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5 Portable Electric Breast Pumps With High Profits in 2023


Whether breastfeeding exclusively or not, every mom needs a breast pump. But finding a pump that meets their specific needs out of all the available options can be overwhelming for businesses diving into the niche. 

Thankfully, this article contains detailed information on five tested-and-trusted portable electric breast pumps designed to cater to mothers’ desires for convenient milking. Also, in this article are factors retailers should consider before investing in a breast pump.

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An overview of the breast pump market
Portable electric breast pumps: 5 trends mothers will love
Factors to consider before choosing
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An overview of the breast pump market

Woman using a portable electric breast handsfree

The global breast pump market was valued at 1.84 billion dollars in 2021. It is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 8.3% from 2022 to 2030. The industry is currently expanding to fit the rapidly changing demographics and the increase in the birth index across the world.

Significant drivers of this market are the increase in the number of working women worldwide, the growing awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding, and supportive government initiatives. Also, the desire for more hygienic and accessible options has stimulated the design of innovative technologies. For example, some models even simulate a baby’s sucking rhythm without causing much pain or discomfort.

The closed system segment had the largest market revenue share, with 65.3% in 2021. It is also expected to boom during the forecast period because these systems are comparatively more hygienic and contamination-free than open systems. The market for electric pumps was also more significant than that of manual pumps in 2021. Therefore, it is anticipated to snowball, with a CAGR of 8.4% during the forecast period.

Portable electric breast pumps: 5 trends mothers will love

Wearable electric breast pump

Woman wearing a wearable breast pump

This wearable electric breast pump is practical for working parents and anyone constantly on the go. It is a hands-free, cord-free pump that fits inside the bra. Plus, the pump has multiple-function modes, each with seven suction levels that can be adjusted to meet the needs of every mom.

The two-in-one mode alternates between light massaging and vigorous pumping to lessen the discomfort of an overfull breast. The dual-frequency mode employs a weak, stop, and strong pumping cycle to help mothers correct inverted nipples and achieve smooth lactation. The expression mode provides consistent pumping with robust suction strength and slow frequency.

This pump is popular for people to pump while on the move, like driving, doing yoga, and many other activities. However, due to its small size, its container holds a small amount of milk. So, some mums may need to switch storage bags mid-session.

USB rechargeable breast pump

Hand holding a USB rechargeable breast pump

The USB rechargeable breast pump is often a single gourd-shaped electric breast pump designed with the comfort of the pumping parent at heart. It allows pumping from one breast while feeding the baby from the other. In addition, this USB rechargeable pump promises a suction strength similar to most hospital-grade pumps.

In addition, USB rechargeable breast pump packages may contain a dust shield, massage pad, cover, piston, pump body, valve, baby bottle, bottle cover, adapter, pump motor, and USB cable. The device also has a backlit LCD screen and lightweight and portable features.

But that’s not all. These portable breast pumps also have built-in rechargeable lithium batteries. In addition, they are ultra-quiet and can be used discreetly anywhere, with a noise level of about 45-55 dB. More importantly, these devices feature universal power supplies and can be charged with adapters, power banks, laptops, or computers.

USB rechargeable breast pumps are mostly BPA-free, with all their parts made of PP and silicon. They also have flexible flanges that prevent indentations on the wearer’s breasts. This all-season pump can be used in the bedroom, living room, and baby care room on regular occasions and holidays.

Hands-free electric breast pump

Woman pressing her phone while pumping breast milk

Another hands-free choice that parents like is the hands-free electric breast pump. This single-load hands-free pump has a large-capacity lithium battery, allowing for extended use. Additionally, some variants come with time- and energy-saving remotes with single keys for suction and adjustment. 

Most hands-free electric breast pumps have three suction modes, each with nine levels. The fast and shallow lactation mode, the slow and deep suction mode, and the soft-massage frequency conversion mode are all intended to offer soft suction, painless lactation, and comfort.

Wireless electric breast pump

Woman using a wireless portable electric pump while holding breasts

The wireless electric breast pump has no wires, tubes, and hanging bottles. It is breast-shaped and can be worn under the bra, making it more discreet than other models. 

The device often consists of a milk container, a linker, a pump motor, a silicon diaphragm and shield, and a bra adjustment buckle. These components are set up in a dual-channel anti-back flow arrangement that protects milk from contamination, spillage, and wastage. They are free of PVC, BPA, latex, and phthalates and are made of silicon and PP.

Wireless electric breast pumps use an air-pressure pulse pump that generates high-frequency pulses per minute and has two modes and nine suction gears. Additional features include high-capacity rechargeable batteries, a digital LCD, and a low-noise motor.

The spill-proof design is another cool feature that enables pumping in any position, including lying down, reclining, or standing. It is also easy to assemble, maintain, and use.

Adjustable electric breast pump

An electric adjustable portable breast pump on blue background

The adjustable electric breast pump was thoughtfully designed to offer premium comfort. It is more compact than most one-piece pumps, with its controls at the top of the unit. 

These pumps also have closed system pumps with five parts, making the pumping process simple, straightforward, and hygienic. It also features expression, massage pumping modes, and various suction levels that work like the natural milk let-down rhythm.

Most wearable breast pumps come with a one-size flange that can be adjustable. This pump comes with flanges of 3 sizes so every mum can switch as they desire for more comfort. It has a large rechargeable battery and can be used anywhere, anytime, because it makes minimal noise. 

Factors to consider before choosing


Every mom has her reasons for pumping. Some share feeding responsibilities with a partner or caregiver to relieve the discomfort of an engorged breast. Some do it to maintain a regular milk supply. They also consider where and when they plan to pump and how frequently.

Exclusive pumping, for instance, requires solid, nearly hospital-grade pumps. Also, a manual pump would be ineffective for more frequent pumping.

Single or double-breast pumps

The objectives for pumping influence the type of pumps to buy. Businesses with targets wanting to increase their milk supply or pump exclusively will find double breast pumps more productive. These options are quick and effective, especially for those pumping regularly.

On the other hand, single breast pumps are more helpful if only one breast will be pumped at a time, e.g., alongside feeding.


Access to power outlets is another essential factor to consider. For example, some breast pumps limit movement because consumers must plug them into an electrical outlet. Others are powered by a battery, allowing movements without restriction but are attached to the battery-operated apparatus, which can be large and heavy. 

Pumps with built-in rechargeable batteries are better options. These models are lightweight, compact, and easily wearable in bras. In addition, these recent models offer hands-free, wire-free pumping that most moms love.

Available settings

Pumps have different suction and efficiency settings. Some have single suction modes, while others have multiple. Also, it is a good idea to check the mmHG, or millimeters of mercury, which is a measurement that shows how strong the suction is.

Some pumps have extra accessories which make the pumping process more straightforward. Also, it helps if these parts are easily replaceable and easy to find.

Sound level

All breast pumps make some noise, but some are quieter than others. Pumps with relatively low sound levels are ideal if pumping is done in public places like in an office, during flights, or during conference calls.

Closing words

Every mum needs a pump that suits her lifestyle. This selection of breast pumps meets all breastfeeding mothers’ needs: from exclusive pumping to expressing milk to cover the occasional night out. 

These pumps are electric, portable, and compact. Also, they have multiple suction modes and gears that simulate babies’ natural sucking rhythms and stimulate milk expression without causing discomfort or pain.

Portable electric breast pumps are excellent investments for vendors who desire to provide their clients with all the comfort, ease, and convenience they desire.

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