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Smart Toys That Are Good for Children’s Development


Having the correct toys to aid in the development of children is essential, whether that be at school or within the household. There are almost endless amounts of toys for consumers to choose from, but not all toys are created the same, with some being more beneficial than others when it comes to learning. There are now smart toys for every age group, and some in particular are proving to be very popular today.

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Global market value of smart toys
Top smart toys for children
The future of smart toys

Global market value of smart toys

Toys have always been a fun and useful way for parents and teachers to help jumpstart a child’s development. There are more toys in the market than ever before, many of which incorporate electronics and smart devices into them, but some of the more classic versions of toys are still very much in demand.

A rise in the population of the middle class, as well as an increased use of smartphones and other smart devices, has helped to fuel sales within the smart toys industry. In 2020 the global market value of smart toys was USD 10.11 billion and that number is expected to increase to USD 34.12 billion by 2028

Young boy playing with gears attached to a wall

Top smart toys for children

There are a few things to consider when choosing smart toys for children. The education value, amount of entertainment a child will receive, and the overall engagement level of the toy itself should all be taken into account. That being said, toys such as the DIY solar panel, kitchen toy set, the magic water elf set, wooden toy picnic set, and robot building blocks all fit this criteria and are very popular options of smart toys for children. 

DIY solar panel 

When it comes to educational and smart toys, the DIY solar panel is one of the best options to help stimulate an interest in engineering as well as sustainable energy. This smart toy helps to develop hands-on ability as well as experimentation, and can easily be used within a school or at home. With a clear instruction manual, putting together this wooden DIY solar panel is a great way for children to work on their problem solving skills too. 

As if this wasn’t enough, this toy will also help to stem an interest in sustainable energy, by helping children to learn more about solar energy and the ways in which it can help battle climate change. For such a small toy, it incorporates a lot of incredible development tools that are perfect for many age groups – boys and girls.

Young boy putting together a solar powered car with wires

Smart drawing robot

Robots have developed over the years, and now have more features than ever before. In the past, robots have only been able to move with limited abilities and speak using pre-recorded voice options. Today however, robots can do so much more, and one of the newest additions to the long list of robot toys is the smart drawing robot. This robot helps children to learn to draw by allowing them to follow along, without verbal instructions, a step by step drawing process that’s also fun to use.

By swiping a card in front of the robot, it can scan the image on the card and start drawing it in a simple way. There are various functions available on this robot that allows children to start off with easy steps and then continue to more difficult ones as their learning progresses. This smart drawing robot is the perfect way to deepen and inspire a child’s curiosity in not only drawing but learning in general. There are simpler versions of this robot that will draw basic shapes as well.

Smart drawing robot in teal color with cards in box

Smart laptop and tablet

Laptop’s are a core part of everyone’s life in today’s society. For children who are only just developing it’s important to start them off with a less advanced version that will help to pique their interest in the device but still act as an educational tool. One style of smart laptop is more for writing than anything else, and uses liquid crystal technology to create the image on the screen. It’s a modern version of the traditional Etch A Sketch game that children used to play with in past decades, and is proving to be a big hit with children. 

Other versions of the smart laptop act more like a tablet, where children can play educational games and watch shows. These are very popular with parents who take their children on road trips or on vacations as a way to entertain them while still working on their education. 

Blue children’s laptop in the shape of a dog’s face

Smart toy shooting camera

One of the biggest trends with smart toys is having them mimic pieces of equipment that adults use. By doing this, children are more likely to play with the toys as they’ve seen their parents or other family members using one. The smart toy shooting camera is a very popular toy on the market today. Although it doesn’t have as many features as a high quality digital camera, it does have some of the key features such as recording, face recognition, and shooting modes.

These shooting cameras are designed with small hands in mind, so it’s very easy for children to use them and carry them around. It’s not only a nice way for children to make some memories, but it will also spark an interest in photography or even editing, so the smart camera for children is a great toy to have on hand.

Child taking a photo with a smart camera

Toy robots

Today’s generation of children are more exposed to smart devices and electronics than ever before. So it comes as no surprise that many children develop an interest in electronics from an early age. Rather than giving them a computer, video game, or smartphone to play with, toy robots are beginning to rise in popularity among younger children. There are various different types of toy robots for the consumer to choose from, with everything from robots made out of building blocks to fully electronic robots hitting the shelves.

Building a toy robot is the perfect way for children to get hands-on experience creating something, and is an early introduction into the way electronics work as well as engineering structures. Plus, robots are fun to build collectively, so it can be an individual project or something done as a team. Overall, the toy robot is the perfect smart toy for any age group.

Young boy sitting on floor staring at a toy robot

The future of smart toys

With more parents and teachers looking to purchase educational toys for their children, the future of smart toys looks very bright. In today’s market, DIY solar panels, kitchen toy sets, the magic water elf, wooden toy food such as picnics, and toy robots are all making their marks on the toy industry and their popularity doesn’t look to be slowing down in the foreseeable future.

There will always be a mixture of traditional and modern toys available for educational purposes, but the market is expecting a rise in toys that can be enjoyed with the whole family, as well as toys that educate children about the environment. Toys can be both fun and educational, and with these smart toys on the market there should be no doubt about the positive impact they’ll have on children’s development. 

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