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5 Top-trending Bucket Hat Styles for 2023


Bucket hats are making a comeback this season as searches for the hats have risen by considerable percentages. Seen on celebrities like Billie Eilish and Meryl Streep, bucket hats are the perfect headwear for consumers who love to have a funky look.

Bucket hats also scream “summertime,” giving a more fashionable look to consumers. The hat’s uniquely charming and somewhat silly shape exudes a cheerful feel and timeless appeal.

This article will explore five must-have bucket hat styles consumers will love in 2023.

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The bucket hat trend is back and bigger
5 trendy bucket hat designs consumers will love
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The bucket hat trend is back and bigger

Hats are essential fashion pieces that appeal to consumers across all seasons. Due to the desire for fashionable head protection, experts predict the global headwear market will register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.53% from 2022–2027.

Despite the partial or complete lockdown measures in most countries, the bucket hat became increasingly popular among consumers. This piece of headwear offered a way to cover hairstyles untouched by hairdressers for months.

Other factors that have boosted the bucket hat trend’s growth include changing lifestyles, an evolving fashion sector, and rising demand for comfortability, convenience, and availability. The increasing demand for stylish headwear by younger consumers is also positively driving the bucket hat market. These consumers believe the bucket hat shows personality and improves attractiveness.

5 trendy bucket hat designs consumers will love

Denim bucket hat

Smiling man wearing a denim bucket hat

It’s easy to achieve a 90s kid look with a classic denim bucket hat. Pairing a denim bucket hat with bright primary colors would make consumers look and feel bold. Even consumers who feel apprehensive about colorful attire can rock this versatile item with a white T-shirt and jeans combo.

Denim bucket hats can also complete denim-on-denim outfits. They can make killer outfits, especially when consumers layer a fashionable trench coat over a denim trucker jacket–topped with a matching denim bucket hat.

Man posing in dark denim bucket hat

This headwear also looks great with button-down tops and shorts. Consumers can fasten all the buttons or leave most of them undone for more breathability. Regardless, the denim bucket hat would be an effortless way to complete the outfit.

Cheetah print

Woman posing in an animal-print bucket hat

The cheetah print and leather combo is one of the best ways to exude 90s nostalgia. Consider pairing a cheetah print bucket hat with a leather blazer. A nice pair of light-wash jeans and fancy black boots would complete the attire.

These bucket hats also make excellent uniform looks. Consumers can rock a full cheetah print look by pairing this headwear with a matching bodysuit.

Edgy looks are also within the range of cheetah-print bucket hats. Wearers can easily dress down black jackets–especially when paired with blue ripped distressed jeans. Multi- or solid-colored tops would also look great with this outfit.

Since cheetah-print bucket hats make bold statements, they can breathe some life into all-black outfits. Pairing a dark jacket with a black top and a pair of jeans would look amazing with a red cheetah-print bucket hat.

Man in a cheetah-print bucket hat

Oversized blazers and jeans are outstanding outfit templates. But adding a cheetahprint bucket hat on top will enhance the look. Consumers who love bold patterns and prints can never go wrong with this headwear.

Tie-dye bucket hat

Woman wearing a tie-dye bucket hat

Tie-dye loungewear sets captured the hearts of consumers, and tie-dye bucket hats are here for another round. The bright and playful design of this item makes eye-catching contrasts with structured and utilitarian staples.

Tie-dye bucket hats can look great with tank tops. The top could be bright, dark, or neutral-toned. Adding cargo pants to the mix would add a utilitarian aesthetic to the outfit.

The classic round-neck t-shirt and shorts combo also looks great with this headwear. Consumers can pick out a comfortable T-shirt, along with a nice pair of khakis. They can slip on a tie-dye bucket hat to add bold finishing touches to the ensemble.

Tie-dye bucket hat placed on grass

A cute way to rock tie-dye bucket hats is by pairing a summery printed maxi skirt with a graphic tee. The headwear will finish off the look and introduce a sporty vibe to the outfit.

Wearing white tees and black slacks is an easy way to rock this colorful headwear. Pulling the tie-dye bucket hat slightly over the eyes would exude an appealing 50s vibe.

Checkered bucket hat

Woman posing in a checkered bucket hat

Staying on trend and remaining comfortable are specialties of checkered bucket hats. These items pair incredibly with sweats and graphic T-shirts.

Checkered bucket hats can also accentuate eye-catching street styles. Staples like a logo long sleeve tee and long black shorts would look breathtaking with a brightly colored checked bucket hat.

A T-shirt with fun prints or patterns matched with dark-colored chinos will be elevated by a checkered bucket hat. Sunglasses added to the mix would add a dose of cool vibes while offering double sun protection.

Double-checkered looks are also possible with a bucket hat and overshirt outfit. Consumers can take a fascinating spin on a bucket hat paired with similarly checkered overshirts. Some barrel-cut jeans and a white inner shirt would make the look feel grounded.

Blue and white checkered bucket hat covering a woman’s face

Checkered bucket hats can also drive a 90s look filled with nostalgia. Wearers can kick off the outfit with a 90s-inspired top, like graphic tees, or simply tie a shirt around the waist. They can also jazz things up by adding wide-leg pants and finishing the look with a checkered bucket hat.

Crocheted bucket hat

Woman posing in a white crocheted bucket hat

The crochet style is the peak of DIY fashion, and the trendy bucket hat adopts this style in all its glory. For a playful look, this headwear can be styled with a mini skirt and chunky sandals. Alternatively, these bucket hats can exude cottagecore vibes when paired with flowy maxi dresses.

Pairing a crocheted bucket hat with a cardigan, jorts, and sunglasses is a stylish way to rock throwback fashion trends. Oversized long sleeves and trendy windbreakers offer an effortless start to a timeless crochet bucket hat look. Wearers can throw in a skirt and playful tights to keep the outfit fun and light.

Crocheted bucket hats can add interest to otherwise simple outfits, like a printed button-up tee and leggings ensemble. This headwear can also make such outfits office-ready.

Woman posing in a crocheted bucket hat

Consumers can hit the streets with supreme casual vibes by pairing a crochet bucket hat with a faded resort shirt and plaid pants. They can also tap into the monotone look by capping off their outfit with a matching bucket hat–helping to push a head-to-toe look.

In conclusion

Bucket hats are making powerful comebacks this season, though they never really went out of fashion. Although this headwear is not for everyone, consumers interested in bucket hats can enjoy various styling options.

Consumers can wear bucket hats with various hairstyles and almost all outfits. Regardless of style, customers can always accessorize bucket hats and keep their stylish looks intact.

Because of their versatility, wearers will demand more bucket hats to flaunt them in their unique styles. Therefore, retailers must stock up on denim, tie-dye, crochet, cheetah print, and checkered bucket hat styles to appeal to various consumers. 

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