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5 Profitable Braid Straw Hat Trends to Stock up in 2023


Straw hats are gaining a lot of traction this season. Many consumers consider them essential for warm weather conditions. In addition to functionality, straw hats exude elegance, making consumers crave them more.

They use incredibly breathable materials, making straw hats the top choice for summer. More importantly, straws provide many variants, each with the potential to generate revenue and profit.

This article examines five braid straw hat trends retailers must glean to avoid missing out on hot sales this season. But first, explore the market size below to understand the market’s potential.

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What does the market look like for women’s hats?
Five remarkable braid straw hat trends in 2022
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What does the market look like for women’s hats?

The pandemic projected terrible times for the global hats market. While several countries went into lockdown, the demand for hats reduced significantly. More consumers were adopting the stay-at-home trend, which negatively impacted the market.

However, marketing experts predict the global hats market will charge toward a revival at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.53%. They expect the industry to be up and running from 2022 to 2027.

Women are significant contributors to the global hats market. The segment shows promise as women consider hats are essential accessories. The need to purchase hats as fashion symbols that reflect individual status drives the market.

Asia Pacific and Europe are current potential market regions. Experts hold them in high regard due to the rising demand for women’s hats, changing weather conditions, and increasing fashion consciousness. North America follows closely behind due to an expected increase in disposable income.

Five remarkable braid straw hat trends in 2022


Woman holding a straw hat while walking

Shantung straw, like many summer variants, is not a straw. Original Shantung was made from paper yarn popular as “Washi.” The thin, lightweight material may look fragile, but it creates one of the most durable straw hats in fashion accessories. This paper yarn gained popularity due to its close resemblance to Panama.

These straw hats have an off-white color that helps to reflect sunlight. However, they don’t have tight weaves like their cousins. Since Shantung hats are primarily paper, they’re weak to moisture from sweat or rain. But they offer exceptional sun protection.

Modern spins on Shantung straw hats see the item machine-woven from flat sheets. They also have different shapes and sizes that retain the beauty and durability of Washi. Some Shantung hat variants even come in two tones. Despite their setbacks, these hats hold a significant market presence, accounting for over half of global straw hat sales.

Woman in a straw hat drinking coffee

Shantung straw hats are also widespread for their versatility. They’re perfect for everyday attires and look amazing with a nice pair of boots. These hats also make trendy statements for formal get-ups, improving their market value. Finding the right Shantung straw hat will make a fashionable scene on special occasions.


A straw hat with a black ribbon

Milan straw hats don’t refer to the material. Instead, it’s a braiding/weaving technique for making beautiful straw hats. Since Milan is not material-specific, it can comprise various materials ranging from synthetic plastics to hemp. Artificial straws are more common for Milan straw hats, but manufacturers may make finely-braided variants from wheat straws.

These hats possess intricate weaves with immense durability to withstand wear and tear. Contrary to their thick braids, Milan straw hats are incredibly lightweight. Their appearances spell elegant and can blend in beautifully with several street-style aesthetics. Despite the various materials used for these accessories, Milan retains its attractive golden hue.

Woman rocking a wide-brimmed straw hat

Milan straw hats come in various values and qualities. A model with good quality may take four or five days to produce. Interestingly, those with premium quality may take even more time, ranging from six to nine months. These hats ooze a natural rustic authenticity many consumers want on their casual or formal attire.


Straw hat paced on a fence

Japan is the prime manufacturer of these eye-catching straw hats. Toyo straw hats comprise rice-paper yarns with a plastic glaze finish. Many love these items for their incredible smoothness and shiny look. Usually, they turn golden copper or viscose white when the final product is ready.

Although they have glazed finishes, Toyo straw hats are soft to the touch. They don’t compromise durability and remain lightweight like other straw hats. In addition, manufacturers mostly weave these items keeping them in the low to medium price range. Hence, they’re ideal for consumers needing pretty but budget-friendly summer hats.

Woman lying down while holding a white straw hat

Toyo straw hats can easily make any outfit look polished because of their smoothness and shine. They’d make great casual items and won’t fall behind in the formal category. 


Straw hat hanging on the side of a chair

Panama straw is one of the most popular hat types in the world. They hail from toquilla fiber and express wide varieties of weaves. Despite the name, these hats don’t originate from Panama. They’re an Ecuador specialty and carry all characteristics of an “ideal” hat.

The weave tightness, finesse, and time make Panama straw hats supreme in the quality department. They’re beautiful, light-colored hats widespread as seaside and tropical items. Moreover, these hats are the peak of breathability and ease of wear. Montecristi Panama hats boast these features, as only master weavers can produce them.

For a hat admired widely, Panama straw hats have time-consuming and arduous manufacturing processes. It’s one of the reasons why they’re more expensive investments. Additionally, many legends contribute to this hat’s famous legacy. Some state Panama hats won’t lose their shapes or structure even when packed in tight spaces.

Woman lying down while holding a straw hat

Various weave techniques affect the Panama hat’s flexibility, durability, and breathability. Brisa weave patterns are simple yet as tight and flat as possible. Cuenca Panama weaves are similar to Brisa, but looser. More modern weaves like Cuenca twisted, crochet, and fancy add pretty staw textures to the classic item.


Woman holding a straw hat looking sidewaysWoman holding a straw hat looking sideways

Bangora straw hats are pretty similar to Shantung variants. They feature paper-based yarn woven in perpendicular patterns. Bangora hats are primarily machine-woven and can stand the test of time. They may be weak against moisture, but these hats offer incredible protection against the elements.

Most Bangora straw hats come with vented crowns and are not there for fashion. This feature makes the items more breathable and comfortable to wear. They’re also harder to crush and would maintain shape even when squeezed in tight spaces.

Woman wearing a straw hat sitting in a wheat field

These hats exude a timeless western aesthetic. They look great with any classic cowboy ensemble. Bangora straw hats also go by Bangkok weaves or Bandera straws.

Bottom line

Braid straw hat trends aim at functionality and style that appeals to women. They often set the mood for hot sunny days, creating a comfortable environment. The materials may not be straws, but manufacturers weave these hats to look like them.

Straw hat trends like Panama are high-quality options for beach-goers and tropical vibes. Bangora, Toyo straw, and Shantung are durable and great for the western aesthetic.

Milan straw hats encompass various trendy styles and shape any consumer would love. Sellers should consider these trends to update their summer hat catalogs.

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