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5 Top-Trending Tools for Nail Repair in 2024

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Things can go wrong if consumers don’t care for their nails. It could become hardened from fungal growth or even smell awful (especially the toes). But the good news is that it’s never too late for such female consumers to start a nail care routine, no matter how extreme it gets.

That’s where the ideal nail repair tools come in to help them regain their nails’ lost beauty. And sellers can benefit by offering these tools. But knowing the right tools to get could be tricky.

Luckily, this article highlights five trendy must-have nail repair tools consumers will need in 2024.

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Is the nail care market still trending in 2024?
5 nail repair products consumers are searching for in 2024
Rounding up

Is the nail care market still trending in 2024?

The nail care market is not falling out of trend anytime soon, as millions of people use these products to maintain smooth, shiny nails, and many more are joining the personal grooming train. Marketing experts say the global nail care market will reach US $32.84 billion by 2030 (a huge boost from its US $23.41 billion value in 2023) at a 4.95% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

The offline segment leads the nail care market, as most consumers prefer the personalized experience popular with the distribution channel. However, experts predict the online segment will register incredible growth over the forecast period.

Asia-Pacific contributed the largest share (US $8.45 billion) in 2022, with forecasts suggesting it’ll maintain the leading position due to the rising number of working women, increasing attention towards physical appearance, and growing interest in beauty products.

5 nail repair products consumers are searching for in 2024

1. Cuticle pushers

Person using a cuticle pusher on a client

Cuticles may be there to protect the nail from bacteria, but they are not exempt from nail care routines. In truth, proper nail maintenance (and repair) requires pushing back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher—it’s why they’re trending in 2024.

While cuticle pushing may sound unnecessary (after all, it’s the body’s natural nail protection), it offers some impressive nail care benefits. For starters, pushing back the cuticles makes the nails look longer. Consumers seeking nair repair may likely have overgrown cuticles, which give their nails short, unattractive appearances.

But there’s more. Using a cuticle pusher prepares the nails for pampering! The tool makes it easier to apply polishes and other nail-beautifying procedures. And as a bonus, it also keeps the cuticles healthy and strong enough to do their job.

Cuticle pushers are starting 2024 strong by maintaining an impressive search interest. They’ve got 22,200 searches in January 2024, increasing from 18,100 in the previous year.

2. Nail cutters

A steel nail cutter on a wooden table

Pushing the cuticles may make the nails look longer, but all will be for naught if consumers don’t groom them properly. Enter nail cutters, the most popular way to keep nails trimmed and looking amazing.

Even better, nail cutters offer a lot of variety, giving consumers different ways to cut their nails. Consumers can go with traditional nail cutters if they prefer the lever-like mechanism or opt for electric models for more convenience and efficiency.

In addition, scissor nail cutters are available for consumers with more nail grooming skills. These bad boys can handle intricate cutting and reach deep into annoying ingrown nails. Likewise, guillotine nail cutters offer an easy-cutting mechanism for the cleanest cuts possible.

Nail cutters are a top-trending nail care tool. They’re essential for nail maintenance and repair, so their growth and appeal are no surprise. They maintained an impressive 90,500 searches in January 2024, carrying it over from FY 2023 (based on Google data).

3. Cuticle clippers

Users’ nails getting fixed with cuticle clipper

While experts don’t recommend cutting cuticles, they can get annoying sometimes, making it necessary to remove them. For instance, tough cuticles may refuse to budge from pushing, obstructing the polishing procedure.

In such situations, experts reach for cuticle clippers to trim these tough cuticles, achieving similar results to using cuticle pushers. However, these tools can do more than trim cuticles; they can also help handle pesky hangnails.

They also come in handy when regular nail clippers don’t cut it, like when trimming thin fingernails and toenails in tight places. Cuticle clippers can handle all these thanks to their small, stainless (or titanium) steel heads and easy-to-hold handles—these also help increase their precision.

Cuticle clippers have maintained steady search interest since 2023. According to Google data, they’ve been getting 27,100 average monthly searches—the same numbers as in January 2024. It may not have increased, but it’s not going anywhere either.

4. Files and buffers

Lady using a nail file

Nail files and buffers look similar and serve similar purposes in nail care, leading many people to mistake one for the other. But the truth is, both tools are unique in their own right and shouldn’t be used as substitutes for each other.

Nail files are the go-to for smoothing the edges of broken or jagged nails. However, how they handle this duty depends on their grit number (e.g., 180/180 or 100/180). Typically, a higher number indicates a softer file grit, while a lower one shows rougher variants.

On the other hand, nail buffers smooth the nail’s surface to give it a glossy look without clear nail polishes. These products also use grit numbers to indicate how soft or coarse they are.

Nail buffing blocks are among the most popular types because of their 3-dimensional nature. Since they’re rectangular, buffing blocks host various textures on each side to provide the best smoothing experience for consumers.

Google data shows both products are raking in impressive performance, although nail files are the more popular. While 90,500 consumers searched for nail files in January 2024, nail buffers attracted 40,500 searches.

5. Nail brushes

A nail brush on a brown rug

The hands are one of the busiest parts of the human body. While busy handling whatever task comes their way, the nails can accumulate dirt and bacteria that may be dangerous to their health. Luckily, nail brushes can help fix that.

Nail brushes are necessary for any nail care routine. They have gentle bristles that easily reach into nails to remove dirt and germs. The benefits extend to the surrounding area, as nail brushes can help exfoliate dead skin cells to make hands and feet look and feel softer.

According to Google data, up to 40,500 potential customers are searching for nail brushes in January 2024. They carried over these numbers from FY 2023, although interest grew mid-year with 2023’s 33,100 searches.

Rounding up

No matter how bad nails get, it’s easy to nurse them back to health with a dedicated routine. While some consumers can easily book sessions from spas, others may do DIY nail restoration from the comfort of their homes—but they’ll need the right tools.

Cuticle pushers can help consumers prepare their nails for self-pampering, while nail cutters will help trim them. Nail files and buffers will handle edge and surface smoothing, while nail brushes will help keep nails clean for longer. Cuticle clippers are for the professionals!

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