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The Best Skincare Devices for 2023


Home-based lifestyles, ongoing hygiene concerns in salons, and increased confidence in DIY treatments drive demand for tactile tech tools. Additionally, the financial impacts of the recession will see consumers turning to at-home solutions to maintain healthy and glowing skin. 

With that in mind, it’s worth considering the best skincare devices to invest in for 2023, so that brands can boost their appeal to this growing market.

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Global beauty device trends
3 Trending beauty devices
Beauty tech tool must-haves

woman using facial roller

Global beauty device trends

Consumers have shown renewed interest in skincare devices due to a trend accelerated by homebound lifestyles. Before the pandemic, people often viewed skincare devices as ‘gimmicky’ and luxury items that were nice to have but weren’t considered essential must-haves. However, during lockdown, when spas and salons closed, consumers were forced to turn to at-home tools to help them maintain their appearance. This fast-tracked a consumer move to skincare devices and other beauty technology. 

The global beauty devices market was valued at US $45.5 billion US in 2019 and is predicted to grow to US $164.2 billion by 2027. According to Mintel, 57% of female consumers in China seek beauty devices that will enhance the absorption of skincare products, and 71% say tools that provide functional benefits are the most important purchasing factor.  

3 trending skincare devices

Here are some trending skincare devices to have on your radar.

aromatherapy steamer for skincare

Aromatherapy steamer

A facial steamer emits a fine mist of ionic steam to detoxify and clarify the skin and uses an ion generator to enable the particles to sink deeper to clean pores. Steaming also provides the skin with additional hydration and prepares the skin for product penetration for better absorption. 

Adding aromatherapy to steaming skincare devices has the added benefit of providing mood-boosting properties and tapping into consumers’ goal of mental wellness.

Check out these two facial steamers your customers are bound to love here and here

woman holding LED light therapy mask

LED therapy

LED light therapy is a skin treatment that uses skin-safe, low-level light in different wavelengths and colors (as opposed to ultraviolet light). While LED light therapy is traditionally done in a dermatologist’s office, many beauty brands are developing light facial devices for at-home use. These devices include light facial masks and light wands for targeted spot treatment.

These lights are used for various skin conditions. They can help reduce the signs of aging, treat acne, and ease inflammation and redness depending on the different light spectrums used.  

skincare face toning device

Face toning devices 

Facial toning devices use a microcurrent to help improve facial contour to achieve a tighter, firmer complexion by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Consumers seek skincare devices that replicate salon treatments with tactile and sensorial materials that are joyous to use and boost skin health, which will be important as people want to look as radiant on screen (in video meetings) as they do in person. 

Skincare device must-haves

When thinking about skincare devices, a few things that consumers prioritize will be essential to consider during product development and marketing to consumers. 

Skincare devices should be multi-functional and have the ability to be repaired. To save money, consumers seek efficiency and gravitate toward products with multi-tasking abilities, from cleansing to exfoliating and toning the face. The ability to be repaired is also top of mind for consumers seeking to extend the life of their skincare devices to save money and reduce waste. Consider offering repair services or a recycling plan if the customer cannot repair products. A recycling program will also help build trust in your brand as it aligns with consumers’ sustainability mindset. 

Skincare devices can also support health and boost mood, which are important values to consumers for whom skincare is a vital part of the self-care routine. Beauty brands can blend tech with wellness by incorporating calming aromatherapy and tactile feel-good materials that are pleasing to the touch to use on the skin to help consumers destress and relax. 

Thinking into the future of skincare devices, consumers are likely to seek tools that go beyond the face. Lives lived more on devices will lead to jeck neck – the new tech neck, which refers to sagging jaw, neck and decolletage. Below-the-neck concerns will be the next unique opportunity for beauty brands. 

Skincare devices are the future of beauty

Skincare devices are becoming an essential part of many consumers’ everyday beauty and self-care routines. To be competitive, brands must incorporate skincare devices that align with their consumers’ shifting preferences and buying patterns. 

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