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Calendar Printing Trends: 5 Types of Calendars Popular Today


As the world becomes more and more digital, many items that were popular in the past are becoming obsolete. Although all smartphones, tablets, and computers now come with calendars built-in, there’s still a high demand for calendar printing from consumers. Standard wall calendars, desk calendars, and even tear-off calendars are still popular today and continue to adapt to new consumer demands. So read on for the key calendar trends that can be a great addition to your inventory this year.

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The market for printed calendars
5 types of popular calendars
What’s next for calendar printing?

The market for printed calendars

The sales of calendars pick up steam around the holiday season, as the new year approaches. However, calendar printing is now something that is being done year-round as consumers look to customize their own calendars or use the calendars to reach new marketing demographics. 

In 2021, the estimated size of the calendar industry was approximately USD 469 million with that number expected to increase by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.4% between 2021-2028. On top of being used in marketing strategies, printed calendars are also increasingly being used as gifts to consumers by companies who want to increase their brand awareness. These are some of the key reasons for the growth of calendar printing in today’s market, despite consumers living in a digital age.

Desktop calendar opened to April next to laptop and smartphone

5 types of popular calendars

Both wall calendars and desk calendars continue to be popular with consumers, but there are a variety of different styles that are being printed that suit certain types of consumers more than others. Whether printed calendars are being used at home or at work, they’re an essential accessory for time management and daily organization. 

Desk calendar with stand flip

Desk calendars are popular both in the workplace and at home, as they take up no wall space and can easily sit on the desk without imposing too much on the workspace. For a more aesthetically pleasing desk calendar consumers are turning to the desk calendar with a stand flip that adds a modern touch to the interior design of a room. 

The printed calendar can be removed and replaced on a yearly basis so there’s no need to buy another stand. This also means that if the consumer isn’t happy with the calendar they’ve chosen, it’s very easy to change it and choose one that suits them better.

Desktop calendar with gold and wood stand flip on table

The classic wall calendar

Wall calendars continue to be popular with consumers, despite most smart devices and computers having calendars included in the apps. Wall calendars are seen as a fun way to be reminded of past events, and an easy way to visually see schedules on a daily basis without being on a device. With so many different designs and fonts out now, it’s not hard to see why calendar printing continues to be in high demand. 

The classic wall calendar is popularly used within homes, especially ones with larger families who have a busy lifestyle and need to keep track of various events and deadlines. Wall calendars are also popular in offices though, especially if a company has their own calendar for marketing purposes. These marketing wall calendars are ideal to give out to consumers as they’re not only a useful product to have at home, but they also act as a constant visual reminder of the company to the consumer. 

Wall calendar with photo of a lake as May image

Dry erase wall planner

Wall calendars are ideal for making small notes about deadlines and events. Dry erase wall planners, however, are heavily used by larger families and businesses who need more space to write everything down. 

The great thing about these calendars is that the information can be erased or edited whenever necessary, and there’s no need to buy paper calendars on a yearly basis. The larger size of this calendar also means that it’s easier to visualize everything in a broader scope. Dry erase wall planners are easy to use and can be a good way of teaching children how to time-manage properly. 

Oversized dry erase wall calendar in an office

Tear-off desktop calendar

Tear-off desktop calendars are a fun way to start the day for many people. On top of having the date on the page, they often have fun facts, quotes, or history lessons on them to make them more informative. These calendars can be laid down flat or sat upright on a stand depending on the user’s preference. It’s a unique alternative to regular desktop calendars and is a great way for brands to promote themselves too.

Tear-off calendar with a sport theme outside of box

Personalized printed calendar

Unlike regular calendars, the personalized printed calendar is the perfect option for families or businesses who want to add a personal touch to their calendars, whether that be with photos, memorable quotes, or special moments on specific days. The entire design is completely up to the consumer so they won’t be stuck with a monthly image that they don’t like. These types of calendars are highly used with businesses looking to target new demographics as well since they are able to make their own calendar from scratch.

A small personalized printed calendar with birth countdown

What’s next for calendar printing?

Calendars have always been an effective way to check dates and write down important appointments or information. Wall calendars, personalized calendar printing, oversized calendars used for businesses, informative and fun tear-off calendars, and dry erase wall planners are five of the top types of printed calendars in demand today. 

Trends are now seeing a shift within consumer buying patterns, with more personalized calendars in demand throughout the year, making them one of the most printed photo products on the market today. Digital calendars are everywhere, but physical calendars are still heavily used both in the workplace and at home.

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