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5 Must-Have Straw Hat Styles Consumers Will Love in 2023


Straw hats are timeless wardrobe items that offer peak sun protection mixed with effortless style. Both men and women can wear these hats.

These hats are fashion staples that exude a utilitarian vibe. Straw hats are popular with consumers because of their lightweight and breathable features. Additionally, straw hats are usually woven, allowing them to cool and ventilate consumers on hot summer days.

Although various straw hat styles exist, businesses can capitalize on the five listed in this article for a summer catalog revamp in 2023.

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What will the market size for straw hats be in 2023?
5 top-trending straw hat styles for 2023
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What will the market size for straw hats be in 2023?

With summer comes the need for extra sun protection. One popular choice for consumers is the straw hat, and this has positively driven the item’s market growth. Marketing experts expect the world straw hat market to hit US $1.5 billion by 2030. They also predict the industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.8% over the forecast period.

The increasing awareness about skin cancer, increasing demand for UV protection items, and the rising trend of fashionable sun hats are other factors contributing to the industry’s growth. 

In 2019, Asia-Pacific monopolized the global market by generating the highest revenue share. Experts forecast the region will continue dominating the industry over the forecast period. North America follows closely behind as the region will experience impressive growth from 2020 to 2030. 

Floppy beach

Woman in a yellow floral dress wearing a floppy hat

Floppy beach hats come to mind when most consumers think of straw hats. This unique fashion item comes with broad brims that offer maximum sun protection. And they can complement beachwear staples like bikinis and cover-ups.

These straw hats are women’s favorites and can be as wide as 10 inches. Variants with such widths also offer shoulder sun protection.

Floppy beach hats may have different price ranges. Businesses can stock up on variants with high UPF ratings to attract consumers focused on sun protection. They can also attract women with taste by offering more fashionable floppy beach hats, like those with bows or ribbons.

Woman posing in a floppy beach hat

Sellers must also note that it’s easy for beachgoers to suffer sunburn on the top of their heads. Such situations may still occur while using a poorly made floppy hat. Hence, retailers must focus on quality to avoid bad reviews and keep consumers coming for more.

Panama straw hat

Woman taking pictures in a panama straw hat

Most vacation outfits won’t be complete without a Panama straw hat. These timeless vacationers’ hats are well-known because of their breathability. Consumers can style these hats effortlessly.

Toquilla straw is the traditional material used to make these hats. For this reason, most Panama hats come in light colors. Variants with tighter weaves will have higher price tags.

Additionally, Panama straw hats are unisex items. One men’s outfit these straw hats can complement is a light silk or linen suit. Women can also add them as finishing touches to their stylish ensembles.

Man in a blue top wearing a panama straw hat

Retailers should add Panama straw hats to their product catalogs to attract tourists and vacationers. These hats exude classic styles while offering outstanding sun protection.

Panama straw hats made waves after former President Roosevelt wore them in 1906–while visiting the Panama canal. People loved the confident, sporty, and stylish aesthetic the item added to the former president’s look, making it a favorite in men’s and women’s fashion.


Woman wearing a black fedora with a gold stripe

It’s easy to confuse Fedoras with Panama hats. Although they may look similar most times, they’re also different. Sellers can identify Panama hats by their material (Toquilla straw), while the shape is the Fedora’s main selling point.

Some prominent features of Fedora hats include pinched fronts, low crowns, and relatively wide brims. These characteristics make these items particularly effective for sun protection and style.

Interestingly, some variants combine Panama hats and Fedoras into one item, especially when the Panama signature material is involved. Both men and women can add straw Fedora hats to their outfits.

Older man wearing a white and black Fedora hat

Fedoras are top picks for tourists, considering they provide sun protection, lightweight designs, and effortless styles that can match any outfit. Straw is not the only material used for Fedora hats, as they can feature other materials like felt and cotton.

Bangora cowboy straw hat

Man striking a western pose in a Bangora cowboy hat

Bangora straw hats are one of the various accessories that complete a cowboy outfit. They’re favored for their incredible durability and vintage style.

These hats are also known as Bandera straws or Bangkok waves. Paper yarn is the material used to make Bangora cowboy straw hats. However, a machine weaves this material together, giving the headwear a straw look.

This weaving process gives the Bangora hat its immense durability. It also features vented crowns that make the accessory more breathable.

Woman posing in a black Bangora cowboy straw hat

Businesses can also market Bangora cowboy hats to kids. They’re mostly resistant to misshaping or crushing after playtime on the ranch. These items effortlessly complete the classic western look, regardless of age. 

Boater-style straw hat

Man in a brown boater-style hat at a lake

Boater hats started as essential men’s accessories. Traditionally, men wore them as formal hats for sunny days. There was even a day (called Straw Hat Day) dedicated to swapping winter hats for summer boater hats.

Boater hats typically feature stiff straw that gives them a distinct look and a sturdy flat brim and crown. Interestingly, boater-style straw hats serve as school wear in most boys’ schools in South Africa, the UK, and Australia.

Although these accessories were men’s fashion items, women can also rock this classic iconic style. Now, unisex straw hats continues to fill up fashion and travel bloggers’ wardrobes.

Boater-style straw hats are promising investments as businesses can see them trending all over social media travel pages. Although boater hats are timeless and fashionable, they have short brims, making them less effective for sun protection.

Closing words

Straw hats are fantastic summer accessories consumers can wear for almost all outdoor activities. There’s a straw hat for most occasions, whether a trip to the beach or more formal occasions during warm conditions.

Straw hats offer excellent protection from dangerous UV rays and can keep wearers from sunburns. These accessories are fashionable and versatile enough to complement most summer outfits.

Due to their breathability and ease of wear, consumers will naturally gravitate towards straw hats this season. Hence, businesses must capitalize on the floppy beach, Panama, Fedora, Bangora cowboy, and boater-style straw hat trends for a head start when sales kick-off.

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