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5 Young Women’s Festival Remarkable Trends of Spring/Summar 2023


Festivals are returning with full force and a new look in 2023, and women’s wear is receiving the required updates. The festival style injects a sense of freedom and optimism as young women demand more colorful and expressive apparel in recent years.

These trends take inspiration from Y2K and social media-friendly aesthetics to bring dopamine brights across street style, cutouts, and casual styles.

This article will show retailers five remarkable trends to attract young women in summer/spring 2023.

Table of Contents
Overview of the women’s festival apparel market
5 unique festival designs female consumers are eager to have
Capitalize on these key trends

Overview of the women’s festival apparel market

In 2022, the women’s global apparel market generated $790.90 billion in revenue. Marketing experts expect it to generate $957.05 billion in revenue by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.61 from 2022 to 2026.

The women’s festival apparel segment is part of the global women’s market and shares in its exponential market growth. Further research shows that a wide variety of designs like asymmetric cuts and cropped tops, among others, contribute to this market’s impressive expansion.

The added variety of colors and patterns further help to push the potential of the women’s global apparel market, with the festival apparel market following close behind.

5 unique festival designs female consumers are eager to have

Crochet set

Woman rocking a red crotchet top

Crochets are summer staples that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. Although the crochets are great as standalone pieces, a matching set gives a different vibe as it draws on women’s desire for dopamine dressing.

These sets appreciate the handmade aesthetic enhanced by DIY and crafting during the lockdown periods.

Crochet sets also nod to the hedonistic #SeventieSoul trend, which offers various bright palettes, dimensional textures, and playful knit patterns. Women can also choose a sexy approach by opting for more skin-revealing designs.

Woman posing with a blue and white long-sleeve crotchet top

Though crochets are classic and casual knits, women can try different options to get the perfect festival look.

There’s something about crochets and their 70s appeal that make them attractive, and women can leverage them to look outstanding. They can make the perfect summer piece by wearing see-through crochet sets over swimsuits.

Women can also wear a crotchet bralette and maxi skirt for a fantastic beach look. If they’re looking for something more casual, female consumers can opt for regular crochet tops and match them with crochet skirts.

One more magical variant is the crotchet crop top and shorts combo. This set gives off a sexy, casual look that’s great for day-to-night festival events.

Cropped tank

Woman posing in blue embroidery cropped tank with ruffles

Summer calls for easy dressing and nothing does it better than cropped tanks. These pieces are super comfortable and can easily transition from casual to sexy.

Though the piece has a basic appearance, it has several styling options for more fashion-forward outfits.

Denim-on-denim is a classic way to wear a cropped tank and enjoy an instant dose of sexiness. Women can rock this outfit by pairing bright-colored cropped tanks with denim jackets and high-waist baggy pants.

Women who feel the cropped tank is too plain can take things up a notch by mixing colorful outerwear and bottoms. Consider wearing a black cropped tank with a bright yellow crop jacket and dolphin shorts. Female consumers can experiment with some color blocking by switching up the colors.

Woman posing with white cropped tank

Don’t feel overwhelmed by busy prints and bright colors. Women can take a more subtle approach to sexiness by opting for more sporty looks. Think of offsetting a colorful sports suit with a neutral-colored cropped tank.

Although women can style a black cropped tank in various ways, the classic monochrome looks will always deliver. Instead of adding jeans, consumers can dress the cropped tank in black leather trousers for a sexy pump.

A graphic cropped tank removes all the basics and offers women a way to show their artistic side. The look exudes creativity and pairs well with baggy jeans or sweatpants.

Y2K military trousers

Woman in front of a mirror with brown Y2K pants

The massive resurgence of Y2K fashion has ushered in wave fashion updates and advancements. One such update is the Y2K military trousers. Evolving from cargo pants, the Y2K military trousers are a less-pocketed variant of the classic utility piece.

These pieces accent an oversized silhouette and nod towards an androgynous look. Military trousers can match almost anything from crop tees to oversized hoodies.

