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5 Latest Packaging Products People Are Using for Traveling


As traveling becomes more popular, the demand for safe packaging and storing of personal care items has raised eyebrows as well. Consumers will pay big bucks to have their items safely stored and organized when they travel from one place to another.

This blog will cover the latest trending travel-friendly packaging products consumers will want to get their hands on to store their personal items safely and unpack them with ease while traveling.

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The business potential of packaging products for travel
Trending packaging products for travel

The business potential of packaging products for travel

The travel and tourism market keeps growing, projected to reach US$ 716.80 billion in 2022. Moreover, it is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.46% between 2022-2026. This makes consumers raise their concerns on one vital thing—packing their personal products with safety and care.

What are travelers looking for in a travel kit?

They want travel-friendly packaging products that can provide:

Convenience: Give them easy storage and access to their personal items anywhere they go and anytime. This includes having them organized neatly so they do not get mixed up or forget where they left their most important possession.

Safety: Definitely, safety is necessary. That includes safety from moisture, water, and other obstacles. They want their most important personal wear and other products safely transported from one location to another.

Unique value: Even though convenience and safety provide value, consumers want to experience creative touch with packaging products that provide unique value to their traveling experience. They crave a travel kit that organizes cosmetic products or eco-friendly travel bags that can be carried around their shoulders wherever they go. Each individual has their judgment when it comes to finding value in a travel kit’s functionality.

Trending packaging products for travel

Zip lock travel packaging bag

Plastic zipper travel bags

Travel-friendly zip lock packaging bags are made from LDPE (low-density polyethylene) plastics. Therefore, they are lightweight and flexible and thus convenient for traveling. Moreover, they have a good load bearing when storing clothing such as underwear, scarves, socks, and towels.

The zip lock makes it convenient for customers to easily open and close the bag whether they are traveling by car or by plane. Customers also prefer having customized ziplock bags with free logo design, color, and customization according to their preferences. 

Jewelry organizer

Empty jewelry organizer on white background

Women love to have their precious ornaments organized and safely stored while traveling. For that, a trendy jewelry organizer does the trick of storing priceless jewelry, watches, and other ornaments. It is small in size, which makes it easy to carry around in their handbag.

Each division in the box is made of paper board—making it safe from scratches, and easy to store precious wear neatly. Custom jewelry boxes come in different artistic designs that are appealing for women to choose the artwork cover that suits their preference.

Cosmetic travel kit

Female hands with cosmetic travel kit

Carrying cosmetic and hygiene-based products like shampoo, oil, face cream, body lotion, etc., can be challenging. Whether it is for men or women, they would like to have comfortable access to cosmetic and hygiene products wherever they travel. Moreover, travelers would like to ensure their products do not leak and ruin their other packed items. This is where a cosmetic travel kit comes to their aid.

With its material based on PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic, it is a durable option as it is resistant to acidic and alkaline products. It makes it easy to store, clean, and refill. A typical cosmetic travel kit comes with mini-refillable plastic bottles with spray caps sealed in a waterproof transparent plastic bag. 

Travel-friendly drawstring packaging bag

White drawstring backpack on a white background

Want to know a travel bag that can store different products while traveling? Drawstring packaging bags can be used to store clothes, footwear, cosmetics, bottles, books, and many more. They are waterproof and moisture-proof—making them safe to carry when walking through the forest or doing some trekking.

Biodegradable plastic packaging bags meet the standards of today’s environment-conscious consumers and are an ideal choice to store multiple personal wears due to their flexibility. Their woven bag structure with drawstrings and customizable options make them an attractive travel packaging bag for many consumers out there.

Refillable perfume spray bottle

Perfume atomizers set

The fifth trending travel packaging product is the elegant refillable perfume spray bottle. Women love to carry their scented perfumes wherever they travel. However, brittle glass can make it challenging for them to safely carry their perfumes from one place to another. With mini-refillable perfume spray bottles, one can simply inject their famous scented perfumes by pumping the perfume nozzle into the refillable spray bottle.

Only one simple step and they can carry their beautiful mini-atomizer bottles anywhere they want and spray their favorite scents anytime. These portable scent pumps with different customizable color options are often the preferred choice among consumers. 


To get the ultimate traveling experience, consumers want to take their packaging stress out of their heads—which accounts for a significant part of their traveling worries. These latest travel-based packaging products help them to carry their beauty and personal items conveniently and allow them to enjoy their travel experience.

Do not fall behind these trends and act now. Bulk up on the latest travel packaging products since many people want to travel frequently and have their personal items safely packed and organized.

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