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5 Men’s Astounding Jackets & Outerwear Trends of Spring/Summer 2022-23


Who said jackets and outerwear work for cold conditions only? These transeasonal pieces are incredibly versatile and will create outfits no matter the weather.

However, the choice is crucial for jackets and outwear. Several hot new takes and perennial favorites offer consumers various options and combinations. Men could go all out with thick overcoats or opt for lighter alternatives.

Businesses can leverage these trends to switch styles for a fresh range of summer/spring aesthetics for 22/23. But first, check out the market demand for these pieces.

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What is the market demand for men’s jackets & outerwear?
Five top jacket & outerwear apparel trends men love
Bottom line

What is the market demand for men’s jackets & outerwear?

Marketing experts valued the men’s jacket & outerwear market at $48.5 billion in 2021. They also anticipate expanding the segment at a 5.1% CAGR from 2022 to 2028.

Most men now prefer pieces like the duster coat, which combines functionality and versatility. This change is partly due to the increasing number of men accepting the corporate culture and demanding protection from the changing weather.

The increased coat and jacket production rates and men’s buying power are also attributable to this market’s growth.

Retailers can expect increased demand for these pieces in S/S 22/23. Check out five men’s jacket and outerwear trends to anticipate for the season.

Five top jacket & outerwear apparel trends men love

Bomber jacket

Man on a balcony with burgundy bomber jacket

The bomber jacket is a timeless staple for every man’s wardrobe. This classic jacket comes in various styles and is incredibly versatile and stylish. It’s a perfect piece for completing casual summer outfits.

This classic piece first graced this world as a military flight jacket during World War I. Over the years, the bomber jacket made its way into the hearts of men as a standard fashion item. 

Bomber jackets were originally leather apparel. However, more recent designs accommodate other materials like polyester, suede, nylon, and wool.

Several variations of the bomber jacket also exist. They typically feature ribbed hems & cuffs, defined necklines, and front zip closures. Men can rock them in different fits, colors, and styles.

Man rocking jean bomber jacket with big buttons

Speaking of style, men that love an edgy casual look can’t go wrong with a burgundy bomber jacket with varsity styling. The piece adds a touch of attitude to various styles and combinations. Consumers can add some black jeans and a T-shirt to complete the look.

Men with a thing for color contrasts will love an olive bomber jacket with minimalist contrast details. These color combinations exude the jacket’s military aesthetic while creating a peak casual look. The jacket makes a stylish combo with neutral-colored chinos or jeans.

Western-style jacket

Man wearing a light wash western-style denim jacket

One effortless way for men to add a western feel to their wardrobes is the western-style jacket. This perennial piece makes a statement with various styles, ranging from classic versions to printed variants. Consumers can also enjoy denim versions of the western-style jacket.

The western style is one of the hottest trends this summer/spring. Several exciting outfits help men embody an instinctive flair for nailing the cowboy look with purpose and accuracy.

Man sitting with a brown western-styled coat

Men who fancy a vintage aesthetic can opt for a western-style denim jacket with traditional styling. Pairing it with neutral-colored pants will allow the jacket to grab the attention for some gum-chewing aesthetic.

A non-denim desert suede jacket also makes a strong statement. The piece nods towards the classic deerskin jackets favored by native Americans and cowboys. Men can style this jacket by keeping it above the waist and pairing it with fitted pants for a contemporary look.

Consumers that feel brave can opt for a sleeveless western-style trucker jacket. The apparel could be corduroy or denim with borg or shearling lining. Men can rock a denim-on-denim outfit with darker washes or opt for more color combos with corduroy.

Biker jacket

Anonymous man with black leather biker jacket

It’s time for some leather as the biker jacket joins the fray of men’s summer trends. Motorcyclists were the first to rock the fashionable piece. The jacket’s cropped style allowed them to lean over without the fasteners making them uncomfortable.

The biker jacket exudes an edgy feel, combined with various features that make it more eye-catching. Biker jackets can have zip, buckles, and popper details, with some even featuring a collar with huge lapels.

One iconic and classic look men can rock is the retro biker jacket. This piece features asymmetrical snap-down lapels and zippers that won’t fail to capture attention. Some variants of this jacket feature zipped pockets, back insignias, and extra studs. Consumers can pair this apparel with some dark denim pants for a retro statement.

Man rocking biker jacket with a dark red undershirt

Men who fancy a sporty look will love the racer biker jacket. It features a stand collar with streamlined designs that show an athleisure aesthetic. Pairing this jacket with some black jeans will create a chic and unfussy style.

That’s not all. Consumers with second thoughts about leather can opt for non-leather biker jackets. These pieces keep the aesthetic of the biker jacket but ditch the iconic leather for other fabrics like polyester. Men can rock a classic look by pairing this piece with a polo undershirt and some chinos.

Summer parka

Man posing with light blue summer parka

Although parkas originally had winter designs, it didn’t stop them from making waves in summer/spring outfits. These transeasonal pieces feature lightweight and technical designs complete with modular and hyperfunction characteristics.

Summer parkas are incredibly stylish, and consumers can enjoy different options for dressy and casual outfits. Men can rock parkas with collars or minimalist variants with clean lines.

Parkas are pretty warm coats. Consumers should avoid fastening the piece. Instead, they should leave the flaps open to make the outerwear more breathable.

Regardless, men can enjoy flexibility as parkas don’t have many strict rules for creating outfits. Men can opt for transitional and practical styles by pairing the summer parka with some shorts. Adding a striped tee to the base would complete the ensemble’s casual aesthetics.

Man wearing grey summer parka with matching inner shirt

A fun and functional outfit would include a summer parka and ripped jeans. Consumers can rock the combo with a graphic or corduroy tee.

An oversized silhouette is possible with the summer parka. Men can enjoy this lightweight look with an extra large parka jacket and some baggy shorts. Pairing the outfit with a buttoned-down shirt would add some eye-catching details.

Duster jacket

Man rocking cream duster jacket while holding flowers

Nothing beats the duster jacket when it comes to length. This long-shaped and loose outerwear is one of the top summer/spring trends that offer an effortlessly classic look.

The more traditional styles reach the wearer’s ankles, with the sole purpose being protection and durability. However, the piece has evolved to now resemble longline suit jackets cutting off at the calves or knees.

Consumers that want more relaxed vibes can opt for a black duster with drape quality fabric. This piece has loose fittings that look similar to lounge robes. It emphasizes an oversized silhouette, especially when men pair them with equally large undershirts and sweatpants.

Man walking on a beach with duster jacket

Duster jackets also work for formal occasions. Since more recent designs have longline suit aesthetics, men can pair them with dress pants and buttoned-down shirts. The ensemble would work best with light, summery fabrics.

Consumers looking to keep things simple can choose a classic duster jacket with light and unlined aesthetics. They can rock matching outfits or create amazing contrasts by pairing blue duster jackets with white undershirts and pants.

Bottom line

With iconic shapes like parka and biker jackets gaining more prominence, it’s up to designers and retailers to quell the hunger for transeasonal pieces.

Advancements in materials, finishes, and treatments provide more functional and versatile options for various activities. Men don’t want to look bland in exchange for comfort, and these trends combine style with a trans-seasonal appeal.

Businesses must use bomber jackets, western-style jackets, summer parkas, biker jackets, and duster jackets to update their 22/22 summer/spring catalogs for more sales and profits. 

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