Although most Y2K military trousers have neutral tones, women can access more colorful options for a glam outfit. Female consumers can dress up in light purple military trousers with a deep purple corduroy vest for this look.

Some military trousers feature the softest cotton material for more stretch and versatility. These pieces offer a relaxed silhouette and pair well with a cropped knit sweater.

Woman posing with navy blue Y2K military trousers

Don’t know what to wear for evening festivals? Try the satin Y2K military trousers for an ideal go-between look. They’re incredibly comfortable and a fantastic match for oversized long-sleeve tees.

Cotton Y2K military trousers with fitted ankles can make some lustrous summer festival outfits, especially when paired with a see-through crotchet or nettops.

Women can also dress their military trousers with an oversized tee for a super-baggy silhouette.

Noughties miniskirt

Woman looking up while rocking a white miniskirt

Miniskirts have moved up from the 70s catwalks to every female’s wardrobe. Miniskirts are convenient ways for women to pull off sexy outfits.

The noughties miniskirt is a great way for women to show strong legs and feminine beauty. It suits different silhouettes and offers several variants and styles. Some may prefer tight-fitting miniskirts, while others can enjoy more loose-fittings.

A back-to-school look is one style that captures the miniskirt trend perfectly. Women can pair an oversized sweater or varsity jacket with a flared pleated miniskirt for some extra personality.

Female consumers that feel apprehensive about showing too much skin can rock a sexy, sophisticated look instead. They can dress up a miniskirt with a button-up shirt and layer the ensemble with a vest for added sex appeal.

Woman wearing a sexy red miniskirt

Consumers can experiment with layers by pairing a miniskirt with a trendy corset. Adding a long, oversized coat would transform the miniskirt outfit into a fashion statement.

The mini doesn’t need to be form-fitting for a sexy look. Flared miniskirts ooze confidence and add dimension to any outfit. Women can go all out with denim to make a bold fashion statement at any festival.

More daring consumers can show more skin by rocking a cropped tank and miniskirt combo. If not sure about the exposure, women can add leggings and opt for long-sleeved crop tees for more coverage.

Women driven by comfort can go for an athleisure aesthetic. They can rock a miniskirt with a fleecy jacket that’s party-ready with a sexy, subtle look.

Retro unitard

Woman posing with leopard print unitard

Bodycon offers some of the sexiest outfits known to womankind and the retro unitard upholds that value. Women shouldn’t be afraid to don skin-tight unitards that accent the feminine silhouette and gorgeous curves.

Retro unitards are one of the many noughties trends to make a strong comeback. With many designers updating the piece to fit modern fashion, women can enjoy styles with flared pants and extreme cutouts.

Pairing a unitard with a corset is one-way women can achieve their sartorial fantasies. Grab that skin-tight unitard and add a corset belt to accent the feminine curves and cinch the waist. 

Woman sitting with a striped loose unitard

Not comfortable showing off so many curves at once? Women can throw in a cropped sweater, coat, or shrug to the ensemble for more coverage. However, the outerwear must complement the unitard to avoid losing all its charm.

Women can also rock retro unitards as bodysuits. With this style, women can pair the ensemble with shorts, skirts, or denim pants.

Some retro unitards feature cutouts that add an edgy aesthetic. This look appeals to more daring females who are willing to show some skin for elevated sexiness.

Capitalize on these key trends 

Most youth essentials come updated with fancy colors, revealing cuts, and several styling possibilities for festival wear this season.

More designs now focus on versatility and dual-function styles that consumers can wear beyond festivals. These trends also satisfy the appetite for the #Subversivesexy noughties look with form-fitting proportions on pieces like crop tops and miniskirts.

Businesses must capitalize on crochet sets, cropped tanks, Y2K military trousers, noughties miniskirts, and retro unitard trends to provide the versatility and wearability needed by women for summer/spring festivals in 2023.

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