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Trims and Details: 5 Awesome Trends That Increase Profits


Trims and details trends are unique fashion fittings that give different pop and aesthetics to fashion apparel. This article will reveal five trims and details trends that consumers are currently rocking in 2022. But first, here’s an overview of this accessories market.

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An overview of the trims and accessories market in 2022
Five amazing trims and details that are in high demand
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An overview of the trims and accessories market in 2022

Before now, fashion magazines and runways were platforms for getting new fashion trends. But these days, streetwear culture and social media are the tools dictating fashion trends. That’s the case with the trims and details trend collection. 

These fashion fittings are rarely spoken about, but they’re tools that emphasize the beauty of various clothing styles consumers wear. Also, these fittings tend to boost the value of apparel, giving them a customized and unique feel—which most consumers are willing to pay for.

According to a recent survey, the global customized clothing market will grow by $1.13 billion.  In other words, the market is registering a CAGR of 5.79 percent from 2021 to 2025. Hence, sellers can leverage the growth of this industry and boost their profit.

Five amazing trims and details that are in high demand

Adaptable design

Close up view of blue denim with a fly zipper

Adaptable designs cut across consumers who love durable and versatile clothing. This design type includes accessories like source open-ended zippers and fastenings. The zippers usually consist of a track that can be metal or plastic with tape made from polyester. It also comes with a slider and pull that closes the zipper teeth. 

But that’s not all. Most jackets feature separating zips. And these zippers have open ends with an auto-locking slider at the bottom that attaches to the zipper teeth. It’s a good match for consumers who want the ease of moving, sitting, etc. 

The metal teeth zippers are heavy-duty variants that come in different lengths. The short ones are pretty common with denim outfits. The nickel options usually have a shiny silver finish, and it works for heavy-weight fabrics. Also, fly zippers are the perfect zipper design for the front of the pants.

Young man wearing a coat with brown toggle buttons

Fasteners are clothing accessories that are decorative and functional. These design types are effective alternatives to zippers that often break or jam. They also help to strengthen garments and improve structural integrity. 

Snap fasteners have interlocking discs that come in prong-style and post-style. The prong style has metal teeth or prongs that pierce fabrics. Post-style snaps are ideal for denim and heavy outwear.

Toggle fastenings are popular variants often made of plastic, metal, wood, or buffalo horn. Typically, these fastenings are narrow and long. Also, the fastener inserts through loops of leather or rope.

Retro resort

Bride wearing a wedding gown with modern scalloped lace trims

Getting the retro resort is a fantastic way for fashionistas to get an old-fashioned look, thanks to its various styles and patterns. One of the ways to nail this look is to get trims that match retro themes. Modern vibrant scalloped trim with faux pearls, hand-woven cotton lace trim, or modern braids are a perfect way to start. 

These trims work well on dresses or skirts and offer a euphoric style. The iridescent glass beaded trim is an excellent example that adds class to the retro vibe for dresses, jackets, skirts, etc.

The cord edge is another type of trim that consumers can stitch into a seam as a decorative embellishment. The cord edge comes in different fabrics like jute, rayon, velvet, etc. Consumers can also get creative with various patterns like checks, candy stripes, geometric prints, etc. In terms of colors, there’s a wide range of options like metallic gold, black, butter, grey, etc.

Woman rocking grey vest and pants with white lace embellishments

Other exciting options include elastic trims, rick rack, and ribbons. The elastic trims for lingerie come in different textures, bright colors, and decorative edges that give off retro vibes. Rick racks are popular wavy wonders that do a great job as lace embellishments and offer a finished edge to fabrics. Ribbons are lovely additions for jackets, dresses, shirts, etc. And the retro variants give beautiful finishing touches to outfits.

Relaxed rusticity

Numerous brown wooden buttons lying on a white surface

Relaxed rusticity caters to consumers who would pick natural pieces as an adornment to make a styling statement. This category comprises rustic buttons that improve the beauty of the clothes they lay on. In addition, consumers can use rustic buttons to create simple and intricate designs.

These durable buttons are fancy additions that don’t distort easily and hardly lose their fineness. Rustic buttons also have a certain fineness in their craftmanship, giving an overall intense appearance. Interestingly, they come in different fancy shapes and have a unique look, thanks to the laser technology that cross-cuts the slices. That way, these natural accessories usually give the ultimate look and feel. 

Lady wearing a smoke linen dress with brown rustic buttons

Most rustic buttons have two or four holes of different sizes. They’re most suitable for shirt fronts, collars, cuffs, dresses, outwear, woven tops, jeans, etc. The shank variant is ideal for thicker materials like jackets. Alternatively, consumers can use the buttons for a decorative finish on a garment. In addition, most rustic buttons come in neutral and bright colors.

Maritime materials

Navy blue anchor-shaped trim lying on a white surface

Nautical fashion is one of the hottest trends in 2022 as consumers are going all out for sea-inspired outfits. Maritime materials are experiencing high demand. The nautical knot is a piece of art that features shipping knots in different colors. 

The nautical style ribbon trim is another variant that works perfectly on dresses, blouses, jackets, etc. In addition, the vintage embroidered nautical semaphore flag trim is ideal for consumers who prefer a classic look. This trim is a 1950s vintage that features different country flags and blends well with various outfits.

The sailor vibe isn’t left out as the bottle green and white nautical stripe trims nail the look effortlessly. The nautical anchor and ribbon is another trim that works perfectly for consumers who want their apparel to make a bold statement. Other apparels like denim aren’t left out thanks to trims like the ship-shaped gold lace that gives the clothing a lift.

Lady posing in a striped tassel trim wrap skirt

Consumers who want to keep things cool and simple would prefer the navy blue and white anchor theme. On the other hand, blue or white fringe with tassels is the perfect go-to for consumers who want a bit of nautical drama. These trims come in various fabrics like polyester, organza, cotton, and satin. For extra details, consumers can opt for assorted seashell accessories.

Homespun craft

Indian lady wearing a sari and veil with embroidery trims

Homespun craft consists of detailed trims used by consumers to adorn their apparel, giving a traditional and classy look. Examples of trims in this category include embroidery, appliques, twill tapes, braids, warp knit bands, screen printing, etc.  But that’s not all. Some homespun variants feature tapes with decorations like sequins and beads.

The common fabrics that use these trims are satin, silk, nylon, and cotton. Gimp is a homespun craft with coarse cord or metallic wire design on flat tapes. This trim is perfect for party dresses, outwear, and denim.

A white sheer fabric with brown lace appliques

Decorative trims usually have different widths and fabrications that boost their aesthetic appeal. 

Lace trim is one variant that is well-suited for delicate embellishment. They’re usually long and narrow, with widths ranging from 5 to 30 cm. In addition, some lace trims have different edges like sheer tule ground and eyelash scallop

Embroidery trim is a fabric strip with different décor and a mix of primary colors. This kind of trim is ideal for customers who want their apparel to have a luxury feel.

Closing thoughts

Sellers can ride on the huge potential of the trims and details trends in 2022 because of its market size. Luckily, this article has listed the top trends here; retro resort, homespun craft, adaptable design, relaxed rusticity, and adaptable design, which work well with a few trendy clothes. So, retailers can jump in on the market and start making sales with a few or all of the trendy styles. 

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