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5 Stunning Pre-Summer Women’s Trims and Details for 2023


Personalization is on the rise these days, and as a result, more women want to feel unique with a touch of individuality in their wardrobe. With these exciting trims and details for 2023, women can transform any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. So read on for the key trends to be well-placed to benefit from this growing demand!

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The market size of women’s trims and details
Five artistic and functional women’s trims and details
Rounding up

The market size of women’s trims and details

Over the years, the fashion industry has witnessed an increase in decorative trends, leading to a surge in the global decorated apparel market size. According to reports, experts valued the market size at US $23.06 billion in 2021. Furthermore, they estimate the global apparel market will witness a 12.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2022 to 2030.

The women’s segment made the most contributions to the global market, at more than 65.46% in 2021. Combined with a recent survey that estimates the global women’s apparel market will reach US $1,165 billion by 2027, there’s a strong expectation that growth for the women’s trims and details market size is looking better than ever.

The increasing demand for creative or innovative designs and the need for more embroidery, decorative pieces, and individuality are factors that drive this market. So, sellers can expect even more decorative and customizable women’s wear to trend in pre-summer 2023.

Five artistic and functional women’s trims and details


Woman wearing shirt with buttoned-down placket

Sportsmart appeals to consumers who love layering and adjustable pieces. This details trend offers peak practicability with adaptable elements. Comfort is the goal of this trend as it comes ready with interchangeable and versatile designs.

The trendy double-ended zips can create stunning transeasonal outfits with low-impact metal finishes. But that’s not all. Double-ended zips also keep the rule of elegance that states consumers should never close jackets to the bottom because it’ll cut their figure line in half.

This allows women to look as elegant as men that don’t button the bottom of their suit jackets. The two-way zipper is a combination of sartorial sophistication and practicality.

Another magical variant of the Sportsmart trend is drawstrings . It’s an excellent alternative for consumers who don’t fancy elastics or belts. Some apparel that uses drawstrings include joggers, sweatpants, and scrubs.

However, drawstrings are great additions to dresses. They’ll help consumers fit their dresses snugly on the waistline. And they can rock them in different ways, like bows, fastening, buckle-fastening, or simple tying.

Woman wearing blue crop top and joggers with drawstrings

Modular designs are also part of the Sportsmart trends. They bring modularity to women’s outfits by adding adjustable pieces. Consumers can also remove the arms or legs of the ensemble or change the lengths according to their preferences.

Lace detailing

Anonymous woman wearing a gown with lace detailing

Lace detailing is an eye-catching way for consumers to add a soft, delicate mood to day and eveningwear. Often associated with beauty and sensuality, the feminine lace offers various patterns and styles for decorating garments.

Silk and linen were once standard threads for making lace. But now, cotton is the most popular, while some even have synthetic fibers, like rayon or polyester. Though it’s been around since ancient Egyptian times, lace detailing is still a standard component of women’s apparel, including lingeries.

DarkRomance inserts take sensuality to a different level. Consumers can use lace inserts to expose some skin and effortlessly rock an appealing and beautiful look. In addition, lace inserts can be between fabric panels to create see through effects, making opaque outfits look appealing.

Woman posing with lace insert leggins

Consumers more sensitive to showing skin can opt for lace inserts on top of the fabric. It’ll retain the DarkRomance detail but give a more sophisticated look.

Women who don’t have a thing for lace but fancy lace detailing can opt for laser cuts. This detail trend allows women to enjoy similar effects of DarkRomance inserts on other materials, like leather. Thus, keeping their sensual or sophisticated look.

Crafted details

Woman posing in textured and colorful dress

The opposite of the beige aesthetic and clean minimalism, the crafted detail trend is all about character and handcrafted looks. Crafted detail outfits are textured, bold, and colorful. Usually, these designs feature oversized silhouettes, but some variants also have slim fits.

Crafted details add more than just colors and patterns to a piece of apparel. They add details like cords, tapes, and tassels on a simple base.

Crochet tapes, for instance, can add the crochet pattern to different base apparel. Crochets are popular in women’s fashion for their bold statements and intricate hand-made designs. Hence, women who fancy it can find them on the hem of dresses, skirts, collars, plackets, belts, sleeves, or even pockets of jackets.

The Crafted detail trend extends to tassel designs. Knitting tassels, cutting tassels, and napping tassels all add a nomadic style to outfits. In addition, they can enhance the looks of sweaters, pants, t-shirts, suits, and other pieces.

Woman rocking brown tight pants with tassels

Metal hardware

Woman wear trousers with multiple zips

Nothing beats Metal hardware at being functional and decorative. These statement making items can serve multiple functions, from branding to closures on various pieces. Even simple garments can be improved by embellishing them with low-impact plating, metal trims, and other finishing options.

Removable details open the door to different styles and customization options. For example, customers can turn their blouses into dresses or shirts into skirts. One great example of these removable details is brooches.

Brooches are decorative pieces that consumers can attach to their outfits as a fastener or decorative piece. Removable sleeves are also part of this sub-trend as consumers can choose to rock a long sleeve jacket or turn it into a vest for warmer conditions.

Woman wearing outfit with decorative buttons and branded trims

Some branded trims come in the form of swing tags to give a garment an elegant and luxurious touch. Other types include badges, overriders, embroidered and woven labels, leather patches, and rivets.

The unexpected zip is another type of detail that consumers can add for a more personalized feel. As the name implies, these zips show up in places most women won’t expect, like on the body of pants or dresses. However, these zips are adjustable and can make outfits look baggy when consumers unzip them, leading to customizable styles.

Whether women use them for adornment, practical reasons, or both, garment closures and embellishments are an essential part of fashion. However, statement closures appeal to consumers who would pick buttons, pullers, and buckles to make a stylish statement.

Dramatic ruffles

Woman posing in dress with dramatic ruffles

Dramatic ruffles are one of the best ways to enjoy over-the-top apparel decoration. Ruffles go as far back as the Elizabethan era and are for the fans of bold and bulgy. They are an eye-catching addition that can add character and flair to simple garments.

Ruffles come in many types. First, there’s the basic single-edge ruffle that consumers can find on many types of clothing. Then, the circular ruffles make a bolder statement when added to garments. Other types include double-edge, cascading, spiral, and pleated ruffles.

One way consumers can look great with dramatic ruffles is with exaggerated sleeves. The trend of oversized sleeves hails from the 80s. But today, it makes a statement for summer outfits. They can be found in variations that work for formal and casual events.

The layered volume is another way consumers can make a bold statement with ruffles. Consumers can get creative with patterns like animal prints, plaid, structured flowers, and polka dots on their layered volume skirts or dresses. Although this trend makes some amazing evening wear, consumers can apply them to more casual looks too.

Woman wearing dress with ruffles water effect

Rounding up

Women continuously yearn to upgrade the items in their wardrobe with eye-catching trims and details, complimenting their outfits with a sense of creative individuality.

At the same time, there’s still demand for functional elements, like modular designs and trims (such as drawstring waists and double-ended zips) that can be adjusted to suit their needs.

With this in mind, fashion retailers aiming to get ahead of these trends can offering some of the key trims and details listed above for more pre-summer sales in 2023.

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