love In 2023

The hair accessory industry is booming and seemed to suffer little setbacks from the economic downturn in previous years. Hair clips are one of the several hair accessories that remain strong and profitable for the upcoming seasons.

Innovative constructions made of hair-friendly materials are coming up to grab the center stage. From plain to fancy, there’s no limit to what women can do with hair claw clips.

Discover the top hair claw clip trends shaping the hair accessory market and creating opportunities for businesses to stay on track and boost sales. Read on to explore the hair claw clip and accessories market overview.

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An overview of the hair claw clip and accessories market
5 beautiful-looking hair claw clips of 2023
The bottom line

An overview of the hair claw clip and accessories market

2023 projects that more women will prioritize versatile hair ornaments, and factors like increasing purchasing power, the rising rate of working women, and new trends storming the women’s fashion world will influence their buying choices.

The global hair clips and accessory market registered an impressive value of $18.7 billion in 2021. However, experts predict the market will boost towards $31.6 billion by 2028 at a speedy CAGR of 7.7%. Increasing development in production technologies, changing fashion trends, evolving hairstyles, and several appealing accessory innovations are factors pushing this industry’s rapid growth.

Additionally, U.S. consumers are gravitating towards glossy, healthy, and well-groomed hairstyles that enhance their appearance. Social media influence also plays a significant role in drawing ladies’ attention toward hair accessories.

5 beautiful-looking hair claw clips of 2023

Metallic hair claw clip

woman styling metallic hair clip

Metallic hair claw clips are quintessential items that can complete a woman’s hair accessory collection. They’re not only fancy, but metallic claw clips come in various shapes and sizes.

Colors are also critical parts of the accessory’s design. Consumers may prefer them in metallic gray or golden. Offering the right metallic shade can blur the line between fancy and plain.

Some metallic hair claw clips have jumbo sizes and smooth fastening teeth that can effortlessly secure even the thinnest hair. The alloys used in making these claw clips make them sturdy and durable enough to withstand wear and tear.

The sturdy construction of these claw clips makes them ideal for hairstyles requiring firm grips. Ladies can easily pull off a Chinese bun or heatless curls without worrying about their hair loosening.

woman securing a bun with metallic hair clip

Females with long curly hair will appreciate the high-quality and sturdy construction of metallic hair claw clips. However, they may find the item a bit difficult to open.

Acrylic hair claw

Acrylic hair claws present excellent options for consumers with thick hair. They’re also fantastic for ladies with fine or thin hair.

These hair clips are typically large-sized and can provide ladies with various hairstyling options. Acrylic hair claw clips may feature soft rubber materials that are anti-slip and won’t fall off the wearer’s hair.

They’re incredibly flexible and won’t rip the wearer’s hair—no matter how thin. Businesses can offer them in sets of four large clips. However, they’re excellent as single items too.

Consumers may explore variously assorted or single colors to match their tastes. All these features, combined with top-notch construction, make the acrylic hair claw an irresistible offer. Ladies can replicate the vibrant, youthful, and healthy feel of a Korean hair bun with this item.

woman styling hair with a hair claw clip

Ladies can also style hair buns on both sides with double acrylic claw clips. They can dive into mix-and-match aesthetics by pairing different hair clip colors, or they may prefer going monochrome.

Mini-hair claw

Consumers with thin hair often have difficulty purchasing clips with the required space to secure their mane. That’s where the mini-hair claw makes its grand entrance. Ladies under this category will love this item.

Retailers can stock up on mini-hair claws in sets (usually four pieces) or opt for standalone pieces. There are no specific materials used for these hair clips. They can come in soft matte materials coated in rubber to prevent hair-tearing. Mini-hair claws can also be acrylic or metal.

The dominant selling point of mini-hair claws is their lightweight feature. Consumers won’t feel a thing while styling their manes with this accessory. Despite their flimsiness, mini-hair clips provide firm grips. However, they’re not vigorous enough to pull the wearer’s hair.

woman posing with a mini butterfly-shaped clip

In addition to being gentle on the hair, mini-hair claws come in various color choices. Ladies can rock neutral tones for more smart casual styles–or run wild with colorful pastels.

Banana hair claw

banana hair claw clip on white background

This hybrid between a banana and claw clip doesn’t have bulky designs, but it can hold any hair securely. Apart from their exceptional hold, banana hair claw clips are incredibly lightweight and won’t give consumers headaches.

Banana hair claws come in plastic materials that won’t snag or pull hair like some metal variants. They thread the line between large and medium, making them ideal for securing thick and thin hair.

They also won’t fall off and can handle the rumble tumble of switching from events to office. Although it’s easy to think these clips would break easily because of their plastic, that’s not the case. Banana hair claw clips provide immense durability and can survive trips in bags without breaking.

woman styling hair with black hair claw clip

These hair claw clips also have different color variations. Consumers can get them in subdued tones, neutral hues, or bright colors. Banana hair claws look great on more formal hairstyles. Ladies may consider wearing them on low buns for a lighter and softer take on effortless hairstyles.

Medium hair claw clip

woman securing a bun with medium hair claw clip

These hair clips are sure to hold the attention of ladies who love fluffy half-ups. Medium hair claws nod towards smaller clip ranges and can help women pull off various trendy looks.

The legendary half updos, topsy tails, and braided crowns are some hairstyles that look pretty with medium hair claw clips. Consumers who prefer classic buns can also enjoy using this bold item.

Medium hair claw clips don’t just come in different colors, they also feature eye-catching patterns, making the item even more stylish. These clips have pretty strong grips that ensure styled hair stays intact. Hence, ladies won’t have to worry about their hair loosening at all.

woman wearing hair claw clip with eye-catching pattern

The accessory’s distinctive patterns won’t only decorate the wearer’s hair, but also integrate charm and elegance into various hairdos. Ladies will pull off impressive formal hairstyles to complete their business attire or achieve secure buns for outdoor activities like jogging and gym exercises.

The bottom line

Hair claw clips are trendy items that are affordable, functional, and flattering on every woman’s hair. Consumers can add these trends to various outfits in multiple ways.

There’s a claw clip for everyone, regardless of the preferred style. Most consumers also favor these fashionable accessories for their strong grips and compatibility with different hair textures. Hair claw clips can make bold statements, even when paired with slogan barrettes.

The hair claw clip market promises huge growth, and businesses can leverage this potential with the trends discussed in this article. Focus on metallic, acrylic, mini, banana, and medium hair claw clips for a sales boost in 2023.

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